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  1. K

    AverageIF with OR conditional

    Hello, I've been trying to research a way to include the OR conditional, or an array, within an AVERAGEIF formula, and cannot find a way to do so. The AVERAGEIFS function is essentially an AND operator, so it says that all the conditions must be met, but I need for it to calculate the average...
  2. Q

    Sumifs with or condition over multiple columns

    Hi, I'm struggling to write a formula to sum the values in column A based on a number of conditions, including one that applies over multiple columns. Using the following example, I would need to add the values in column A if condition 1 = Australia and the value in at least one of the areas...
  3. A

    OR Criteria for a List of Contracts

    I am looking to populate column C with a "Yes" or "No" value depending on if it meets the criteria in column B for contracts in column A. Each contract can have unlimited values in column B (actually 100 max), but each value is entered onto a new line and the contract is duplicated. Column B has...
  4. M

    Use COUNTIF with OR condition

    Hello, I am stumped. I have a spreadsheet with three date columns. I want to create a tally that will count each row only once if any of the three columns contains a date greater than 7/1/2011. Here is my formula for tallying just one column: =COUNTIF('Deduped Lead Contact...
  5. D

    Count cells based on multiple OR criteria

    I need to have multiple ranges count based on several criteria. The hitch is that needs to count if one or more criteria is met not all. I tried using a COUNTIFS however that seems to evaluate based on AND not OR. Is there a nested COUNTIFS or similar function that would work?

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