1. B

    Error on Closing PowerPoint Presentation from Excel-VBA

    Hey Everyone, so i have the following code in order to open a powerpoint presentation which i have embedded into excel, save that powerpoint under a new name to a filepath and then open that powerpoint (so that the new saved powerpoint copy is edited and not the embedded object) Sub...
  2. K

    Change Office display language with VBA

    Hi Guys, Small issue yet annoying: I use Excel/VBA in different languages and I'd like a solution where I run a VBA code and display language updates automatically (let's say from English to German). I'm talking about this setting in Excel: I assume it can be done with some API or editing...
  3. K

    Timeline slicer: 2x click total of the pivot provides too many lines

    Hi, I have set up a timeline slicer on a pivot for a tool in Office 365. The users use Office 2013 and the pivot behaves exactly the same on both versions: if we put the slicer on today's date, we have the result of all the lines of today. But we need more than that. In my version, if I double...
  4. mikerickson

    New computer, new Office

    Hi folks, I bought myself a new Mac Book. My old Office 2011 is out of installs and it looks like Office 2019 is where I'm going. But I do have a couple of questions. Does anyone who has experience with 2019 know if: 1) does it support VBA (in memory of 2008 :) ) 2) is the MacScript command...
  5. Rblack40

    XLOOKUP in Excel 2019

    When will XLOOKUP and the other new functions be added into Excel Office 365 or Excel 2019? Will I have to know it for the test?
  6. kelly mort

    General knowledge on datepicker - 32 bits vs 64 bits compatibility

    So I developed a few problems with datepicker in excel currently then I have to do more reading about that object.What I found was that it does not work well on the 64 bits office versions.When I tried testing it on 64 bits office version, it said it couldn't load the object. Then when I went to...
  7. B

    What would be the alternative for 'Office.CommandBar' in Office 365 for MS Access

    Hi, I have below lines in my code. Dim MyOrig As Office.CommandBar Set MyOrig = CommandBars("Menu Bar") Dim MyMAIN As CommandBar Set MyMAIN = CommandBars.ActiveMenuBar What would be the alternative for 'Office.CommandBar' in Office 365 for MS Access. This code is written in older version of...
  8. A

    32 to 64 bit

    Someone has asked if an App I have can work in their 64 bit Office. (I think it's the online one). I installed 64 bit office 2010 onto my laptop to find out. Running the xlsm file brings up a pile of problem but I did manage to alter all the Functions to ptrsafe Functions. Then there are lots...
  9. M

    Goal Seek not working in my office 365

    Hello Evryone I have a problem in my office 365, in using goal seek When I use it, it change the set value by the value i has entered without changing the cell that must be changed This is an exemple A1 = 1 / A2= 2/ A3= A1+A2=3 (My goal is to have 100 in cell A3 by changing A1=> The...
  10. K

    Split Access Database Keeps Crashing

    We recently upgraded all our systems to Windows 10 64 bit and Microsoft Office Professional 64 bit. We were using a split access database with Office 2013 which was working perfectly. Since the upgrade, when using the database on one of the systems, it constantly crashes and then Access...
  11. L

    ifs() not in office 365

    Hi I am reading that ifs() is in excel 2016. I have office 356 and I thought it is updated version of 2016. Thank you.
  12. E

    Sheet Compatibility

    I have a .xls spreadsheet with macros. The macros run perfectly in Windows 10 Office Excel 16 but not in Office Excel 2019 for MAC. Do I have to convert this sheet to run the macros properly in Office Excel 2019 for MAC?
  13. L

    window menu in old excel version

    Hi I am watching the video below and in minute 2:00 he went to Window tab in the menu to find out which excel files are opened. I am using office 365, where I can find that option? Thank you very much.
  14. C

    Programmatic access to Office VBA project in Office 365

    Hello everyone, I have a workbook that I built in Excel 2013 which contains some VBA code requiring programmatic access. I sent the sheet to a user who has Office 365 along with instructions to allow programmatic access that I found at...
  15. W

    Why does FUNCRES.XLAM open in a seperate window when I open an xlsm workbook

    I know what the FUNCRESS.XLAM sheet does, I have used it for a long time. In the past when opening an xlsm workbook only the workbook opened. Recently with no changes by me, a second window for FUNCRES.XLAM opens. This is true for existing and new workbooks. If I close it the entire workbook...
  16. P

    How to update Excel (or MS Office)

    I have been experiencing a problem with Excel, although before posting here about it, I thought I'd update my version of MS Office. I configured Windows (Windows 10, Office 2016) to update all MS products, not just windows. But still, my version of Excel is v.1812, which is dated to November...
  17. S

    textjoin query

    i have been requested to make a simple absence viewer iin our office that is feeding from a report from our HR system and appending that report over the top of the previous one. Essentially, the report comes down like this : Name, Unique ID, Office Location, Dept and then absent date. At...
  18. S

    Excel for Office 365 very slow

    Hello, We have recently installed 64-bit excel for Office 365, and it seems to be very slow in response time / stickiness in cells. Anyone know what might be causing this? thanks
  19. U


    Hello, Would you know when would all Excel, Office 365 users will be able to utilize the following formula: "XLOOKUP"
  20. A

    Significantly slow response for vba codes in office 365

    Hi I have written a vba code in excel 2010. After optimising , it is taking 1min 20 seconds to run in excel 2010. But when I am running the same code in office 365, it is takign more than 3 minutes to run(although a much faster machine). Is there any resolution to this problem?

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