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  1. B

    Can you tell when an excel file has been opened?

    Is there a way to find out the date and time an excel file has been opened within the file?
  2. A

    Excel and Project seize

    I am trying to get excel to open a MS Project file and then run a project macro on it. What is happen is that when I run my code it works, and then excels VBA window freezes up and the run arrow goes away, and if I try to open project I just get a chiming noise and it won't open. For now I...
  3. V

    To write contents to a file using VBA - without a new line at the end of file

    Hi, I do have a macro to prepare content and writing into a file (not text file though). I am passing the file name with path and Data to be written to the function. My file is created perfectly except the fact that at the end of the file it has one newline character. I just need my file...
  4. S

    Code to open a file based on Cell Data, and a WildCard

    Good Day! :confused:Cant seem to get the head around this one: trying to open an excel file based on cell value, and also has some unknown numbers/letters at the end of it.. For instance, I know that the file name starts with 4 bracketed numbers which are known. ie. (6345) then after the...
  5. G

    Looping With Files

    I have a column of data (paths to files) this column can have 5 to 200 filled cells depending on the project. What I am wanting to do is to write a loop so that it goes through this column and opens each file listed until it gets to the end of the column. I found what I thought I needed on this...
  6. V

    names not working after opening programmatically

    Excel2010 - OfficeXP and Office2010 I have a pretty big workbook with much names defined and used in it. When I do open this workbook manually, no problem. But when I open the workbook in VBA (Workbooks.Open (Filename) not one of the names seems to be recognised: every formala referencing a...
  7. S

    open file with wildcard name

    I have a file 09-08-11 tmp.csv in a folder the file names will change (date wise) so the file name with a wildcard would be *tmp.csv for future reference the *tmp.csv file is the variable tmpfilename there may not be a tmpfilename file in the folder there will never be more than one...
  8. N

    Opening Excel from Javascript

    All, I have an Excel spreadsheet with the auto filter option set. In Javascript, I would like to open the Excel spreadsheet ( in JS, ************('filename', 'windowname') and pass a specific country name. The resulting behavior would be for Excel to present only those rows that match the...
  9. M

    Help with incrementing a filename/text by 1

    I am attempting to open about 650 excel files in a folder and I want to use a for loop to do it. I have tried just throwing a for loop at the begging of my code that increments to 650 and the rest of my workbook manipulation after that. However whenever I go to open a workbook with the...
  10. V

    search and open file IE

    Not sure if this is possible, but any advise or assistance would be much appreciated. i have used the code below to determine whether a file(00783763091_2011022313*.wav) or folder exists. If it was possible for the code to return "File exist!", is it possible to open that file? The naming of...
  11. Y

    Open folder selection box and getting path of file

    From an excel file macro, I want to open a "folder selection box" using VBA and select a file (excel file). (Ideally, it should give an error if any other file than excel file is selected) Then I want to get the path of any file selected through this selection box lets say the path returned...
  12. bs0d

    Local Intranet - Open Excel Hyperlinks with Local Excel

    I have an IIS server with ASP.NET pages using VB code. Is there a simple way to build the hyperlinks (to Excel files) so that they open with the users Local machine or Citrix App? Right now, when a user clicks the link, it downloads it to a temp. folder on their computer, (which can take a...
  13. J

    Open txt file using valaue in textbox2

    I would like to open a text file which in located in the following folder, using the value that is typed into textbox2, so if I type 1904 into textbox2 and click my commandbutton1 then it will open the file named 1904. I:\BROCKS FOLDER (PLEASE DO NOT DELETE)\CD PRICE FILES NSW your help...
  14. S

    Save .xlsm using PC name if file does not exist

    Hello All, This will be my 1st posting and I would greatly appreciate some advise on the best way to handle what I am attempting to accomplish. Basically, I would like to open an excel workbook file (.xlsm) and rename the file using the PC name ("Book1" & PC_Name). Obviously, I do not want...
  15. N

    Find Open File with Variable Name

    Find and Open File with Variable Name I'm trying to use VB to open and modify a set of 200 files. My team gets about 1,000 new items a month and we need to add these to their respective templates (the 200 files) based on their product classes. The templates are named by their major and minor...
  16. G

    Open a file using Macro

    Hi, I write VBA codes every now and then and am quite comfortable with it. However, I am failing to do something very very basic and totally perplexed at what am I doing wrong. I am trying to open a file from a code. I have written a very simple one line Sub for it, which goes like: Sub...
  17. S

    VBA code to open an Excel file only if not already open

    Good morning guys, I am trying to alter my vba code so when I update a filter on a pivot table in one workbook, a second workbook opens with the refreshed data. Everything is working except that once the the workbook as been opened once, I get an error when i run it again - Excel recognises...
  18. N

    Opening csv file with macro causes date format to change

    Hi, I'm using some code I found on this forum to open a csv file. One of the columns contains dates and when opening the file using the macro the date format is changed from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy but only if the date is on or before the 12th month. If the file is opened manually the date...
  19. S

    defining variable in sub

    I have a lot of repetitive code and was trying to clean it up by creating a sub with a variable, I'm not sure whether I'm correct in my thinking but would love some help with the below, I've written the following code to navigate between worksheets: Sub MoveTo(Target As Worksheet)...
  20. N

    Double-click Excel file in Win Explorer no longer opens file

    Excel 2002. Suddenly this no longer works; same for .doc files in Word. I've repeatedly tried to reassociate .XLS file extension to the program EXE thru Windows Explorer.Tools > Folder > File Types. The expected behavior is double-click opens the file in the same instance of Excel. What...

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