1. T

    Diable Excel 2013 Start up screen using VBA.

    I am in a pickle. I have a user form with a button that I would like to disable the Excel Start Screen. The problem is that I cannot figure out any code that would do this. The only way I can find to do it is to go into File -> Options -> General -> and manually check or uncheck the box. I...
  2. V

    How to set a WARNING OPTION

    I need to " Set the warning options for a range of cells" in cell C2:C194. It should not display alert and update automatic links.
  3. L

    Multiple options

    I am trying to make excel give me an amount on a different cell, of a number that I have. For example: My added matched lottery numbers add up to 7 in some cases, 8 in others and so on. I want the cell to its right to tell what the count 11 is. Let me clarify better. The lower counts are...
  4. N

    Disable Function Tips in Excel 2010

    Hello all, Quite a trivial question but I was wondering if anyone knows how to disable Excel's function tips, which pop up underneath the function bar? They cover over some column headers. I know they can be dragged around the screen but this gets very tedious and annoying when typing lots of...
  5. R

    Survey with more than 2 options

    Hey guys/gals, I followed a youtube video on setting up a survey in excel, and it works great, but it was only for two options. I wanted to make it 5 options per question, but when I started adding to the code ( which I thought was correct, but was not ) I kept getting errors. It probably is a...
  6. A

    cell options

    Hello, I don't even know if this is possible, but I want a cell to either show 1 formula say... =sum(b2:e2), but if someone is editing the cells on the worksheet, they can ONLY change that cell to N/A or leave the given formula --so no other formula, or value can be placed in that given cell...
  7. C

    Provide options based on combination of existing data

    Hi.. I have a table with entries like (Example from table, real table is very large) - <tbody> Length Width No 300 300 50 600 200 30 900 600 10 250 450 25 </tbody> I want to extract information where if I give a number for length and width the query can tell me all possible...
  8. S

    Calculation Options Keep Re-Setting to Manual in Excel

    Hi all, I keep encountering a problem in that my Calculation Options keep re-setting to manual every time I run some VBA code in Excel. The code is excecuted via a click button and is meant to update values on the spreadsheet. I've tried saving the spreadsheet again with the "automatic"...
  9. V

    "Insert Copied Cells" in Worksheet Not Available

    I would like to copy a row within a worksheet and then in a cell, right click, and select "Insert Copied Cells". However, the worksheet only brings up Insert Row instead of the Insert Copied Cells Option. All other worksheets within the same workbook have the option "Insert Copied Cells". Why...
  10. W

    Ribbon Name help?

    Good Morning, My code is to add a new menu item only to this individual file then remove it upon closing. I have this code which works well, but its default name is generic. I would like to rename it within this code. Possible? I've read that it may need to be xml....any ideas? Sub AddMenus()...
  11. D

    viewing issue when using shift+page down or shift+end

    I am using Excel 2010 & having an issue recently when I highlight a cell and then hold shift and page down (or shift and end), the cells in the spreadsheet continue to get highlighted, but the spreadsheet only displays the top rows. This is making it difficult when I want only a certain amount...
  12. W

    Show more than 8 options in Validation drop menu

    I'm using data validation on some cells, but the drop menu only shows 8 entries in the default window. If I want entries below this I have to scroll down, which is taking a lot of time for the specific task I am doing. I want to extend the drop window to show the first 20 list entries without...
  13. J

    Changing Excel options from outside DLL

    Hello I have been using a simple VBA code to change Excel international options to what my application runs. Basically it sets DecimalSeparator = "." and ThousandsSeparator = ",". I decided to move my VBA code to a DLL written in VB-6. What I do is to connect to Excel with a reference library...
  14. R

    Excel Colour Issue

    Good afternoon, In excel 2003 normally when you select a colour from the toolbar it gives you x amount of colours, with an option of more colours at the bottom of the pallette I have lost that option, can anyone help? Regards Richard Baker
  15. C

    Essbase - VBA to change global options by using essvsetglobaloption codes

    Hello all, I have built a macro that loops through a series of workbooks, does an essbase retrieve, multiplies it by a factor, and then locks/sends the data back to the database. I have everything working great, except I'd like to tweek one thing. When I do the retrieve, I get an essbase...
  16. A

    On Cell Change give user options

    Hi,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I'm pretty new to VB programming but learning fast.<o:p></o:p> I have built a calculation spreadsheet so far with formulas in the cells and VB functions with a few VLOOKUPs thrown in.<o:p></o:p> I then...
  17. C

    Question about Drop Down Lists

    Hello everyone! I've used Microsoft Excel and Word very casually for the past few years. Until lately, I would like to make something a little more sophisticated for my spreadsheet. I was hoping someone on this board could help me out. In my spreadsheet I have a column that will have drop-down...
  18. kylee

    3 conditional formula help

    Hi all, I'm sooooo close to having all these spreadsheets automated - and it's all thanks to y'all! Thank you for all the help. I have one more question though. I got help yesterday with a formula and told the boss his spreadsheet is now automated, but then he asked what about the other one that...
  19. T

    Need help - Keyboard, tab, scroll settings

    Where do I change settings for tab and mouse-scrolling in Excel? Normally when pressing TAB on the keyboard you move the coursor column by column but suddenly, when pressing TAB now my coursor moves from A1 to AA... The same thing happens when I use the mouse to scroll. Now I can´t scroll up and...

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