1. Chris_010101

    Odd Result from Code

    Wondering if someone can help me with the below code. I got made redundant from a company and saved this code for use in the new job. It worked at the previous place but now, oddly, it's saving PDFs with the file extension ".22" (a 22 File). Never seen this before.. The idea of the below is to...
  2. Z

    tabel expanding by one row?

    What would cause a table to be expanding by one row that has no reason to do so? the row in question is blank, checked all cells, but it does present filter drop arrow when clicking on cells of that row which is odd? going to go back and see if any spaces are in cell that appear as "space bar"...
  3. H

    Value Odd in cell Vba Code....

    Hey i need some help with this code Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) On Error Resume Next If Not Intersect(Target, Range("F10:R19")) Is Nothing Then Target.Value = Target.Value + 1 Target.Value = Target.Value / 2...
  4. M

    Copy value from cell above if blank

    In column A every two cells are merged (A1 with A2, A3 with A4 etc...) so my formula only works properly for odd number rows. I need the below to use the value from the cell above if A6 is empty and so on.
  5. Y

    Run macro on odd sheets

    How do i run my code only on odd sheets?
  6. G

    Simple number formatting

    Hi, How do I format number to 2 decimals so that "A$" sign comes on left of the cell box and text on the right (like the $ format coming in the last row) Right now the fomratting looks pretty odd. Image attached. Also while we are at it, how do I have "US$" format? Thanks alot
  7. K

    If Variable is Odd then

    I am having trouble writing a code to recognize if a number is odd or not and then determining what to do from there... It keeps pooping up with an "object required" error. Please let me know how I can fix it, or if you have ever come across this problem. Here is my code STNDRD=17 If STNDRDR...
  8. B

    Counting Odd and Even numbers in a comma-separated list

    Is there a formula(s) to count Odd and Even numbers in a comma-separated list? please. (The list may have numbers up to 20. Single or double digit positive numbers only). Thank you.
  9. R

    Odd pivot table occurance

    Hello, I have a pivot table (created by someone else) that when the value is 500 it shows a period "." instead of the number 500. Has me stumped!
  10. S

    Formula Help - High to Low and Odd to Even

    Hello everyone, I have 2 requests but they refer to the same cell range Cell range = A1 through C1 Example: Each cell can have a value from 0 through 9 A1 = 0 B1 = 0 C1 = 0 Even to Even formula A1 = 0 (even) B1 = 0 (even) C1 = 0 (even) So the result would be 2 (even follows an even (B1...
  11. R

    Odd TextBox Artifact: Underscore

    Hi Folks, I have a TextBox/SpinButton Combo that works fine, except that I notice an odd artifact when directly/manually changing the (numerical) value in the TextBox... It acquires an Underscore during input. This does not happen when changing the value via the SpinButton. :confused: The...
  12. V

    odd row in % and even row in number format

    Hi Team, How do I achieve this, all Col A odd row nos in % format and even row are in number format.. Thanks..
  13. A

    Error 91

    I have this code in a Worksheet Private Sub rowNumber = Columns("B").Find(Right(cboJump, 8), , xlValues, , xlRows, xlNext, , , False).Row It usually works... but sometimes goes to error Object Not Set It seems odd it's not consistent. has anyone any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Z

    Odd DATEDIF Result

    <p>I was wondering if any of you have seen this sort of result from DATEDIF. I am using this function to determine the age in years, months, and days of various items. </p> <table> <tr><td> </td><td>A</td><td>B</td><td>C</td></tr> <tr><td>1</td><td>Start Date</td><td>31-Jul-17</td><td></td></tr>...
  15. Sean15

    Odd behavior in pivot table

    Hi: I'm trying to group dates by month and year (right click on pivot table, group) but Excel is inserting 'Group1' in pivot table and 'Date2' in pivot table field list as shown in image below. Why is the odd behavior occurring and how can I fix it? Thanks Regards, Sean
  16. mole999

    Code Request for Names

    Any one have a small bit of code that would take a name and swap it around Select the cell, button press reads the cell value and John Smith to become SMITH John. Not worried if it doesn't handle more than two bits, have a number to work through, the odd one is not too important in the grand...
  17. J

    conditional formatting ISODD ISEVEN

    Based on odd or even value in column A want to color cells in columns B - K. If A1 is even want to color B1:K1 light green, if A1 is odd color B1:K1 darker green. If A2 is even want to color B2:K2 light green, if A2 is odd color B2:K2 darker green. Want to extend that formatting down whole...
  18. M

    VBA to identify negative odd numbers

    Hi, I have a table with cells that contain different numbers and have different color backgrounds. I need to get vba to identify all the odd numbers that have a red background. Then I need it to write down the numbers starting from a cell I called ''tulem''. This is what I have so far, it...
  19. F

    Fill series - odd days/months

    Hi, I'm following Microsoft Virtual Academy's Excel tutorial and I've come across different ways to use the fill series and I wanted to ask how you can do a fill series if you wanted to do odd days/months (so Monday, Wednesday, Friday or months Apr, June, Sept). After writing April, June and...
  20. J

    Drive mappings and opening files

    Came across an interesting situation. when i have a network drive mapped by name (I.e. \\servername\share) i can open a spreadsheet with no problems. however, if the network drive is mapped by IP address (I.e. \\\share) it tells me the file is corrupt. Very odd i must say. This is...

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