1. D

    We found a problem with some content in "File name". Excel annoying message

    Hello everybody, Whenever I open my excel sheet I get the following message: "We found a problem with some content in "File name xxx". Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can? If you trust the source of this workbook, click yes" It is super annoying. It started happening after I...
  2. L

    How to automatically update excel without opening it once per week

    Hi, Right now, once a week I need to open a file, refresh the table, save and close the file. Is it possible for excel to automatically update itself without opening it once per week? Thanks in advance.
  3. F

    Get data from another workbook without opening the source workbook

    Hi, I have a workbook which collects data from 80 other workbooks. My macro is taking a painful 30 minutes to open, copy, paste and close all of those 80 workbooks. I'm using, True, True). I've concluded that what takes time is opening the files, so I'm looking for a...
  4. D

    VBA to prevent workbook from opening at a set time of day

    Hi all I’m looking for a way to prevent people from opening a workbook between 2-2:30pm every day. So it can be updated on the server. I have set a Application.OnTime vba to close at a set time 1:59 and then repeated it every min until 2:29. But people are still able to open the work book...
  5. D

    Problem with opening multiple instances of file on a network

    I have been creating several spreadsheets at work and there is a problem with opening more than 1 instance of them at the same time on a network. I have one spreadsheet called "quoting tool" that generates quotes. When quotes are finalised they are sent to separate spreadsheets called allocation...
  6. P

    Daily inventory follow up - opening stock = to closing stock previous day if....

    Hi, I have a simple worksheet with daily stock entry and withdrawal for different items (based on a validation list). Column A = product description (items from the validation data list) Column B = Opening stock Column C = Withdrawal stock Column D = Closing stock I want to find...
  7. Skybluekid

    Calculate worked hours based upon criteria

    Hi All, I have a sheet where it records a time when one of our trucks goes into a dealer. It also records the time the trucks leaves the dealer. I would like to workout how long the vehicle has been stood in the dealer. That is easy to do, but in order to be accurate, I would like the...
  8. S

    Excel Print Workbook

    Hello! How can we print excel workbooks in a one folder without opening the file? Thank you for your help!@
  9. M

    Opening Excel File - Every tab viewed automatically

    For several excel files, when i open them, the file quickly cycles through every visible tab.This does not happen for all files, but most of them. In addition, some files have macros while others do not. I sent one of the files I was experiencing this issue on to a coworker, and she opened the...
  10. rediffusion

    Opening the tab on which remained.

    Well... for example, I remained on `Developer` tab. I сlosed the book, started it and with opening `Developer` tab! Is it possible?
  11. J

    VBA to prompt for user name and password for opening Excel file.

    So here is what I have...please help I have created three sheets in Excel. The first sheet contains the actual data The second sheet contains an audit log that is already set up through VBA code. The third sheet is a user list of all the authorized users that will be able to access the...
  12. A

    Excel Message When Opening Files

    Hello. When opening Excel files that contain links to other files, I often get a message in the lower right of my screen that says "Linking: (file name)" with a status bar (please see attached photo). This would not be a problem except that Excel seems to "pause" at this point for several...
  13. H

    Opening files inserted into an Excel workbook in a Mac environment

    Hi Excel-wizards! This is my first post having been a distant follower for a while - so go easy on me ;) I have a number of .xls workbooks which have lots of files inserted into them (Insert>Object>Create from file>Display as icon). These files are usually .pdfs but there’s often others...
  14. B

    Chart with retail hour coverage

    Hi folks, very new to Excel and need to do a chart that im not too sure how to do, although im sure its possible with how exceptional of a program this is. Basically, I need to do a chart (bars probably easiest), that would have Sunday to Saturday along the top and opening hours along the Y...
  15. E

    Is it possible to specify the path and filename of an xls file and use it as a reference without opening it?

    Is it possible to specify the path and filename of an xls file and use it as a reference without opening it? In VBA or formulas. Thanks!
  16. S

    Power Pivot not refreshing on opening. Excel 2016

    I have set up three reports to generate overnight and create 3 .csv filesI have created a spreadsheet where these csv files are read by the data model and from there, create power pivot tables.The requirement is that the pivot tables read the most current data whenever they are opened - they are...
  17. D

    Array, array go away.... I'm Stuck. Please Help!

    Sheet Name: 'TOOLS!' <tbody> A B C 1 Opening Max Bend Tool 2 0.520 150 ABC 3 1.125 105 DEF 4 2.000 95 GHI 5 3.000 100 JKL </tbody> Sheet Name: 'CHART!' <tbody> A B C 1 Material Pref Opening Use Tool 2 10GA 1.125 ??? 3 8GA 2.000 </tbody> There are several...
  18. S

    Connection Properties - Refresh on Open greyed out.

    Wanting data source to refesh on opening Workbook however most of the options are greyed out. In particular "Refresh data when opening the file" Any advice appreciated.
  19. P

    Delete entire row base on two conditions

    Hi all, i would like to prepare a VBA code so that to run through col. "F" and where the text is like "Opening Balance" and in col. "J" is zero number "0" should delete entire row. Please see below an extract of my data row "28" which i wanted to delete. Thank you all in advance...
  20. T

    COUNTIF function issue

    Hey guys! I'm trying to get this COUNTIF function working properly to calculate how many of my employees I have closing on each day of the week. It already works properly for those who are OPENING each day, but I can't figure out what the issue is. All of my cells are formatted as TIME. My...

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