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    How to stop combo box from running on close

    Hi, I'm using Excel 2007 and I've spent a number of days to figure this out and it just keeps on popping up despite my best efforts. I've written a number of functions and subs that work when I change combo boxes as they should. When I think I'm done and then I try and save as, save or just...
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    On Close Code

    I was trying to figure out a code that I can use. I want to use a macro or a code on close for the following. We do our invoices on Excel. I want to create a back order sheet if the value's for Column I say BO. I want it to copy the values in columns A & B for each item that has BO in Column...
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    Don't save when user closes workbook

    Is there a line of code that I could throw into my workbook that will not save any changes when the user closes the file? I have a shell spreadsheet that runs a macro, populates the sheets with external data, and changes the names of the sheets. The data that is populated is for visual...

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