1. A

    What happens if i keep Application.ScreenUpdating = False ?

    Hey community, I want to use Application.ScreenUpdating = False in my VBA code to improve calculating time. I can't see difference between false/true I get result in both option. Can anybody explain me that please?
  2. M

    Alter tabs colours on a shared workbook work around

    Hi all, is there a work around for coloring a tab in a shared workbook. i have a workbook which myself and another share for my supplier accounts and the tabs are colored depending on if they need to be actioned. i update them by coloring the tabs Red, Orange & Green on the tabs themselves and...
  3. S

    Option Button connecting with Cell

    Whnever I insert new rows, my option button (Active X Control) is not steady, it goes down with the row, and I have added VBA code to that if you click yes, 5 rows will be unhidden and if you click No, then 5 rows will be hidden, but after inserting new rows, that code doesn't work, so can...
  4. D

    Deleting data in cells based on data in another cell

    I am using a dropdown list from G16:G2006. Within this list is the option of ‘Cancelled’if this is selected I want anything entered in the corresponding cells in columns ‘N’ & ‘O’ to be automatically deleted and the cells then left blank. I considered having the formula placed in cells...
  5. J

    find and replace text within a known module

    Hey all!! I have a form that opens when I open a workbook. I use the form to open another workbook via a drop down list. I use Select Case to open the chosen option. What I'm looking to do is change wording in a module in the first opened workbook. How would I use the Find..Replace method and...
  6. P

    How to tab to a specific control automatically once an option button inside a frame is selected

    Inside a userform, I have a frame and a textbox. Inside the frame I have six option buttons. When the form initializes none of the option buttons are selected but as soon as the user selects any of the option buttons I need it to tab to the next control (textbox1). Is there not an easier way to...
  7. I

    Macro Buttons seem to start resizing themselves

    I have several buttons on on work sheet. At some point, they decide to start resizing themselves. AN internet search seems to indicate this is a common problem. I am not married to command buttons is there an option for these macros that would avoid the automagically resized buttons. Ian
  8. mikecox39

    Getting spreadsheet to someone without XL

    I need to the data on a spreadsheet to someone who probably doesn't have access to XL. It though about printing it out, then scanning it back in as a jpg file but that seems lame. There must be a better way. I looked for an "export" option but only found a "share" option but the receiver...
  9. T

    Help with multiple UserForm Optionbuttons: clearing and resetting

    I've been assigned a task in which I have to automate a survey that resets the option buttons when you click the "clear results command button". I wanted to know how do I clear the option button entries with multiple user forms which are ranged from E63:F88. Also, I wanted to know if its...
  10. I

    Data Validation Circle Usage

    Morning, I have 2 columns as explained below. Column J consists of values like Z159, R235, P004, N/A Column L consists of values like JHMCN129357842S87, N/A The columns have a drop down where the only selectable option is N/A When i use the Data Validation Circle Invalid Data option i see a...
  11. J

    Need help with userform vba

    Hi I have a UserForm with option buttons combobox and textboxes at the moment it is used for booking in and I have added another option button to book out and I need it to deduct the value, see link below to see how it works. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m95u5skdxnjgj0x/TESTER1.xlsb?dl=0
  12. J

    Need help with userform vba

    Hi, I have created a userform with 2 option buttons, 1 combobox and 2 textboxes, I also have 2 sheets Transfers and Master, if I select the add stock option button and fill out the rest of the form and click submit it adds stock in the master sheet column C which works fine the part I can not...
  13. E

    Resetting a drop drown

    Hey everyone, I have a button which clears all of the drop downs on my sheet ("Sheet1"). I would like to have the button also set the first drop to go to a blank option, which I already have made. Is there a way to make the drop down select it? Thanks in advance.
  14. J

    Find required data and return cell location of all instances found in workbook

    Hi everyone trying to produce a macro that can find and return cell references within the workbook for any value entered in a cell. Pretty much like the find and replace excel option but where results can be pasted on the active sheet. Example: Based on value on cell A1 (this would be my...
  15. W

    Query Load to -Option of Pivot table report not coming

    Hi, recently started using Excel professional 2016. I am not getting option of pivot table report while loading data to excel. Can any body help. I am getting only two options:- 1. Load to Table Only Create Connection
  16. S

    Is there any way to check whether an option button has been checked?

    I'm trying to create a form where, if certain fields are blank, it prevents the user from printing I got most of the code to work, but I can't manage to figure out how to check whether an option button has been selected. A lot of resources I've found say to use something along the lines of If...
  17. D

    Adding more options to a drop down list

    I have a spreadsheet with a drop down list. This drop down list may need to have new entries added. At the bottom of the list, I want another option added, "Add new organisation". When this option is selected, I want someway of adding a new organisation to the list of organisations. How would I...
  18. B

    Custom Format- Feet & Inch

    I was wandering if it was possible to have a cell that when you entered 240 and hit enter it would show 240 (20')? I was hoping this would be possible with the custom option in the format cells dialog. Thanks for the Help.
  19. E

    Issues for pasting range of data

    Hi All I would like to create a macro where i can paste Columns of Option, Strike and Expiry in respective sheets(sheet name is on left). I have written a macro. please advice the necessary changes <tbody> SheetNAme Option Strike Expiry NIkit c 11200 27-Jun-19 sandeep P 11300 27-Jun-19...
  20. D

    Clear Option button from userform

    Hi all, I try to understand why my code to clear option button does not work. I know how to clear listbox or textbox from userform, code below ListBox2.Clear TextBox1 = "" But from various optionbuttons in frame, it does not work Here I have 2 frames, with 4 option button in the 1st...

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