1. J

    Excel Online Help with automatically grouping data from 2 cells

    Good Afternoon All, I have an automatic system that downloads data to excel online, as you can see below in the table this is how the downloaded data comes. I am trying to either make a formula or something that can sort the "null" changed column to only include data with No selected as an...
  2. W

    Excel online - confirming info

    Hi all, Sorry to post about something that's possibly been discussed at length before, but I'm having a hell of a time finding information relevant to me. All I get is Microsoft bluster and information about other versions. Background is my workplace uses Excel 2013 (still). Boss wants to move...
  3. C

    Substitute for Arrays in Excel Online (specifically Index/Match function)?

    Hi, I have created an Excel Online workbook that I am using with Power Automate in order to pull in Survey123 results (results go into a "RAW DATA" tab). In my "SUMMARY" tab, I am presenting an overview of the Sump data by date. In order to pull specific data from the "RAW DATA" tab and match...
  4. O

    Hosting a password protected excel sheet online

    For this game I play I've made an excel workbook to simulate ingame battles. It works quite neatly, and I would like to share it with my team. However, I would prefer to be the only one to have this workbook hence when someone leaves the team I'd like to retract access. Is there some way to...
  5. P

    Time calculation run hours per day

    I need help to get a calculation of run hours per day for 3 units, based on generator breaker shut/open times. We currently use an integration over time to count the time for the breakers closed, but this gets messed up when the computer is rebooted or updated. I need to calculate the decimal...
  6. M

    VBA code to open a file

    Hi, I m new to VBA coding - I am looking for some guidance to the following: I would like to use a workbook to search for a folder in explorer, open the desired workbook in that folder, then slect a range of data from the selected workbook and store it in a new work book. I need something that...
  7. L

    Copying a cell value from a hidden column

    Hi I have a double-click event that copies a cell on the same row as the Target but that lies within a hidden column. It won't copy and I'm wondering if there is a way of forcing it to copy. I've searched online but can't find anything that really fits my issue. Thanks in advance, Liam
  8. A

    Import data from excel on Sharepoint online into another excel on my com

    Hi all, I've been trying to figure this out for the longest time but havent managed any progress. I have an excel sheet (Excel A) that i update regularly (ie daily) that is put on my company's sharepoint/microsoft teams for others to refer to. However, i am working on another file (Excel B)...
  9. C

    Co Authoring

    Hi, Hoping someone can help please, Does co-authoring in excel online (document is stored in office one drive) support cell protection? Id like different users to have specific access to parts of the spreadsheet. But from what I can see this feature doesn't seem to work when editing the...
  10. JackDanIce

    Publish Excel dashboard online / to Company's GDrive

    Hi, Researching creating online, interactive dashboards and am stuck with the process of setting one up as a demo. At present, I have an Excel spreadsheet with a datatable sheet, input driver variables (separate sheet) and an output sheet (i.e. dashboard) The company, currently uses Google...
  11. D

    Excel Online

    In desktop version we are using the camera tool to show a graph that the user pasts into a different worksheet. When we put this file in excel online this function is not available and the user can not paste the graph from the downloaded excel to excel online. Does anyone have any ideas of how...
  12. H

    Need to auto calculate positive or negative value in list

    Ie:daily usage is mixed and can vary from zero to 1000 I cant work out how to automatically show negative or positive % variance from a median number (Say 470) I admit i struggle with excel and come to you with hope that you can help.:confused: I have searched online and much of it does not...
  13. M

    How to get data from Excel online

    I have copied the Excel online file link and paste and it says do not have Access. The first time it ask me to supply Organization Account password and I carelessly cancelled and now that prompt never appear again. I have the organizational Account password. What can I do ? Now it does not ask...
  14. P

    Sharepoint Online and Workbook.Open() doesnt work

    Hey guys We have recently switched to sharepoint online on the job. This has really messed up some of my excel work. I have especially two files which are now corrupted. One is the input file, and the other one is the data file which contains all data. The input file has VBA which opens the...
  15. P

    Excel online

    Hi There, Ive been searching the internet and cant find a decent answer to the following and wondered if someone would be kind enough to help? Can Excel online work with macros Eg can a button be created that will start a macro to do a series of tasks. Kind Regards P
  16. H

    Excel online Training or Books

    I am looking for good Excel online training or Books on : 1) Budgets & forecasts 2) Financial Modelling It would be appreciated if someone could provide me with recommendations
  17. M

    How to get data from Excel online

    I have a datasource stored on an Excel on Onedrive Business (ie Excel online). In a local machine Excel, I goto Data > Get Data > From Web and enter the correct path of this Excel online file. At first there is a screen for me to select organizational account but I selected cancel. Then, I...
  18. F

    Nested IF Statement - I think

    Trying to put together a formula to tell me the number of hours based on the following parameters: 1. Time between Online/Offline 2. Online always is first 3. How much time between Online and Offline for the day 4. Some times multiple entries for a person within a day 5. Sometimes Online will...
  19. K

    Publish interactive excel file online, locked cells and disable download

    Hi, How can I have a working spreadsheet online that a 3rd party can enter values into unlocked cells, but not be able to download a copy of the file? It looks like Excel Online always has a 'Save as' or 'Download a copy' option. Is there a way to publish it on a web page that works? Thanks
  20. M

    sync data with online excel workbook

    now that i have got my sheet working and updating each sheet i want to send this excel sheet to people and have it update a excel workbook online

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