1. D

    Help with Index Match formula finding last 4 occurences of the name

    Hi guys, I have a simple Excel sheet which contains data in two sheets (basically a football league schedule) Data is contained in column A (home team) and column B (away team for each match) In column O I manually put the name of the team and formula has to find last four times when...
  2. S

    How to delete last occurence of a character in vba

    Hello, I've got a weird problem where I'm struggling to detect the last occurence of the character "-" and replace it with "x". Does anybody have a way to take a string and replace only the last occurence of that character? (I've gotten a replace function to work, but it replaces ALL...
  3. A

    Highest simultaneous occurence at a time

    Dear all, I would need a formula which gives the highest simultaneous occurence. In this simplyfied example it would 2 for "A" and 1 for "B" Seems easy but I don't grasp it. Thanks very much ... Arjen <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;"> <col width="72" style="width: 54pt...
  4. P

    Highlighting every 6th occurence in a table - conditional formatting?

    I have a spreadsheet of customers but need to select every 6th occurence of a particular product to audit these. Is conditional formatting a way of highlighting, not every 6th item in the table but every 6th occurence relating to a particular product when the table will contain a variety of...
  5. M

    Repeat the value until the occurrence/presence of a value using macros

    Hi All :), My input is like this . <tbody> Date ordernum Name 1/2/2019 A23423 Alex 1/2/2019 B54534 John 5/2/2019 E454 Joe 4/2/2019 C64354 Ruby </tbody> In this above excel sheet, i need to repeat the values in 1st and 2nd column until the occurrence...
  6. S

    Occurrence of first two words and next two and so on

    I have below scenario but i am not sure if this can be extracted applying any formula/function. Please help Need to find occurrence of first two words in a sentence and then next two and so on. Example: These are environmental related issues These are code related issues Occurrence: These...
  7. D

    build a dynamic range from rows were a column has the same value

    Hi, I have a datasheet where the value in column A is repeated several times, columns B-G are different uses and specifications for the item in column A, I want to populate a userform with all the rows (A-G) where the value in column A is the same. Column A is sorted so all the duplicate values...
  8. A

    Check which value appeared three times in a range

    I have following formula in Cell B11. =IF((COUNTA(A2:A10)-COUNTIF(A2:A10,A2))=6,"Y","") It checks if the value of A2 cell appeared 3 times in a last nine rows and show Y or else remain blank. I want to check values of all 9 cells from A2:A10 and display VALUE in B11 only if following...
  9. H

    FIRST & LAST occurence

    B2:B9999 contains NAMES C2:C9999 contains values Output required (D & E) D2=First Occurrence of the C column (matching B) E2=Last Occurrence of the C column (matching B) How to accomplish? Thanks in advance. I am using Excel 2007 Sheet1 <colgroup><col style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; WIDTH...
  10. H

    Count number of cells until reach the first occurrence of a specific value.

    Hi There, I have a row of cells containing text and I need to count the number of cells backwards through this range until I reach the first instance of a specific text. There will be more than one occurrence of this needed text and only the number of cells before the first appearance is...
  11. K

    Count Occurrences in two rows with 2 variables

    Hey- Alright so I have a worksheet where I need to find a name in Column B and see how many times a certain number appears next to that name in Column A. I would like it to export the count out to a table on the next sheet but that is not as important. Here is what my sheet looks like...
  12. G

    Using INDEX/MATCH or other to find first record meeting criteria

    Hello! I've been struggling trying to come up with a formula for this situation. I have an Excel model with two basic levels of data: Plots of land and Hotel buildings on them. (I am using Excel...

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