office 2013

  1. S

    Ticket Prices: Date Ranges

    I am trying to calculate how much someone needs to pay me, where the ticket prices are set for a certain period. I have already have help to get this far, but I'm struggling to work out why the formula would work in Office365 and not Office 2013 In Cell F2...
  2. K

    Delete multiple rows across multiple sheets containing the same keyword

    I have an excel file that contains around 50 sheets, all sheets have the same columns. However, i would like to delete the entire rows that contains the same keyword "MARTIN" located in the 6th/last column in all the sheets. I have tried to select all sheets at once and then delete the rows but...
  3. J

    Getting cells in excel to automatically update data coming from multiple criteria, from other worksheets without the use of helper cells?

    Hi Everyone! I need help! I have two worksheets. One is named Dashboard the other is Issues. In the Dashboard there is a table somewhat looking like this: Excel 1 Pictures, Excel 1 Images, Excel 1 Photos, Excel 1 Videos - Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting...
  4. D

    Auto Update Pivot Table

    Hey guys, I have built a dashboard in excel using a couple MSSQL queries and then I filter the data in a pivot table. The only problem I have is that the data in the pivot is not updating unless I refresh. I am populating a few sheets in a table and have set them to auto refresh every 3...
  5. R

    Excel (and Office suite) 2013 dosen't retain files in the recent documents list

    Hello. I have tried to see if there is any way to get my lists of recent documents back - I think that they have disappeared as a result of running CCleaner and having the clear jump lists option on. I have checked that the number of recent files to be displayed is 25, and repaired the Office...
  6. V

    Microsoft Office 2013 home , probelm with mail merge and labels using excel and word

    Hello, I found your site today while googling for a problem I have. Today I purchased Microsoft Office 2013 as i need to make a few thousand labels. So first I opend excel and in column 1 I added data "RS43567000" and dragged it down to row 3000 giving me 3000 different codes. I save it as...
  7. F

    Apply text to first row of every group of rows

    I am looking for a formula to apply text (in a new custom column) if it is the first row of a group of rows. Take a look at this example. I pull Column 1 and Column 2 from a SQL server, and I want to build the custom, third column, myself. Data: [Column 1] [Column 2] [Custom Column] A 10,000...
  8. B

    Change VBA to insert copied rows not paste them.

    Hello! I am new to VBA as you will probably be able to tell. I have read a lot on this forum and I am having a great time learning! I have Office 2013 and Windows 8.1(dont knwo if that matters but to much information is better than not enough!) My problem: I need to copy rows of data from the...
  9. J

    PPT Chart data to excel

    Hello all, I am currently working with a large PPT file sent over from a co-worker. There is about 40 charts in this PPT that he built within PPT. My question, is there anyway to extract the data from all of these charts into excel so that I can add data and create new charts? :confused...
  10. K

    Excel Standalone with Office 2013

    Hello -- I am new to this board -since this is more of an EXCEL question vs PowerPivot - I am posting here-although along time ago I used to be on the Excel Newsgroups I have a question with my scenario so I don't waste time/money. I have Office 2013 Home Premium (University) 32 bit Edition...

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