1. D

    Deselect value in inputbox

    Hi, Is there a way of deselecting the value that is in my input box when it opens? If so I'd like the prompt to be after the value. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  2. B

    Open Outlook When Excel opens

    I have a workbook that has a few outlook functions built in to it but outlook needs to be open the way the codes are written. How do I get Outlook to open when this file opens? I know the code has to go in the ThisWorkbook section of the objects. Thanks in advance
  3. T

    Application.Visible=False not working on some PC's

    Hey Folks, I have been running a excel file for a while now with no issues but recently i have had a problem on my PC. I have Application.Visible=False on This Workbook and it works fine on other PC's but on mine it closes the App then opens it again immediately. The code must be good...
  4. TAPS_MikeDion

    Need to pass one variable to another form, but it's not passing the value.

    Hi everybody, Even after looking over examples found on the forum I still can't seem to get this super simple thing to work. I'm obviously missing something small. I have a main userform that has a "GET CLIENT INFO" button which opens a small userform displaying the client information, but I...
  5. A

    Issue opening excel files via VBA

    Hi Excel gurus. I have an automated process that, among a whole lot of other things, at one point, long story short, it opens some files from a network, copies the content from them and closes them again. This process was working no issues in a local machine where the network servers were...
  6. R

    Multiple instances of excel when running macros between sheets

    Hi all, I have some code that runs and opens another sheet to pull data from it. (the code checks if the sheet is open first and opens it if not). The issue that I'm having is that occasionally when I open the second sheet it opens a new instance of excel and then it can't see it. Is there...
  7. H

    Anonymous user when editing an excel file

    Hi All, I want to create an excel file on a network drive so multiple people can edit and add information however I want it to remain anonymous so I don't want excel to show the username of the person currently editing it when someone else opens the file at the same time. Is there anyway...
  8. P

    VBA - I dont want the destination workbook to be visible when opening to copy pasting

    Hi, I have a project where I am copying data from one workbook to another using VBA. The syntax has data copying from one workbook, opening another workbook, pasting, then save, and close. The thing is that the other workbook is visible when it opens, and saves then closes. I want it to be...
  9. H

    Excel opens blank book along with existing file

    I have created a custom template and saved it to the XLSTART folder. This works great for creating new workbooks with my custom styles. Now when ever I double click to open an existing file the file opens but excel also creates and opens a new workbook. Is there any way to to make excel open my...
  10. T

    Cannot open a pdf to a page via vba

    I have code to open a pdf at a page. But it doesn't work on my home PC. The opening line is : file:///G:/Electronics%20Magazines/Practical-Electronics/Practical-Electronics-1968/Practical-Electronics-1968-01.pdf#page=18 But it doesn't open at page 18. It only opens at page 1. I only have...
  11. T

    Multiple instances of excel when running macros between sheets

    Hi all, I have some code that runs and opens another sheet to pull data from it. (the code checks if the sheet is open first and opens it if not). The issue that I'm having is that occasionally when I open the second sheet it opens a new instance of excel and then it can't see it. Is there...
  12. M

    Different Background each time user opens spread sheet

    Hi can anyone tell me if it’s possible to have a different background say on sheet 1 when a user opens up a spread sheet. I assume it may be a VBA Code that can do this . If anyone knows it would be great to hear from you thank you
  13. L

    Disabling password command when opening workbook

    I have lock certain cells in my workbook and added a password to it. I am looking for a way to disable the initial password prompt command for when another user opens the file. Thanks
  14. P

    Runtime Error 9

    Hi guys. This is a strange one. A colleague of mine keeps getting a runtime error 9 whenever he tries to run a vba code. The code opens up a second workbook and looks to activate the relevant workbook when appropriate. The code is Sub NormalWeek62() TheFirst = 0...
  15. C

    Excel opens new files all in same window

    My excel windows all open in the same window. If I open a new file, it opens in that window. I have 2 monitors, I want 1 spreadsheet on 1 monitor and another spreadsheet on the 2nd monitor. If I click View, "New Window" it does not like that excel program, so I cannot drag it to another monitor...
  16. J

    VBA to copy from generic Workbook to my Workbook

    Hi, I am looking for some VBA code that will allow me to run a macro to open any Workbook (getopenfilename) and copy the contents of the first sheet that opens into a sheet named 'Esub Import' in my Workbook. Please could someone help me with this? Thanks!
  17. S

    Running macro in different instance of excel

    I'm receiving out of resources errors in Excel 365 (32-bit, 64-bit remedies the problem but our IT wont allow it for the number of users that would use this book, so I'm stuck with 32-bit). I have plenty of RAM so I'm trying to split the two workbooks into difference instances to allow more...
  18. A

    Macro or VB to copy entire worksheet from a closed file into the open file

    Hello, I've read a fewof the threads on how to do this but I think they are more involved in what Iam trying to do… I have a current XLSMfile. When the user opens it, I want to importa particular worksheet copied into the current file where I have formulas inplace to interrogate the new data...
  19. M

    VBA window sometimes opens very small

    When I open my Macro-Enabled workbook and then click Developer -> Visual Basic, the VBA window sometimes opens extremely small. It doesn't always do it, but I'd say around every 5th or 6th time I open the VBA window (when Excel has just been launched) it will do this. Anyone ever have this...
  20. M

    Activate a sheet without using "Activate"

    I have read that it is best not to use .Activate whenever possible. But I can't figure out how to do something without it. In my workbook, one thing it will do is copy sheets into a new workbook. Once it copies the sheets, I want the code to select the first workbook in the sheet, so that...

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