1. T

    Data Validation AND Formula

    Hello, I have the following spreadsheet. I would like to add data validation to Row 4 to look at Cells 46 and 49. So basically what I would like to do is not allow the operator to fill out the next column of data IF cell 46 says Failed and cell 49 does not have text in it. If cell 46 says...
  2. J

    Aggregate two tables onto one granulity

    Hello everybody, I have two tables in the following format: tblSkills: <tbody> Name ID Function Assembly Drilling Polishing Package Jeremy 001 Operator 1 1 0 0 Rodger 002 Operator 1 0 0 0 </tbody> tblPlanning: <tbody> Date ID State 01.01.2019 001 Assembly 01.01.2019 001 Drilling...
  3. S

    How to make/create OR operator between fields in Power BI ?

    So I have 2 fields Problem Work Performed Both can contain similar information, thus both can contain specific info. So far apps provide only AND operator. If I create filter for Problem and Work Performed. I will either miss information if one of the fields doesn't contain keyword, or I don't...
  4. I

    AutoFilter xlOr Operator w/ MORE than 2 criteria

    So I'm aware of the xlOr operator to specify up to two unique criteria to be identified and filtered: Worksheets(MainSheet).ListObjects("FleetStatusDetail").Range.AutoFilter Field:=ReturnHeaderIndex(ThisWorkbook.Name, MainSheet, "FleetStatusDetail", "Hold Codes"), Criteria1:="=*B*"...
  5. J

    Look up cell in a vlook up then retrieve cell next to it

    <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 JOB Operator 1 2 Current rate $10.00 3 Next Rate 4 Max Rate 1 5 Operator 1 12.00 9.00 9.75 10.50 12.00 6 Operator 2 15.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 15.00 7 Operator 3 13.00 8.50 10.25 12.00 13.00 8...
  6. JenniferMurphy

    Major design flaw in Union "operator"

    I just discovered what I consider a major flaw in the design of the Union (comma) operator. As illustrated in the workbook here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v0799qr2uex4imf/AAAWi4Jhq4-vfCmuQTn4qo4Za?dl=0 The Sum function, when applied to a union of overlapping ranges, will sum the values in the...
  7. V

    Maintenance alerts

    I am trying to create a spreadsheet in which every 12 hours an operator will in one column input running hours on a generator and every 150 hours of runtime I want an alert or email notification to let the operator know that it’s time to service the equipment
  8. G

    Sharing A Excel Workbook With Macros.

    I have this Excel spreadsheet that will basically work as a database. It will always be around 400 rows and 10 columns. The information in the columns varies according to the entry in the Userforms. I'm managing the process of producing parts in the Factory with this worksheet. Everything runs...
  9. D

    COUNTVISBLE with an Operator like >

    Greetings - Can COUNTVISBLE be used in conjunction with an operator like > When I filter rows, I would like a formula that counts only some of the rows. I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.
  10. I

    strFindWhat Issue

    Hello, The code below used to work, but it was pulling from data that was set up as such: Operator Name = "J Doe" The quotes were since removed and the raw data now looks like this: Operator Name = J Doe How do I adjust this code below to pull correctly again? Thank you! blnSkip = False...
  11. S

    Count #of times an ID(name) appears and place the value in another column

    Did a search, but did not find an answer that appeared to be what I was looking for. I have a weekly report that is sent to me (.csv file), the report is 8 rows long and 8 columns wide (A-H). The table essentially looks like this: <tbody> Date: 2/16/2018 blank Time 7:00:00 blank System Name...
  12. arthurbr

    Trouble with the " lesser than" operator

    When entering a formula in a post containing the " lesser than" operator all text starting from and including this operator disappears when I save the post. Any work around available? Thanks
  13. P

    Power Query AntiLog 10 function

    Is there a function in PowerQuery to return the antilog base 10 of a number please? I cannot seem to find the ^ operator either to do it the normal way. Thanks Peter
  14. B

    Like Operator

    Can anyone lead me to some info on the Like operator VBA Thank You
  15. K

    Find duplicated row values and show a message in order to take action.

    Hi guys. This time need your help to find a way to search for duplicated rows within a certain range, but not just delete them with the "remove duplicates " menu option , but let the operator decide what to do, with an error message, could be a text "THERE IS DUPLICATED VALUES!" in a cell, or...
  16. C

    VBA to Import Data from one file to another and transpose paste it.

    Dear Forum Members, I have a situation where I receive a lot of files from different sales depots to me on daily basis. These files are identical in nature. All files have three worksheets namely Depot Name, Operator and Order_Details. Only one column (in “Order_Details” worksheet) keeps...
  17. H

    Proving a hypothesis

    Hello, I need help!! Im totally new to any time of statistics. This will probably be easier on SPSS or Minitab - I have access to both but would also be open to using excel if i can. I have some data. Its 1500 rows like the following. - The data is from a OEE system. It is the occurrences that...
  18. H

    Print a label w/ info, given a PASS status per prior columns

    Greetings. I've Excel 2016 spreadsheet that I created that captures the following information per these columns:A = Operator number B = Serial number of part being tested C = Date / Time (this is auto-filled once the Serial No. is scanned into prior field) D-F = test set-up confirmations G-AD =...
  19. M

    excel vba autofilter ''contains'' with multiple criteria

    I need to filter a range with multiple criteria with operator Contains. please help.
  20. Z

    Formula Help ?

    What I am using now: =SUM(T24+T25)/T64 =SUM(V24+V25+Z24+Z25)/(V$66+Z$66) =IFERROR((V24+V25+Z24+Z25)/(T24+T25),0) Trying to see if I can do this. In column B range B6:B60 I have the word Operator in multiple cells. What I am trying to do for each formula is if Operator is in column B. Trying to...

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