1. H

    How to filter Excel sheets by color

    Hi Guys So I opened an Excel file and created a sheet1 solely for my Facebook groups, sheet2 for Facebook Friends, sheets3 for Facebook Pages that I'm a member in. In the Sheet4, I want to make it only for my Instagram account followers, Sheets5 for Instagram followings...etc and so on. The same...
  2. subrosumon

    Date , time formula

    Hi Experts, Sorry for wastage you valuable time for my critical issues! as a HR staff, i need to calculate actual staying time if he intermittent input in my organization for example <tbody> Name of Organization Period ABC Company from 3 October 2010 to 25 January 2014 XYZ...
  3. R

    Conditional percent rank

    I am looking to display the percentile of a value based on multiple conditions. Column K is my score, Column E is my organization, and Column H is my metric. For these, I'd like to see the percentile for each score based on each individual organization and metric.
  4. E

    COUNTIFS not counting (not a TRIM issue)

    Hello Everyone, I'm using a COUNTIF function to count the number of times a particular organization name appears =COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'Data Fields'!$E$"&$B$2&":$E$"&$C$2),E60) This formula counts correctly and calls the organization name from a list on a different sheet. The output from this...
  5. S

    Making multiple Pie Charts, one per line of data

    I have a large amount of data that I'm going to need to put into pie charts with only a day or two of turnaround, so I'd like to figure out a way to automate it. I have data like this, with organizations and the number of actions they did in each county. <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col...
  6. N

    VBA extracting MS Word Form Data into Excel Table

    Good afternoon. I've read through the forum rules, and I'm hoping this thread makes the cut. I'm a newbie here, so I'd appreciate your input. I lead a nonprofit, and I'm trying to research other similar nonprofits. I have a file folder with 64 docx files that summarize each nonprofit, all...
  7. D

    PowerPivot DAX Formula Help Needed

    I need help creating a DAX Measure. I have tried 8 different DAX Measure Formulas, all will spectacular failure. Here is my situation: 1. The attached file has one workbook with five tabs (sixth is the “Pivot” tab I’m trying to build). 2. The Data Model has all Tables added with the...
  8. D

    org chart pdf to excel

    Hi guys, I have a project where I need to be able to export the details of an org chart to excel, and vice versa. the stuff in the chart includes employees titles for some and shows who is under them. I am not sure how to go about this, or if there's even a way to do this. any and all support is...
  9. D

    Challenge- non van, self populating (expand/contract) table comparing month over month datasets

    Hello Everyone, Really need an assist on this. I am building a workflow management tool tracking availability and workload of several workers across many projects. I need to build a table, without vba if at all possible, that automatically populates comparing to separate copies of a report and...
  10. D

    Combining multiple cells of text

    I have these 5 cells of data that I want to combine: <tbody> Location: NJ Organization: American Cancer Society Website:http://cancer. org Contact: Susan Connelly, Volunteer Activity: Special event volunteer </tbody> I want all this information in one cell that is...
  11. M

    need help organizing random cells

    ok so I'm trying to organize some data but when i paste it from elsewhere i can post it but I can't seem to find a way to organize it. I ave to do hundreds of these and I'd prefer to not do it all by hand so if anyone knows a way of organizing these with a formula that would be marvelous! this...
  12. D

    Sorting Data

    I am doing a research project on the scriptures that involves me listing certain verses with their chapter numbers. My idea is to make one column where each verse and chapter I am referencing will be in this format ---> For example: chapter 5 verse 2 = 5.2. I formatted all cells in my column as...
  13. E

    List Management

    I have 2 lists. One contains locations and the other contains items. Each item can be found in a few specific locations, and each location contains a few specific items. I'd like to create a user-friendly document where someone can mouse over a location and see a list of the items there OR mouse...
  14. S

    Excel Organization & Revision Control - add-in, VBA-macro, software, workbook

    My friends, I need some help on organizing revisions on excel workbooks. I'm an engineer and I work with commercial models and project evaluation. I have to work on ongoing scopes that changes every day, so my financial analyses give me different numbers each time I change the scope. Some times...
  15. D

    Merge filled cells with blank cells below them?

    Hello, I recently stumbled across this board and believe it might be able to make my life easier, as I am just beginning to learn the wonders of Excel. This might be a rather novice question with a very simple answer, but I have yet to find one through my searches. Since I am bad with words, I...
  16. M

    Data organization/reporting

    My knowledge of Excel is very limited, and I'm hoping for some guidance as to the best approach I need to tackle the challenge I outline below… I have an Excel file that is full of data from a SharePoint survey that is used to get feedback from various classes. Some of the questions are ranking...
  17. D

    Data Organization Plan

    Hi. I need to create an excel sheet for about 5000 rows. The data consists of following entities: 1. Name of the person 2. Family of the person(Son/daughter, spouse, mother, father) 3. Date of joining (person only) P.S. There wll be deletions and additions each month of employees. How do I...
  18. M

    Macro/VBA to program automatic grouping of columns

    Hi Everyone, I am very limited in my Macro/VBA skills and have been trying to shorten a process my team and I do multiple times a month. Every reporting period we have to go through our reports and group/ungroup columns based on what period it is. For example, we may have the columns set up as...
  19. J

    Macro with Information from Multiple Sheets

    Hi, I am writing a macro that organizes data, but also needs to be able to conditionally copy data from other sheets in a workbook. I have a table with values...column A has the identifiers (strings of letters) and column N has comments related to the data in each row. So, for example, row 3...
  20. T

    Issues with Organization

    I am new to Access and have taken a number of courses, but based on my research I am having a hard time envisioning how to set up a new database for my group. Specifically, I can't figure out how to organize the tables correctly. I'm hoping someone can help me. Thanks in advance. I need to...

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