one column

  1. R

    One Column into 4 Columns without Text to Columns method

    I need help on how to take one column with an address and make it into multiple columns without using the Text to Columns method. My example address looks like this: <tbody> 2000 STREET ADDRESS DR CITY, STATE 20000 </tbody> After I copy and paste that into a multiple column cell, I would...
  2. W

    Create a list from multiple cells with text

    Hi all, I've been searching for an answer to this for some time now and I'm sure there is probably a simple solution. I have a large table in which some cells have text and the rest are blank. On a separate sheet I would like to have a list to include the text from the cells and disregard the...
  3. P

    2 change events in one column

    Hi, I have an excel file in which in one single column multiple change events are happening. For example on the basis of change in value in cell B9 some code needs to be run and then the basis of value in B10 some code needs to be run but I am not able to keep this 2 events separately. Can you...
  4. S

    Date and Time for one month for 24 hours in one column

    I have difficulties in date and time format. Since I always need to change the day/month/year. Usually I just did it manually, however after I found this amazing macro things, I hope I can do it using macro which can save me a lot of time. Here the situation is: I have 16 years (1996-2011)...
  5. M

    move data from one column to multiple columns

    I am trying to copy sections of one column to multiple columns. For example, how can I copy the PROFIT data (for AAEQX) from Column K into Column P, but then copy ACWIX into Column Q, and so on (I have 226 of these to do)? In the example, for the first couple columns, I simply used '=' and the...
  6. N

    Traspose each row every 5 rows (of 15 cells) into one column

    I am using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Windows 7. I have a lot of data (1-4 thousands of rows) where each column represents a year for 15 years. Every set of 5 rows are different data for a company and the values for every year of each data are under the representative column. I want to...
  7. Marsman

    VBA Code needed to copy data across Multiple Tabs from same column into one column

    Good afternoon - could I get some help on being able to move all the data in Column "I" (eye) across all tabs (with the exception of the tab named "Summary") into one column of the "summary" tab? Currently I have a script running which collects all the data in each tab and it copies it to the...
  8. R

    One column of data with multiple criteria dependent upon row position.

    I need to count the number of instances when the term "Three cameras" or "Four cameras" shows up and when the term "Standard camera" shows up 3 rows prior and multiply the respective array "3 or 4" to get a final standard camera count. The data structure can not change An example would be...
  9. K

    csv opens in one column on new computer

    I am working with csv files from different programs and after my old computer broke down and I got a new computer and installed excel again. (excel 2007 on both computers) On the new computer when I open the csv files, they open with all the information in only the first column. Well, one csv...
  10. A

    multi columns to one

    i have this three columns: <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 162pt;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="216"><col style="width: 54pt;" span="3" width="72"> <tbody><tr style="height: 11.25pt;" height="15"> <td class="xl64" style="height: 11.25pt; width: 54pt;"...

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