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    conditional formatting based upon info in another cell

    Column A contains cells with various texts. This can be in A1 : "customer needs a switch", in A2 "this is a new customer", in A3 "the switch is broken", in A4 "I switched to another system" etc. In cell B1, I enter a word, e.g. "switch". Based upon this info in B1, I want all cells in column A...
  2. F

    Find smallest date based on the condition of another cell

    I have a table with customer orders which are dated and index by customer id: customer1, 1/1/2002, etc... customer2, 1/1/2003, etc... customer2, 1/1/2004, etc... customer1, 1/1/2005, etc... I want to find the date of the first and last order a customer made with me. The end report I want is...

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