1. U

    Userform display control

    Using the following code to show/hide Labels and OptionButtons on a Userform UserForm1.Label5.Visible = False UserForm1.OptionButton2.Visible = False They still show, any ideas ?
  2. R

    Relocate Tab Position via Code?

    Related to my second question in a previous thread: Is there any way to change the tab position via VBA code? Here's the situation: I have a Frame containing 8 OptionButtons and 1 SpinButton/Label combination. If the SpinButton is clicked, the OptionButtons are all "zeroed out" (.Value =...
  3. M

    Optionbuttons to call macros in ThisWorkbook

    I have published a workbook, containing multiple optionbuttons, on a web page. I have attached macros to the optionbuttons via the onAction property. When users open the workbook directly from the web page (as opposed to saving it first) the optionbuttons call the macros in the web version of...
  4. M

    Form Control OptionButtons Calculation

    I have ms 2010 i have 4 form control optionbuttons with a group. i want the value (result to go the right) where it says score. i dont have a vba code or anything but this image. i'm such a noob and i just need some help. everytime a button is click it should show up in the row where...
  5. M

    optionbuttons should work dynamically

    Hi, There is userform with two optionbuttons that depending on the selection are shown as FALSE and TRUE in cells A1, A2. The issue is those optionbuttons selection should result in dynamic changes in A1 and A2, prior to userform closing. How can I fix it...
  6. M

    Class Module for ComboBoxes AND OptionButtons. Seeking advice: How to include both?

    Hello all, I come as a novice seeking advice from the amazing minds I see here! Guided by this code: ' Class module named TBClass Public WithEvents TBGroup As MSForms.TextBox Private Sub TBGroup_Change() MsgBox TBGroup.Name & " changed" End Sub ' UserForm module Dim TBs() As New...
  7. R

    Prevent Duplicate Entries in VBA

    Hello, I have a userform created that has 3 frames that contain 3 optionbuttons. Each frame contains the same optionbuttons. Frame 1 has 3 buttons: Thursday, Friday And Saturday Frame 2 and 3 have the same options. What I need to do is if Frame1 option matches the selection in Frame 2 or 3...
  8. K

    VBA code to access OptionButton properties on a sheet

    Hey Mr/Mrs Excel guros: I have placed several OptionButtons on a worksheet, and am trying to write some VBA that will tell me which button is selected (the status or control value). I know on forms you use the “me.” format. Can anyone tell me how I can get VBA to recognize and access these...
  9. D

    Add Optionbutton with VBA question

    Hello everyone, I am new to the Mr. Excel message boards. I found them after watching his Livelessons video training series. I've searched the boards, msdn, excel help, books, pdf's, etc and now I turn to the knowledge here on these boards for some help & guidance with the following situaiton...
  10. A

    Urgent Help: ActiveX OptionButtons and Templates (Sheet references)!!!

    Hi, I need help with optionbuttons and a data entry worksheet stored as a template. I have a worksheet containing a number of activex optionbuttons linked to cells, from which scored values are then calculated. I have tried saving the worksheet as a template. However, whenever a new sheet is...

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