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  1. J

    Macro - Create Tab Delimited *.txt from range

    Hello Excel experts! I am in need of a macro in Sheet A that creates a tab delimited blocks.txt file from range A36:C50 in Sheet B in directory C:\Users\user\Desktop\AsBuilt\blocks.txt Also, since I will be using this same file to import blocks in AutoCAD, I wouldn't mind if the newly created...
  2. M

    Compile error from Office 2010 to Office 365: Variable not defined

    Hello, I have to migrate a very old excel file with many macros from Office 2010 to Office 365 (Office 2010 being no longer supported). The Excel file works perfectly on Office 2010. When I run the VBA compiler, I get the following error message: Compile error Variable not defined Here is the...
  3. F

    Deleting Rows In a Table Based on Data From Another Worksheet

    I have a file with three worksheets. Sheet1 is a summary of all clients. Sheet2 has a table that copies only clients with "active" status from Sheet1, Sheet3 has a table that copies only clients with "buyer" status from Sheet1. Is it possible to write a vba code that will delete rows from...
  4. X

    HELP - Dashboard Objects are Randomly Resizing on a Data Refresh!

    Hey everyone, I don't use Excel a lot, so I am quite proud with what I have come up with. Wish I could share it but it has all my financial data and crypto holdings to create a dashboard. Power queries, just trying to solve a different issue at the moment with VBA, the lot! Besides the...
  5. J

    Macro conversion help needed (2013 to 365)

    Hi i have an macro that saves a pdf and then emails out statements. But on conversion from 2013 to 365 it no longer works. Could anyone have a look over the code and see if they can see what the issue is i.e. whats changed between versions that i need to update? Any help appreciated. Sub...
  6. M

    Comments - Time & Date Stamp

    Hi, If someone can help me find a way to remove or hide the time and date stamp from 'comments' in Excel 365, it will be much appreciated. I am using the comments function to add regular updates to individual items in a workbook and am applying a date against each update in the comments field...
  7. P

    Referencing Math Sign From Another Cell

    Is it possible to reference a math sign like plus (+) or minus (-) in a formula from another cell in excel? Example, I want to add values of cell A1 (Value: 2) and B1 (Value: 3). Cell C1 has plus (+) sign. So, my formula should be =A1&C1&B1 and the result should be 5. This of course is not...
  8. B

    Combine multiple Excel files into 1 then refresh the query

    Hi everyone, I have been having a really hard time to figure out what I am missing. The goal: I have need to allow multiple business to fill out an Excel sheet privately then have that data flow into a single master sheet that I maintain. This is to overcome the constant copying and pasting...
  9. A

    How to Extract all Data of Same Repeated Lookup Value Using XLookUp (No VlookUp)

    I have the below data set when i select the Department I want to get a table wih all the employes working in thhat department like this Only Vlookup formula can be used to obatain the result table. Kindly advise. Thanks for the Help in advance
  10. A

    How/which formula can be used to lookup a value in a table and return multiple matches in table format In Excel?

    I have a dataset like below when I select Department from the Dropdown I need to return multiple matches in atable format like below Which Formula can i use to get these multiple matches in a table format....Thanks in advance
  11. R

    Refresh button to reconcile sheet names based on cell values and adjacent column text

    Hello! I'm trying to create a function which will be assigned as a macro to a "Refresh" button which will read values from D3:D59 and color the tabs based on associated cell value based on matching string text in Column B. For example: It would read the names of all tabs that match with their...
  12. R

    change a cell value and corresponding sheet/tab color based on value on button click

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend! we go. I have a button on several sheets in a workbook which is supposed to call one function. The function is supposed to look at a sheet named "CONTENTS" and search column B for matching sheet name. Eg. If the active sheet I'm working on is...
  13. T

    Cannot Find Correct O365 Sharepoint Path For Excel VBA

    I've been trying to create files from Excel to our company SharePoint site on Office 365, so far without success. Here is the code: Dim dYear As Double Dim sYear As String Dim sDC01 As String Dim sDC02 As String Dim sDC04 As String Dim sDC05 As String Dim sDC06 As String Dim sDC11 As String...
  14. A

    Excel showing pasted text when double clicking on another cell

    Hi On of our users has a problem which has been going on for a while now. When they copy a piece of text from the same excel spreadsheet or from something else like a filename etc, they paste it into an empty cell in excel. Excel freezes after that, then if they double click on a cell that...
  15. D

    Export to PDF macro fails on Excel Office 365, not on Pro Plus 2019

    Hi, I have a button inside Excel workbook which exports certain pages to PDF with one click on a button. The Excel version I am using is Professional Pro Plus 2019 and my customers version is the same build, but an Office 365 version. If I hit the button in my version it works, but if my...
  16. E

    VBA Pivot Table Run Time Error 5 Invalid Procedure Call for Office 365

    I have this macro with the lines below (this is also the highlighted part when error is encountered) that previously works on win7 - ms office '10 and '13. But in win10 office 365, it errors out with the message invalid procedure call - runtime error 5. I've found some online like changing the...
  17. L

    Splitting multiple choice entries from Microsoft Forms in Excel without text to columns

    Good morning all, I am using power automate to automatically populate a spreadsheet with results, those results would then be fed into a pivot. You might be asking "why not just use Forms' visualisations?", well the person wants to only view submission results week by week and might get asked...
  18. R

    Formula using INDEX and MATCH

    I am using the following formula in a spreadsheet to autofill cells with data from another sheet and it works. =INDEX(Table15[Global ID],MATCH([@Name],Table15[Name],0)) I am using the same formula in another workbook and I keep getting a syntax error. =INDEX(Table15[SAP...
  19. C

    Conversion to 365 killed External Data Connections

    My company converted to Office 365 today. I use a lot of external data connections in my Excel files. After the conversion none of these work. Most are connecting to a server vs a mapped drive. Is there a way to get these to work without redoing everything? Thanks! Crystal
  20. T

    Are these bad coding? What is slowing these down?

    Can someone please help me? After I upgrade Office from 2010 to Office 365, all the codes become very slow. I'm looking into the causes. I came across this really simple codes and pulled out a section. I wanted to ask all of you experts why these simple codes would take such a long time to run...
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