1. M

    Adding new data in different order

    Hello, I need to make a spreadsheet about exports by type of product for every year (rows=type of product, columns=year). Rows have to be ordered according to the latest year data, example: Product 2020 2021 Cars 3 5 Plastic 6 2 Silver 1 1 The problem is, whenever I have data for a...
  2. O

    ordering rows with 3 number multiples with two rows under

    Hi i need a macro please, please there is A and B column (word and meaning) under them there are two rows merged A and B (for sentence) so every word is with two other rows. i want to sort and ordering with column B word in 1-4-7-10-13-16-19... i need a macro to order with these 3 multiple...
  3. I

    Column ordering function/process

    Hi, Thank you for giving me the possibility of posting here my issue. I am a Surgeon, and I am doing a research project. My job is to perform a chart review and record patient's variables. Thus the structure of my excel files is pretty simple: patient identifier=rows and variables=columns. My...
  4. T

    Rookie Excel Wizard With some questions

    Hi everyone, I appreciate you looking at my thread. I'm still new to this excel thing, and I've only just started getting my hands dirty with this program and it's quite addictive. Ok so now here's what I need to accomplish: I have a form where my Team Leaders order totes of product that we use...
  5. E

    Formula to pull multiple data entries into one cell

    Hi there, I have 2 sheets, one called 'Scraping List' and one called 'Initial List'. I need a formula that searches whether a name listed in Col B of 'Scraping List' matches any entry into the 'Initial List' names in Col E of that sheet. Every name on the 'Initial List' sheet has a...
  6. S

    Reorder rows content for each row

    Hi there, First of all, I'm sorry because I don't know if I can explain this in a understandable way (I don't know how to search for it). And maybe is not posible. I'll have a file with electoral results with this structure (simplified): Place 1 name | Voters | Blank votes | 1st party | votes...
  7. E

    Being able to pull out highest number when divided by dots and using multiple criteria

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is possible for excel to pull out the highest number when the digits are divided by dots. Please note the amount of numbers in between the dots are not constant (although they are always between 1-4 numbers). For example I have a table that looks like...
  8. J

    Formula to reverse column orders and align

    Hi, I have data that looks like this: <tbody> A B C D 1 a b c d 2 g c d 3 h i d 4 d </tbody> and I need a formula to convert it to look like this: <tbody> A B C D 1 d c b a 2 d c g 3 d i h 4 d </tbody> (i.e. the order reversed, and the last values (as per...
  9. B

    Display order of labels in userform

    Hi experts I have an userform, where under certain circumstances a label (lblA) might overlap 2 different labels. One label (the smaller one) appears below lblA as expected. The other larger label however is above lblAI have tried sending this label to the back but it makes no difference. I have...
  10. N

    Ordering two sets of columns by duplicate values

    Hello,<o:p></o:p> I’m trying to do a comparison so that two different sets of columns are duplicates/paired with duplicates in the Zip Codes.<o:p></o:p> So I want to change this:<o:p></o:p> <TBODY> State<o:p></o:p> Program Name<o:p></o:p> Grantee<o:p></o:p> City<o:p></o:p> Zip <o:p></o:p>...
  11. D

    Displaying an ordered list column based on specific cell numeric value

    I apologize for the title, but I really can't find a good way to way to describe what I want to do. I will do my best. Suppose cell A1 has a numeric value of 4. I want column B to have values 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, and so on, where each number is in a different cell...
  12. N

    VBA Find - Move macro

    Hello, I have an Excel file that has columns in random order. The order I would like to have them in is listed under 'MyArr.' The problem is that not all of the column names which are listed in 'MyArr' are in the file. They are also in random order. The macro below seems to be a good...
  13. L

    VBA coding help (Table ordering)

    Hi There, I have an Excel 2007 table already ordered by one key (one of the table´s fields). I need to get in VBA the current order (Ascending or Descending) of the table. I've tried somethis like this: MsgBox ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("MySheet").ListObjects("MyTable").Sort.SortField.Key...
  14. 8

    Sorting, Grouping, Ordering on Reports

    I have a rather large database. One table contains Area Manager names, Divisions, and numerous statistics/totals. These statistics are labeled with the month from which they are from. I am trying to make a report that will show the top 25 managers, sorted by one column of statistics. A Third...
  15. C

    Advanced Filter using data sorted by Custom Lists

    I have a database of employee information such as Level (e.g., associate, manager, senior manager, executive), Skills (e.g., accounting, marketing), Skill Proficiency (e.g., low, medium, high). I have created custom lists for Level and Skill Proficiency where, for example, an executive is ranked...
  16. Lincoln Six Echo

    Reorder a list using a formula

    Hi, I figure this is easy, but I can't figure out how to do it ... I have a 2 columns list (10 rows or so). I would like to reorder the items in a separate list using a formula. (order based on 2nd colum) Let me know :) Thanks! Alex Original: Canada -- 4% USA --10% Germany...
  17. nifiction

    Advanced ordering of columns

    I have a list of domain names ending in different country-extensions *domain1.org *domain2.net *domain3.com *domain4.co.uk *domain5.co.id *domain6.com *domain7.co.uk *domain8.co.id All these domains are in one column but I need to find a way to sort the according to their extension, with all...
  18. L

    moving coluns in a pivot table

    I have a pivot table that has 5 columns They are currently arranged 31452 I would like them (and obviously the information in the columns) to be arranged 12345. Is there any way to do this (in the wizard, right clicking, advanced options, etc) The only way I can think of is to copy/Paste...

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