1. Z

    Image Click event

    Hello People, I'm trying to figure out a code which perform this : clicking on a image to open a certain form. I tried using this DoCmd.OpenForm "NameOfForm", , , "Image1=" & Image where Image 1 is the name of the image that i want to click on to open the form. any ideas ?
  2. C

    IF Statement Formula

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out a formula that has a number of parts. Let's say that we have columns A, B and C. Column A will contain either a date, or be a blank cell. B will contain "Accepted", or a blank cell. I want Column C to return either "Open", "Approved", or be blank, depending on...
  3. S

    how to import data from external excel source?

    Hello, I want to create a command button in my excel find to find necessary values in an external excel file. as in many programs, I would like to click on the open file option and select the target file with the windows search interface. as an example I installed a page of a simple windows...
  4. T

    Macro to open a sheet in a new window

    Hi Everyone, Hope you can help I want a macro that can open a sheet in a new window. Idealy it would do this. When macro is run open Sheet"PDF Views" in new window and if possible? place new window in middle of screen taking up about 75% of the screen make that screen not show any tabs or...
  5. T

    Open file in MS Teams for editing ?

    Hi I want to open a sort of Back-End-file (.xlsm-file) stored in MS Teams, edit some data and close the file with av macro from a Excel “master file”. But I can’t find out how to do it. Everything I do will open the BE-file as “read only”. Please help! I think it is the same if stored in...
  6. P

    VBA: Following Hyperlink that's linked to Sharepoint?

    I've got a list of Hyperlinks, that are all files on a sharepoint site. When I click on one, it opens Microsoft Edge and at the bottom asks if I want to open the file. When I click "Open", the file then opens in the appropriate desktop app. I'm wondering if there is a way around Microsoft Edge...
  7. T

    Only Run Formula on Cells in The Table.

    Hi all! When I open my excel book it takes forever to open due to poor coding on my part. I have a bunch of codes like the below code. What I want is instead of E:E which I believe is why it takes so long to open I only want it to check cells in the actual table or until it hits a blank. I...
  8. E

    Can an XLSM GUI workbook opens its own instance when another instance exists?

    Can an XLSM GUI workbook opens its own instance when another instance exists? I've been researching this and found the link below here (at the forum) but I don't thinks this quite does what I hope I can do. The issue I think is that the macro will open an instance, but I still need to give a...
  9. F

    Corrupt/Damaged File Won't Open

    One of my regular (almost daily) excel (.xls) files will not open today. I get this message: "Sorry, we couldn't find D:\Daves Data\....blah.xls. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted? When I ran CHKDSK the result for the file in question says that "first allocation unit is not valid...
  10. D

    passing sheet address to subroutine

    what is a correct way to access a open workbook.sheet that is currently open when linking to a subroutine or a function? ie.. i open two workbooks in the main routine and the based on a condition in the main routine i link to a subroutine. I can't figure out how to read a value on the open...
  11. J

    New Window with VBA (Dual Monitor)?

    Hi, Is it possible with VBA to open a new window (specific worksheet) maximized on to the 2nd monitor with no gridlines?
  12. sitewolf

    Why is my Excel shutting down?

    I've been running the same macro-enabled spreadsheet almost daily for years...well, this one happens to grab NHL stats. I'm using Office 365. Last night I had run a different spreadsheet using the fuzzyvlookup function that's been posted here for years, copying a formula down some 2500 rows...
  13. rjplante

    Open and space two folders

    I would like to open two windows folders on the screen and have them appear side by side on the monitor. I have the code below to open both folders and that part works fine. I just need to know how to size them and move one to the left side of the screen and one to the right side of the screen...
  14. gheyman

    Access: Close a Form that is not the Active form

    Can you close one form from another? I know you can close the form you're on by using DoCmd.Close , "". How do I close another form. I need to make sure its not open when I run code. Thanks
  15. T

    Drop Down List not working

    Hello, I know that I can open a drop down list with Alt-Down arrow, but I can't navigate the list by pressing a the first letter of an item in my list when it is open -- When the list is open and I press S, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong or a parameter to add? Thanks in advance for...
  16. Johnny C

    Links updating in VBA incorrectly to values previously overwritten???

    I've got 2 files, one with a sheet linked to the other so that they are the same sheet. The sheet linking to the other one is "Forecast - 8 - Output - 2020-23.xlsb" On sheet Constants, the formula in cell M22 is ='[Forecast - 1 - Assumptions - 2020-23.xlsb]Constants'!M22 That file is open. The...
  17. C

    Open 2 Matching Files in Folder & Loop

    Dear Experts, I've problems modifying below codes as they codes cannot finish to the end : 1. I've in folder many project files for current month and last month 2. Each file name has a standard format like 02015-201909-Flex*.xlsm (this month), and 02015-201908-Flex*.xlsm (last month), while *...
  18. S

    EXCEL/VBA QUESTION - how to open outlook and access one email content from inbox and further process using VBA

    hello friends, i wish to do following steps with vba code 1. open an outlook application and then go to subfolder of inbox , open one email with perticular subject and then open csv file attached to it please help me with that rest thing i will manage as there is further process involved...
  19. L

    workbooks.add, open and close

    Hi Can I say workbooks.add is the same if you open Excel program -->New ? same thing is the same if you open excel program --> Open Also, workbooks.close is the same thing if you click on [x] to close Excel program? Thank you.
  20. The_Kurgan

    Open/manipulate a workbook using BeforeClose event

    I'm attempting to use the BeforeClose event to open another workbook, gather data, and then place it into the original workbook. However, once the workbook is open, the code fails to manipulate it. The ribbon and tabs don't seem to be visible and when the code tries to activate the new...

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