open file

  1. D

    VBA - Import Workbook/Choose Sheet/Display Details

    Hello, This was a follow-on question related to another thread here on the board. At the recommendation of the board (the original question is more than 1400 days old), as well as the original solution giver, I am posting this with some of my own directed details. I am trying to do a mixture...
  2. M

    Opening two files and copying information

    Hi! I cant seem to fix this one... but its been a while since i do this. i am trying to: 1. Ask user to select two files to open via a prompt. 2. Clear the data in the "AP Template" file (file 1) 3. Copy Data from "HL Data Sheet" workbook (file 2) 4. Paste into predefined cell in file 1...
  3. R

    Any Ideas Why this is not working? Microsoft Edge will not open a file location

    The below code manages to Open a New Tab in Edge but doesn't navigate to the address to open the file. I have tried removing file:/// and it does enter the directory but it then performs a web search instead of opening the file. Shell Environ$("comspec") & " /c start...
  4. F

    Open specified source and destination files and copy single cell value, continue until all values copied

    Hey guys, I am facing an issue where my excel knowledge comes to an end. I already have a macro to get file names from a folder and rename the files according to a New File Name. I now have one source file that contains a column with values. I need to copy each one of the values into a...
  5. M

    How to open files from an AxitiveX combobox list that is populated by a macro?

    Hello, Long time answer searcher, first time poster. Still limited macro knowledge but I have usually been able to solve my macro-writing problems with a few searches and sometimes cobbling together different answers that I find online. No such luck this time. I have the macro below (found...
  6. M

    To hyperlink &open file from foldername which ismentioned in activecell as value

    Hi Friends, can you pls help me out with the code which can hyperlink the active cell value mentioned in the sheet,and open that folder and its file whichever i will choose to open from it. My code is doing upto 70% of the task, but unable to open the choosing file from it. It throws the error...
  7. D

    VBA - Open workbook and import data to next empty row

    Hi, I am relatively new to the VBA world and would much appreciate some assistance with the following. A project currently being worked on requires a macro to do the following: Open excel file from "Open file" dialog box Find data in specific ranges Copy data to next empty row of original...
  8. S

    VBA help to fix broken code - delete rows, paste transposed data

    Hello, I've tried to record a macro and expand that in order to help solve my problem. I've fixed some things I need to do by looking at solved threads, but not everything. Below is my code. Ideally, I'd like to do the data sorting operation for a bunch of text files in a named folder, but...
  9. K

    VBA to open different Excel file - doesn't work in Office 365

    Hi Guys, I have a Excel file which has a macro to open multiple spreadsheets based on the location specified within macro. I used this file (and macro) for about a year and it was all good until we migrated to Windows 10 and Office 365. All other macros seem to be fine but the most important...
  10. X

    Open a CSV File with VBA Macro and copy/paste data to worksheet then close CSV and run Bat file within VBA macro

    Hi, I would like a macro to open any and all .csv files into excel (new window) found withing a specific directory one at a time (may need user prompt to keep organized). Once the code has opened the first .csv file and has focus on it, I have a macro in place to copy it's data and paste into...
  11. Tim_Excel_

    Opening a file using a hyperlink with VBA

    Hiya forum, I'm trying to open some files automatically, which shouldn't be too hard. Unfortunately, so far I've been really held back by the file being located on a weblink. Let's call the weblink" & VRl & "type=PDB. Set sh = Workbooks(var1).Worksheets(1) With sh...
  12. T

    open file excell diferent format

    i can't open my excell when i open it sho notification that : the file are trying to open is in a different format than specified by the file extension. if i enter yes my workbook is blank please hepl me thanks
  13. T

    Macro To Open .pdf file From Partial Filename

    Trying to make a macro to open a .pdf file whose file name contains the selected "Item number" in a spreadsheet. It will open in Internet Explorer. I'm getting close, I can open a file if its entire file name is the item number: Sub OpenPDF() Application.DisplayAlerts = False...
  14. N

    VBA - Open workbook, Copy all sheets, paste as values, save as new workbook

    Hello Long time user, first time poster. I am using Excel 2010. I am currently trying to create a Macro that will do the following. Open a workbook based on text written in cell Copy all tabs from the opened workbook Paste as values Then save as a new workbook, also if possible from a...
  15. Prevost

    Prevent Excel From Loading Charts When Opening File

    Hi There. Is there a way to prevent excel from loading and displaying charts on worksheets and tabs when the file is opened? We have charts that plot many data points and opening the file can be lengthy when you wait for the chart to load. Also, when you scroll through a sheet it pauses at the...
  16. M

    Date Format Changing when VBA opens a file

    Hi If I manually open a CSV file all of the dates appear in the UK format DD/MM/YYYY. When VBA opens the exact same file the way it interprets the dates is in the US format MM/DD/YYYY. So the date 09/02/2015 changes from 9th Feb to the 2nd Sep. And the 26th Feb becomes a text field. I am using...
  17. L

    Search through folders and subfolders to find a file and open it.

    Hi I have started this macro but I am having a problem (Labeled '????? below). I am tring to find a file which is typically .doc/docx/.pdf within a folder or its subbfolders then open it if found. Can anyone modify my solution below to to alos searchthrough all subfolders? file =...
  18. E

    Need help to open certain file

    Hi guys I got this file: UCHP_Translation2.xls (the file can have any name) The file contains loads sheets and different columns sv,es,ru etc. now I need a a script, that check in the file if the columns contain text then check in a folder after the filename (UCHP_Translation2.xls) the file...
  19. E

    Can't openfile call a variable

    Hi guys, Could someone help me I can't open MyLangFile variable see code below: Sub OpenLangFile() Dim myLangCol As String Dim myPath As String Dim myFile As String Dim mySheetname As String Dim myLangFile As String myPath = Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path For Each sht In...
  20. F

    Open / Close Workbooks Sequentially

    I have a large number of Excel files that I need to open, wait for their opening sub to run, and then close. Then on to the next one in the list. etc. Currently, I'm doing this with a .bat file that simply lists the file names. It's pretty easy to manage. But, the disadvantage is that I have to...

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