odd numbers

  1. A

    Creating a macro that will cut odd numbered rows and paste into the row above

    Hi. I have an excel sheet with about 4,500 rows of data. For some reason the paste I received from the web splits each row on the web into 2 rows in excel. I am trying to take the data in row 3 (Cells A3 through E3) and move into row 2 (Cells G2 through K2). Then I would like the macro to...
  2. BlondieC

    Using Min Max need to further identify odd even values to go in specific cells

    Starting with this code provided by a helpful person on here. WorksheetA and column A will be constant. I think I need a dynamic reference where WorksheetB is as there will be multiple worksheets that I want to pull the values from and the range on each of the worksheets will be the same...
  3. R

    Formula help odd numbers

    Ok I have a table where 2 columns cannot have odd numbers. I have a conditional format in place that turns the boxes red when and odd number is used but I need a warning to pop up saying "no odd numbers" in another box. I can get it to work for one box but when I try to get it to cover both...
  4. C

    Writing IF statement for ODD numbers

    Hello! I am trying to figure out how to write an IF statement such as this IF (value in column A is ODD, then do this) IF (value in column A is EVEN, then do this) All in the same string. Suggestions?
  5. M

    Trying to count an array with multiple criteria, one of which is if a number is odd....

    My table basically consists of row 1 corresponding to days of the month (1-31), and each row below represents a person's name in my group. Each day of the month, someone is assigned the value "L". I basically want to count the number of times someone is "L" on an odd day of the month. I'm...
  6. R

    Macro to dertime Odd/Even number

    Greatings folks... In column A, starting in row 2 through the end of the column, I have either a null cell or a whole number. I need to determine if this whole number is odd or even. Can anyone help? Thanks so very much...
  7. R

    odd numbers

    I have a large table in which I have three columns of numbers. I only use even numbers so I need a formula for my conditional formatting to look for any odd numbers in these columns and turn the cell red when it finds one. Can you suggest anything?

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