1. C

    VBA ReadOnly:=True failing - what's wrong?

    I'm using this code to open a workbook so I can grab some of the builtin properties. Function OpenHidden(ByRef szFullName As String) As Workbook <other code="" here="">... other code here ... Set OpenHidden = Workbooks.Open(szFullName, UpdateLinks:=False, _ ReadOnly:=True...
  2. T

    Open PDF attachment in Access report

    Hello, I’m making a simple database to store scanned documents for multiple users. I uploaded the documents using the access feature and am able to open the documents in the table. However I can’t open the documents in queries r reports. I wanted users to be able to open the attachments from a...
  3. J

    VBA Code to Check for Domain Match and Open Excel File Security

    I am trying to put a security check in some of our excel files in order to be used within our companies domain. Then if it fails do not open the file and if the check is valid then open excel file. Here is what I got started, any help would be appreciated. Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim...
  4. G

    Excel Online won't open a file due to "display of formulas in cells"

    I am trying to open an Excel xlsx file using Excel Online, and I get the message "can't open the workbook in the browser because it uses unsupported features", and then lists "display of formulas in cells". But I'm not using display of formulas in cells. Can I get some advice? g
  5. X

    Can not open a .xlsm from folder on c: drive.

    Hi all I have an excel file open and in this file I have cells with a links to some .xlsm files that I would like to open. but recently I get a message saying... Microsoft Office Opening C:\ test\001,xlsm Some files can contain viruses or otherwise be harmful to your computer, It is...
  6. K

    How to open Multiple files through dates modified

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to open multiple files with different names based on date modified. For example, I have 4 files and the names on them go 5Ab458, 5Dd5578,57C604P,548SKJV. There are multiple files in this folder as well so naming on each file is different so i need to open...
  7. S

    transfer Text from one textbox to another as a Hyperlink.

    Afternoon all I have a Userform where I can select a file using FileDialog. When I select the file and press Open the file does not open, but the address of this file is pasted into textURL. When I then press the command button "Add" this line of text is added to a textbox "txtFile" within...
  8. H

    Macro does not run if file is open

    Hello, I am using the below code to update links Sub update() ActiveWorkbook.UpdateLink Name:="\\\itex share\ITEX\DATA ENTRY.xlsm" _ , Type:=xlExcelLinks End Sub The code works fine when the source file is closed. but gives a debug msg when the...
  9. D

    is file open

    Is there a way to check if a file is open but without the path, in other words, if I have a file text.xlsm, how do i check if it is open without needing the full path like c:/text.xlsm, just test.xlsm?
  10. M

    VBA Help Needed - User form closed when other excel workbook is closed

    So I have a form where its workbook is hidden. The user opens a file which generates a separate open workbook. My problem is when I close this other workbook, excel prompts me to save/unsave my userform too... I've included some code in the ThisWorkbook module that allows me to close a separate...
  11. L

    VBA to open a specific template

    Is it possible to do something similar to below? Open a workbook which automatically triggers a macro. Once the macro runs a dialogue box will appear and has options of "Herds: 1, 2, 3, 4" and "Hay: 1, 2, 3, 4" You must select either 1, 2, 3 or 4 for each of the options and press ok. Once you...
  12. M

    Not able to close out of excel window

    So I made a program that allows me to open files in a folder on my desktop. To make the program more user friendly, I decided to enable a UserForm that is the only window open when the excel file/program is clicked on. I did put a command button that reveals the original excel file. When I...
  13. Z

    how to read workbook name and default while inserting a sheet.

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have multiple text files, which I am locating using Application.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets once the text files are located, I open it using Workbooks.OpenText Filename:= _ sFolder & "/CONTRACT" _ ...
  14. J

    Clicking 'open' button on internet explorer open or save dialog box

    I am trying to press 'open' button on the internet explorer open or save dialog box. I tried sendkeys "%O" which selects the button but not actually pressing it. What did I miss?
  15. Z

    Dynamically assigning worksheet name while inserting/moving sheets.

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have multiple text files, which I am locating using Application.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets once the text files are located, I open it using Workbooks.OpenText Filename:= _ sFolder & "/CONTRACT" _ ...
  16. J

    open Excel from Access

    Hi simple one I am trying to open a named excel file from Access ( both 2016 ) I have this Code Function openexcelfromaccess() Dim MyXL As Object Set MyXL = CreateObject("Excel.Application") With MyXL .Application.Visable = True .Workbooks.Open...
  17. K

    Auto or one click Word doc macro to run 3 different reports

    Hi All, I normally would not come here, but sadly am now at the deadline and running this as it is does not work. I am trying to get this to auto run on open or just click the Get Report button once to run all three reports f possible. [Private Sub CboReportName_Change() End Sub Private Sub...
  18. D

    Can't find project or library error HELP!

    Hello All, This has happened to me before, and I still have no idea how to fix it. I have looked around for an easy fix, and it usually revolves around "going to tools, then references and unclick the missing reference". My problem is that I can't open the References box, it just won't open...
  19. S

    Excel 2016 crashes

    I am using Excel 2016 on my work computer and we have a shared file that my boss and I have created. Yesterday, the macro was working fine and you could open it and make changes to it but since then if you try to open the macro it crashes excel. I can open macros and edit them on all other excel...
  20. L

    Using excel to calculate hours open without double counting overlaps

    Hi, I hope someone will be able to help me please. Ok I am trying to work out how long a community centre is open each day. In Column A I have the date, in Column B I have the start time of a booking, in Column C I have the end time of the booking, Column D is the duration of the booking. I...

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