1. T

    Help combining values in excel

    <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Name Item John apples Mary oranges Bob grapes Sue oranges John oranges John lemon John celery Mary grapes Bob oranges Sue celery John apples,oranges,lemon,celery Mary oranges,grapes Bob grapes,oranges, Sue...
  2. T

    Formula to Remove Duplicates from List... IF

    Hello there, I know you can remove duplicates with the 'Remove Duplicates' tab, however is there a way to do it formula wise, including an if statement? For instance, in the dataset below, I need the unique values for each fruit. So, for instance, the unique values for Oranges would be 1, 2...
  3. P

    Sumifs for multiple headers

    <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 Sales Amount Sold John Paul Adam 2 John Apples 3 Apples 5 Oranges 4 Oranges 6 Pears 5 Pears 4 6 7 Paul 8 Apples 3 9 Oranges 8 10 Pears 5 11 12 Adam 13 Apples 5 14...
  4. C

    VBA Paste according to value in cell

    Hi I need to copy stuff from one worksheet to another according to the value of another cell. E.g. Row A says: Apples, Oranges, Bananas Row B says: 10, 5, 7 I now need to copy Apples 10x, Oranges 5x, Bananas 7x in Row A on another worksheet. Any ideas how I could accomplish that?
  5. D

    Multi Criteria "Not Equal to" Range - Index Match formula

    I am trying to come up with a Multi Criteria Index Match formula with a "not equal to function" (<>) where the the "<>" is in reference to a range of data not just a single cell. Im stuck on creating the reference to a range of values not just a single value. My thinking is I might need to use a...
  6. T

    is it possible to return multiples of an image based on the quantity as stated in another cell?

    Noob ish user. I have apples in a1 and oranges in b1 I would like to show the quantities of each in c1 as an image <tbody> apples oranges image 2 2 two apples and two oranges 3 1 three apples and 1 orange </tbody> is there a way of making excel return the images of both items. I...
  7. N

    List Values On New Sheet If Criteria Is Met

    I have data set up in the format below. You will see that there are duplicate values in column B and some duplicate values in column C. Is there a way to list the parent value (column B) when all child values (column C) related to that parent says “Chris”? I’d like the list to be on...
  8. R

    SUMPRODUCT - ignoring blanks in the table

    Hi Mr Excel, I like using SUMPRODUCT but SUMPRODUCT doesn't like blanks in my tables. It returns #VALUE ! when there's a blank. Is there a quick and easy way get around this, for example using the example below. Apologies for the cumbersome table posting... but cell D6 has a blank which causes...
  9. A

    search and extract the patterns

    Hi There, can derive the output in multiple steps, but looking forward to find a formulae to do it one single step.. I tried using combinations of SEARCH,ISNUMBER functions, but did not get it right. So your help is highly appreciated. <colgroup><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Text...
  10. N

    Move Text To End Of Cell

    I have text in columns T, U, and V on a sheet called Tracking. In some of the cells I have “- Hold “. I would like to delete “- Hold “ and add “/ Hold“ to the end of the remaining text in the cell. Is there any way to do this using VBA? If not, what about a standard formula? EXAMPLE: <tbody>...
  11. P

    sum the range in dates if column condition is true

    The data entered are as follows : Total 5 4 6 6 Date 2/3/18 3/3/18 4/3/18 5/3/18 Apples 2 3 2 4 Oranges 3 1 4 2 In...
  12. I

    Using SUMIFS Between Multiple Values

    Hello, i'm looking for a cleaner way to use SUMIFS for multiple Tier structures. My formula in the table is =SUMIFS(Table2[Quantity Sold],Table2[Quantity Sold],"<="&B2,Table2[Quantity Sold],">"&B1) For Quantity sold, i am using =RANDBETWEEN(1,100000) just to fill the range of my dummy Tiers...
  13. L

    Sum Multiple Columns With One Criteria

    Hi, How can I sum up each column based on the criteria inputted? What I've used is this but obviously not the most practical. =SUMIF(B2:B25,K2,C2:C25)+SUMIF(D2:D25,K2,E2:E25)+SUMIF(F2:F25,K2,G2:G25)+SUMIF(H2:H25,K2,I2:I25) How can I simplify this? <colgroup><col width="64" span="11"...
  14. C

    Dynamic quarter to date sumif

    Hey guys, I'm been stuck on this formula for a while, please help. The raw table below shows the fruit sale by month. Im trying to create a Month to Date formula that sums up the value of a specific fruit, based on the month selected. Specifically I can create a formula to sum Orange sale in...
  15. Q

    i have same question , but there no reply , so i copy this topic again

    Hello, Does anybody know how to automatically highlight the highest value in each row label of a pivot table? In this example, I would like to highlight the highest selling fruit in each state. I couldn't find this option in conditional formatting. Thanks. <tbody> Sum of Amount Row...
  16. D

    I have no clue

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a list of inventory (col A:C) with 3 criteria. I'm trying to figure out how to add conditional formatting to the table on the right (col E:I) that highlights the cells (g2:i10) if they are present in the list on the left. I've marked the cells...
  17. M

    vlookup to find last data in row

    I have one sheet with a list of fruit then next 6 colums are marked week1 to 6 Fruit Week1 Week2... Apple 23 45 oranges 10 pears 5 6 7 on a second sheet I want to lookup the fruit and bring back the last row with data in it if I lookup apples it will return...
  18. T

    Copying values from another sheet that has data validation criteria list

    Hello everyone, I would like to copy values from Sheet A to Sheet B. Sheet A has a drop-down (data validation list) and items in that sheet change according to the item that is selected. E.g.: Items in the drop-down are Apples, Oranges, Bananas. Below the drop-down I have monthly counts...
  19. N

    Copy Columns from multiple workbooks to one workbook

    Hello! I am very new to VBA, and my stumbling block is this. I have three workbooks. Although they have other columns, the columns they have in common are apples, oranges, and grapes, and they are not in the same order in each of the workbooks. Is it possible to copy the information in apples...

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