1. X

    Same code for Multiple optionbuttons

    Hey. I have in a userform mutliple optionbuttons that, when the keydown event is called they all should do the same thing. for example Private Sub optbt1_KeyDown(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, ByVal Shift As Integer) 'KeyCode 9=Tab 13=Enter If KeyCode = 13 Then me.optbt1 = True...
  2. R

    How to force a user to select an option button?

    I've got a model with a code that should depend on the selection of one of two option buttons. When a user opens the model, the both option buttons are unselected. I need to make sure that the user selects one of them before the main code is run. So if nothing is selected, then it should display...
  3. A

    2 OptionButtons if value is false on both of them.....

    2 OptionButtons if value is false on both of them then show error message after that let user go back to select optionbuttons again or start all over again How I can do that? I spent many hours for this but not success. Thank you very much.
  4. X

    UserForm make option button and textboxes mandatory

    Okay. So i have created a userform with several textboxes and optionbuttons. What i have achieved until now is that ceartain textboxes are mandatory and have to be filled. But i dont seem to get it with the optionbuttons and i dont know why. the if statement is as follows: If Me.ADA.Value...
  5. richh

    VBA Loop Through Groups of Option Buttons on User Form

    Excel 2016 Windows 10 I'm trying to loop through all my controls on a user form to ensure they've been completed; I'm confused on how to check to see if one option button has been selected in a group of buttons. Each button is coupled with only one other button per group name, so if either one...
  6. T

    VBA Insert Row using ActiveX Radio Buttons

    Hello, I'm new to VBA. I'd want to insert a row under in two columns only using "yes"/"no" option buttons (as shown). When "yes" is selected a new row will be created. If "no" is selected then the created row will be deleted. Hoping for something simple enough that can be modified & used...
  7. W

    Multiple OptionButtons - Cell updated with selection

    Good morning all. I hope that I'm putting this in the correct place, I've looked and some of the answers I've found answer part of the issue but not all. I have a userform. When the user double-clicks the "Vendor" cell in the workbook, it pulls a userform with 28 vendors attached to option...
  8. S

    Using Option Button to Set Variable

    I've got a command button that prints my workbook to a PDF with a specified filename and location, but I've been asked to add the option to save to one of two folders (without being able to browse to other folders). I'm trying to use a user form to choose the folder name, save it as a string...
  9. M

    Fill in a dynamic created textbox with text a combination of checkbox and option buttons selected.

    Once again I bow to the superior knowledge of the group to see if I what i want to do can be done. I have a user from that is the first part of a mass email script that I am trying to write. What I would like is select one or several checkboxes in the first frame and then select 1 optionbutton...
  10. R

    OptionButton: Boolean vs Long, and why -4146?

    Hi Folks, I've been doing some reading up on the Multiple UserForm Controls with One Event Handler concept, and a few questions have arisen... :confused: Some (most?) of the articles I've read talk about using Long variables vs. Boolean to hold the value of OptionButtons & CheckBoxes. The...
  11. H

    Filter ListBox to show only need row after Userform populate , Filter by OptionButton

    <tbody> 10-NOV-18 AA 1 2 DF aa 11-NOV-18 BB 1 2 DT bb 12-NOV-18 CC 1 2 DF cc 12-NOV-18 DD 1 2 DT dd </tbody> ListBox in Userform <tbody> All DF DT </tbody> OptionButton in Userform too Dear All Masters, I create a Userform which has ListBox and OptionButton on the bottom of userform...
  12. E

    Write to cell if all OptionButtons are deselected

    Hello, I've got a command button on userform that is checking a lot of options with one click. One of the things I need it to check is if all the OptionButtons (6 of them) are deselected. If so, a cell needs to populate a value. If any are clicked, I need it to move on to the rest of its task...
  13. L

    VBA for 3 OptionButtons

    Hi - this is probably a pretty simple one, I'm trying to write some VBA for 3 Option Buttons. The first two lines work but the third one doesn't. I'm pretty new to writing VBA. Private Sub OptionButton1_Change() If OptionButton1.Value = True Then Sheet36.Range("C2").Value = 10...
  14. M

    Activex Optionbuttons not clearing

    Hi all, I have a sheet with numerous Activex optionbuttons. I have a reset macro which would put the value of each button to false, this used to work fine but I added a new optionbutton (no big deal I thought) but now the macro runs but doesn't change the value, the code is below and any help...
  15. D

    OptionButton value to change from True/False to Yes/No

    Hi, Please can someone help me? I would like to change the optionbutton value from true to Yes and False to No. Is this possible? This is the code I have at the moment: Sheets("Data").Cells(lrcd + 1, "D").Value = OptionButton1.Value Sheets("Data").Cells(lrcd + 1, "D").Value =...
  16. D

    OptionButton ******* event in IE using VBA excel

    Hey guys, I am able to click an optionButton in IE with vba code : Set optionButtonBizRules = IEDoc.all optionButtonBizRules.Item("radio_bizRules")(0).Checked = True The only problem is that I physically need to click on the option button in the IE browser to be able to have access on...
  17. K

    Deactivate a Form Button or a Form OptionButton in Excel 2016?

    How can I deactivate a Form Button or a Form OptionButton in excel 2016? I have did many research on this, but everyone's solutions are either based on older versions of excel or on ActiveX... Right now, in order to simulate an object (and it's code) deactivation, I'm simply assigning them an...
  18. S

    Reuse a code

    Hi I have this code for do a for each OptionButton in a frame Dim ctrlOptionButton As Control For Each ctrlOptionButton In frameVarselTekniskeAlarmer.Controls If (TypeName(ctrlOptionButton) = "OptionButton") Then ctrlOptionButton.Value = False End If Next...
  19. F

    Combox list depend on OptionButton value

    Hi all, I'm trying to include 2 lists for my Combox listing, but it's not working.... Here's my code and I hope someone here is able to help out Private Sub OptionButton1_Click() End Sub Private Sub OptionButton2_Click() End Sub Private Sub OptionButton3_Click() End Sub Private Sub...
  20. A

    Persian font of numbers in optionbutton caption

    Dear MrExcel, I have a questionnaire which includes some descriptive data like age range(for example less than 30 years) of respondents which I place them(I mean less than 30 years in persian) in Caption properties of option buttons.I need the numbers in "caption" to appear in persian. I...

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