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    Can someone explain me how to create histograms with the Data analysis option when I have large data? Thank you.
  2. C

    Tiled backround option

    Hi Im using Excel 2010 Im sure that when i used a background option in the past it automatically defaulted to tiling it however this is no longer the case on my version can anyone tell me how to set my background so it is tiled cheers
  3. V

    Ctr + F (Find) not working

    Dear All, I have query regarding copy-paste. Copying data from PDF and paste into my excel book. My excel book is macro enables, contains some code.. While performing Ctr+f option on Sheet, it is not finding the text, though it is available on sheet... Could anyone guide me on this please..
  4. Q

    Help linking command button to radio option.

    Hello, I need some help with VBA. I have a list of three radio options and I would like to link a command button so that when a radio option is selected and the user clicks on the command button, it will direct the user to a corresponding sheet (with the same name) that is otherwise hidden...
  5. N

    Scatter plot is noisy when 'Smoothed Line' is OFF

    Hello! Could the experts here can help with a strange Excel behavior related to graphing? The basic question: why do scatter plots appear rough or noisy for simple functions like y=sin(x) or y = mx+b when the ‘Smoothed Line’ option is OFF? The screenshots show a few basic functions.. y =...
  6. D

    Simple Row Toggle/Slicer for Pivot Table using PowerPivot

    All, I tend to prefer lurking over posting questions, I do enjoy the challenge of finding answers, however this one has me stumped and can use the help. Situation: I have two tables that are joined by a single common key, in which one table has a Hierarchy of [Collection Leader], [Team...
  7. J

    setting passwords for option buttons

    I am doing a dynamic chart with option buttons on excel. Is it possible to set passwords on the option buttons? Whenever I check one option button, I need to insert the password for that button to view the chart? Thanks.
  8. L

    pivot table - more tables option

    Hi I create a pivot table in a new sheet. Inside Fields sections there is an option called "More tables" (below fields list). What that option is used for? I tried it but kind of got lost. Thank you so much.
  9. R

    Calculating an Average point value based on selected cost

    Hi, If I have a table shown below. I want to calculate the numeric rank of the item selected. For the examples below, I would expect row 1 to return something over a ranking of 3 as the selected value ended up higher than the largest option given. Where as line two's selection was in the...
  10. F

    Loop thru user form controls

    I have four option buttons on my user form and need to enable/disable some text boxes based on which option is selected. The code below works fine, but before I code the same for the other there option buttons, can this be reconstructed into the loop thru? Private Sub Opt1_Click() If...
  11. L

    "protect shared workbook"

    Hi I am learning how to share a workbook and track changes. Under Review there is a option called: "Protect Shared Workbook". I did not find that option is needed in anything. I can track changes without clicking on that option! not sure why is there. Thank you.
  12. S

    Conditional formatting trouble

    Hi Everyone, Firstly, I can’t thank this community enough for the resources offered here – its brilliant! Im having some trouble with Google sheets, I want to do something relatively simple but I have no clue! What I would like to do is highlight the entire row based on the option I choose...
  13. D

    No Share workbook option

    I am learning excel (properly maybe) by doing a course to learn all the things I have stepped over over time! I am at a lesson for sharing workbook. My option for this is greyed out. I can see options on the review tab for 1. Protect Sheet 2. Protect workbook 3. Allow edit ranges 4. (In Grey...
  14. L

    A filtered SUMPRODUCT to filter by both individual options and the combination of 2 options.

    I've written a formula that sums up a large database and allows filtering based on the values of F4, F5, and F6. For F5, the filtering options are All, DSS, 1, 2, 3, 4. The following formula works great to do this. =SUMPRODUCT(database[Total Boards],--(database[[Date]:[Date]]<='Pareto...
  15. D

    Is there a userform time option similar to the calendar?

    I have built a floating userform calendar that allows me to insert a date into any cell, but I cannot find an option that allows me to insert a time in similar fashion. For instance, let's say I would like to insert 9:36 AM into a cell. Is there an option that I can build into a userform to...
  16. R

    Replacing Large Amount of Formulas with Code

    I need some help with how to best design an application. The current structure of this application uses hundreds of formulas across all of the sheets. The vast amount of formulas is drastically slowing down the processing of the application. With that said, I'm trying to find alternative...
  17. E

    Extract text before/after a certain symbol?

    I tried several formulas I found online but they won't work. I have a huge list of strings like this: ABB_SEARCHOPTION_LBLHEAD=Search now <tbody> ABB_SEARCHOPTION_CHK_SAMEFILE=Same search option </tbody> Is there a formula to extract the text before (or after) the = symbol?
  18. T

    How to change default comment box font on Windows 10?

    I see online that you can change this option by going into the Display - Tool Tips setting in Control Panel, however I don't see the Display option in my Windows 10. Excel defaults my font to Tahoma 9 size font. Does anyone know how to change the default?
  19. G

    sum/sumiif on transposed range

    I have a set of data in rows but on the next sheet i need to sum the info depending on the options i have chosen what formula should be used? example below Sheet 1 Option price A 5 B 10 C 20 D 17 E 30 Sheet 2 Option option A D...

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