1. J

    Call Center Occupancy

    Hello, I know that calls and AHT are needed to compute for the occupancy. But just wondering if occupancy can also be computed with just staffing requirement and net schedule staffed? Thanks, Jangjang;)
  2. B

    Rolling Monthly Roster linked to In or Out Occupancy

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can kindly help us on this issue? We have a Monthly Camp Roster Sheet, [R] = resident in camp / [Out] = resident left / and [In] = resident returned. However, our second sheet (the one we need linked), is occupancy in the room, which shows; 1 = resident in / or 0 =...
  3. G

    How to create new measure that calculates occupancy per month between two date columns?

    Hello experts of Power BI, I have a table that has three columns, one is the name of the person, one is the date they entered and the last column is the date they left. I am trying to create a new table or measure on Power BI that calculates the occupancy for each patient per month. For example...
  4. C

    Room List with Nightly Occupancy Count

    Hi All, I am trying to develop a rooming list with a nightly occupancy count. I need a list that I can input the 'check-in' and 'check-out' dates and it then puts a '1' in the respective nights column. I have designed a spreadsheet in the format that I need it in but I am struggling with the...
  5. J

    Car Park Occupancy rate

    Hello Everyone, Could some genius please help me with formula or ways to find a daily occupancy rate of car park in hourly bases based on transaction of “Date Time IN” and “Date Time OUT”. ? Below are the actual sample of transaction we receive. Note: Drivers can park for more than a day as...
  6. P

    Replace formula's file

    Hi all, i would like to write a Vba, so that to run through col. "C", "D", "E", "F" and where find the formulas which contains the file OCCUPANCY 2017, should replace it with OCCUPANCY 2018 but with Input Box in which i will write the file. Thanking you in advance
  7. P

    Find specific text "Occupancy" and prepare formula in adjacent cell

    Hi all, i would like to write a vba so that to run through col. "B" and where find the text "Occupancy" should write down a formula in col. "C" as my below extract. Note that the row of text "Occupancy" change each time when i download the data through accounting system. Thanking you in advance...
  8. L

    Interconnected, Dynamic Worksheets

    I have a complicated series of questions. I am trying to confirm I am building these worksheets as efficiently as possible. I am also probably not the normal user. I am an architect. Over several projects, I have been developing a series of workbooks and worksheets to document what is called a...
  9. B

    Calculate Occupancy using Arrival and Last Night

    I'm having trouble when calculating the nightly hotel occupancy using the arrival date and last night stayed. Column A: Calendar dates (12/31/16. 1/1/17, etc) Column B: Blank, no data Column C: Arrival Column D: Last night The formula I was given is below, but the results are always 0 (zero)...
  10. S

    Forecasting Hotel Occupancy and ADR

    I need to make a spreadsheet that reflects forcasted occupancy at least a month ahead. I have been looking for a template, but cannot find anything. Does anyone have any ideas of where to start? Thank you!
  11. M

    Help creating a time occupancy graph - Excel 2003

    Hi guys, I'm trying to create a task occupancy graph for some of the work I'm doing at the moment. The data we are collecting is arranged as demonstrated below. So, for example, we record that a communication a started at 21:53:58 and finished at 21:54:09, then the next one started at 21:54:51...

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