1. B

    Formula for 4 for 3

    Hi there. i have been trying to work out if its possible to create an excel formula to work out a 4 for 3 calculation. e.g. product 1 = £34.99 Product 2 = £25.99 Product 3 = £30.99 Product 4 = £29.99 It will add up the 4 items but remove the cheapest item in this case product 2 and return...
  2. E

    Discounts on excel

    Hi there, i was just wondering how and if you can create an offer on excel. For example i work in a sports shop and i have created this spreadsheet and on it am i selling footballs for £7.50. I have created formula's where once you type the quantity next, it totals the price up and inserts it...

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