1. M

    Select and Move Cell

    Hello, I am new to VBA and trying to learn as much as possible. What I am trying to do is look in column B and select the cells in column B that do not have anything next to it in Column C. Thank you for the help, and any advice on the best way to learn about VBA would be awesome!
  2. E

    Adding 7 address fields to one row

    I have a list with single rows, each having name and other details but need to add / link up to 7 addresses for each person. I'm wondering what would be the best way to organize this without hopefully going into new linked excel files for each entry. Any ideas?
  3. J

    How to organize rows with same info in columns?

    Hello, I need to take multiple rows with same information as below: And organize in columns like this: I have a thousand of these to do and copying and pasting with transpose is not an option :(
  4. T

    Data Label Organization in Chart

    I have a chart that represents 28 different series organized by dates. 3 of the series I have set up as lines, and 3 others set up as transparent areas. I have the remaining 22 set up as bars and I'm having a hard time showing the value and labels of each without them crowding each other. I've...
  5. E

    Organize numbers in ranges

    Hi, Can someone help me please with this doubt? I have a column with this values: -139, -42,-1,-0.8, 0.375,0.8,1,3.5,5,8,10,10.8,15,20,30,35.5,42,100,120,130 How can I organize these values in ranges and count how many times a value falls into those ranges? What could be the formula and is...
  6. M

    Formula or Macro to Organize a List of Data into a Table for a Dependent Dropdown List?

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to organize my data so that it can be used in a dependent dropdown list. I can't figure out how to do this. I can't do it manually because there are 100+ rows that need to be converted. I've tried transposing it, as well as creating a pivot table, but neither option...
  7. G

    Self Taught (badly) VBA Help :(

    I know Excel formulas, and I assumed VBA would be the same. It has similarities, but it definitely is its own beast. I was hoping someone could take a look at my VBA code, and just use one little piece as an example as to how to write it ... prettier? I know that's a tall order. But I know the...
  8. L

    Multiple part problem....easiest first

    I think this is the easier part of my problem but basically I have a group of about 5-6 people working for me in a bar where tips are pooled between some people, and others get a percentage of different sales. Below is a very simplified version of the end result I get after calculating what goes...
  9. C

    Organize all Pivot table in all sheet in a workbook

    I have few sheets in a workbook with many pivot tables. All pivot tables in sheet are arrange one after another (Row wise). As the sizes of the pivot table are not fixed, I couldn't fix the positions of 2nd, 3rd, 4th....pivot table and so manually go to everysheet and hide/unhide rows...
  10. S

    Help: Creating Drop-Down Menu to Filter Table by Year

    I currently have a task managing spreadsheet that is organized by approaching deadline (upcoming deadlines appear first on the list in order of when they are due). I want to create a dropdown menu at the top of the spreadsheet with options "2015, 2014, 2013, etc" so that I can easily see...
  11. L

    Please Help! Excel Organization Question

    I need to use excel for an upcoming project at work. When using excel is there a way to assign a value to a term, and then move that cell to an appropriate table that corresponds? For example: I have four groups: Open, Potential, Closed, and New. When I enter a column of data I want to be...
  12. B

    Reformat Data

    I have data that has goes out to the right with Year columns. One record with many year columns. What I need is many records with one year column. I am trying to figure out if there is some way to 'automate' this process. Or at least a way to simplify the process. I have 30 columns of...
  13. D

    Sorting Data Horizontally

    I need some help. I am teaching myself how to code in VBA and still have a lot to learn. I have a big block of data that I am trying to sort. I have been able to sort data vertically in the past by vba code. However, this time I want to sort data horizontally. I know my error is in the section...
  14. D

    Help Organizing Data

    Hi all, I am looking for some help. I wrote a macro that collects data from other spreadsheets saved in a certain file location. This macro runs great. I now want to be able to organize the data based on the values. I have tried the following line of code as a test to see if I can get a small...
  15. L

    NOOB Formatting/Sorting Question - Help Please

    Let me preface by saying my knowledge of excel is very basic and I am learning but due to the economy I was thrown into this position and am grateful to have it so I'm just trying to swim, sorry if this has been answered before but here goes: I am looking at the inventory list here and was...
  16. J

    Show summarized data AND selective individual data points in a PivotTable

    Hi, I have a set of biological measurements that I am trying to organize. I would like to show both the summarized data and the individual data points within the same table. Is this possible with a PivotTable? Here is the data in summarized form only: The data consists of three replicate...
  17. H

    LOOKUP function troubles...please help!

    HI - I am trying to work out using the proper function(s) to achieve my desired result, but I am severely stumped. I need a spreadsheet that allows a user to make 3 decisions and have the result of those 3 decisions returned so that a formula can reference that amount to help me determine...
  18. S

    Sorting/Consolidating data using VBA -----------------------------------------Second Attempt-----------Please help----------------

    Hi everyone, thanks for looking. i have the above raw data.......i'm trying to get to the output shown below using VBA. There is about 1600 rows of data in my raw data set and they need to be consolidated into the output table shown below. there needs to be four of these output tables, one...
  19. R

    Macro for organizing data into worksheets

    Hello, I am in need of a macro that organizes data into separate worksheets. Basically what I have is thousands of rows of data that are all comprised of both numbers and letters. Every few lines, a value named "Project" will appear. What I want is for each time the word "Project" appears in...
  20. F

    List system, need VBA code assistans

    Hi, I'm working on a data sheet/equipment list system for my business and need VBA code to minimize the filesize. For now i have two separate things i need help with: 1. I use a Table with 38 Columns to input my data. I want to have a button that adds a row to the bottom of the column with the...

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