1. D

    vba Export Excel to PDF. 2 pages. One Portrait, One landscape.

    Hello, if anyone knows how to do this, I would appreciate a pointer. There are a few threads on it but i havent found one that actually answers the question of how to do it as one PDF with different orientations per page. This is where i am at so far... Sub ExportPDF2() Dim sFile As String...
  2. M

    Creating PDF On Mac: Multiple Sheet Orientation

    I am attempting to create a PDF including several sheets from a Mac. (I am a PC user, but am doing this for a client who is Macs.) I referenced Ron de Bruin excellent post on the subject (https://www.rondebruin.nl/mac/mac005.htm), but there is one thing that is not working. The workbook that...
  3. J

    Pictures Placed Using VBA - Results in Different Locations for Horizontal or Vertical

    I have been using the following code for placing a picture over a cell range in Excel. The code works beautifully for pictures obtained in the horizontal format but when a picture is selected that has a vertical format, the picture is placed far far outside the intended location. It usually...
  4. T

    Formula Not working for If with And

    My formula isn't working, and I can't tell why! It's frustrating the crap out of me! Can anyone help? What I'm trying to do: Get the cell to state "COMPLETED" if the person has completed a class. What I'm using Current Workbook Training Records workbook Cell A7 (employee name) in current...
  5. A

    Print as PDF macro orientation

    Hi, i built a macro to print from several files and sheets as pdfs, which is working fine. However, I wanted to specify the page/print setup orientation (portrait vs. landscape). I was hoping the below would work by specifying the preferred orientation in column G (e.g cell G5 will say...
  6. rpaulson

    TOGGLE page orientation VBA

    why does this not work. ActiveSheet.PageSetup.Orientation = Not ActiveSheet.PageSetup.Orientation it works for columns Range("AA:AE").EntireColumn.Hidden = Not (Range("AA:AE").EntireColumn.Hidden) txs, Ross
  7. J

    Conditional text orientation

    I am wondering if its possible to change the text orientation when a cells that are grouped are minimized/maximized. Basically I have merged several vertical cells and have the text orientation for those cells as "90" degrees. Now these rows are grouped, and if I minimize the grouping, the text...
  8. S

    Change text orientation in a cell without VBA

    Is it possible to change text orientation in a cell without using VBA? For example I have an arrow character (↑) in A1. If B1 = NNE then I'd like the orientation of A1 to be -22 degrees. I can't see that the TEXT function or Conditional Formatting can help me (correct me if I'm wrong), so is...
  9. C

    Combining Data From Adjacent rows

    Greetings, I have 2 spreadsheets that I am working with who's data I am trying to merge so that each person will end up with only one row of data. One spreadsheet has the orientation completion date in it, while the other has the checkin date. I copied and pasted worksheet 2 into the bottom...
  10. Y

    Hi All i have 2 questions please help

    Hi All, I have two questions about Excel 2010 that i just cant seem to wrap my head around. the first is with Conditional Formatting for some reason my Excel wont format over a formula i am trying to run a true/false scenario where if the outcome is 0 it will go red and 1 go green here is my...
  11. P

    Getting Run-time error '1004' when trying to change Cell Orientation

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to write an excel macro that sets the Orientation of the 2nd Row of a column to "90" where i have a selected cell and back to "0" when i'm selecting a cell in another column. So for example: The orientation in Row2 is "90" in all Rows. Then i'm clicking into "C8"...
  12. J

    change page orientation in xlsx to landscape

    I have this code that I found on the internet that I'd like to add to my existing code - this is the code - can you help me out? - Joe Dim ie As Object Dim wbk As Workbook Set ie = CreateObject("excel.Application") 'ie.Visible = displayResults 'not VBA so I don't know what it does Set wbk =...
  13. E

    updating pagesetup using cells from master worksheet - orientation & formatting footer - excel vba

    Hello, I am new to excel vba and trying to complete my 1st project. I have the following problems but if anyone has feedback on a better way of doing things - let me know. I want to create a "master" or "driver" macro workbook. This workbook will contain a sheet (adHoc) that will contain...
  14. D

    Word Macro Adjusts Page Orientation

    Hi, I'm writing a macro in Microsoft Word 2010. The macro itself is inserting and deleting bookmarks based on user inputs in an excel document. There is one table in this document that is 6 pages long and I adjusted the orientation to Landscape for these pages only. The rest of this document...
  15. M

    Setting Axis Title Orientation in VBA

    I am trying to use the ActiveChart.SetElement method to turn a secondary y-axis title to face inwards i.e. the title is on the right of the chart but I want its base to be on the left of the now vertical box (turning your head to the right to read it). The options prompted with .SetElement are...
  16. L

    Quick Question- VBA to swap Pivot Table Fields

    Quick question- I'd like to put in some code to swap the first field item in the row label section. I can do this by specifying the specific field I want to remove, but how can I get rid of the current "first field" if I don't know what it is? So I might have my Row Labels as: Name State...
  17. D

    Datafield in pivot table switched!

    I used the record feature to pick two categories "Sum of vol_gross" and "Sum of vol_net" and put those in the Data field. After the table was created I dragged them both to the Totals area so that it reflected the correct values. For a while the vol_gross was in column J and vol_net in column K...
  18. D

    Error: Unable to set the Orientation property of the PivotField class

    I have Excel 2003. I have 2 different data fields being pulled into the area vol_net and vol_gross and for some reason when there is a lot of data the table freaks out and comes up with the orientation error. With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable3").PivotFields("vol_net")...
  19. StuLux

    Pivot Table Orientation = xlHidden

    I have recorded VBA code as follows: ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Months").PivotFields("YTD Var").Orientation = xlHidden but I get the error "Unable to set the orientation property of the PiuvotField class" Anybody know why - all I can find suggests this is the correct way to hide a field...
  20. J

    Print Setup

    Each morning when i come into work there is a morning report I am responsible for putting together and distributing to 14 people around the office. For whatever reason, when I set the print settings to LANDSCAPE and then to FIT TO 1 to 1, it shrinks the page down so skinny that it only fills...

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