outlook 2010 & vba

  1. R

    Outlook attachment + Numeric Cell

    Hi all, I am trying to create an email where attachment has a some generic folder path but with cell value changes the final folder location example "\\server\nextfolder\nextfolder" & finalfoldername add all files in folder as attachment in email but I want my finalfoldername to be a...
  2. T

    Excel macro to get all mails of shared mailbox

    Hi guys, Need some assistance in the following code which I have (wrote, collected, edited and got help from fellow mrexcel members). Current code gives me exact shared mailbox- inbox mails. I have tried including folders, If I do I get only mentioned folder mails. No matter what I change I...
  3. U

    Send a mail notification when the value of the cell is completed

    Hi Guys, So I have below data in excel and I'm just wondering if the macro can send an email notification to me once the user click Completed (drop down type - Completed/Incomplete). <tbody> No Username Status 1 Sam Completed/Incomplete 2 Tin Completed/Incomplete 3 Josh...
  4. V

    Data from Outlook mail body to Excel

    Hi Group, Greetings for the day ! Please find below my query : I have created a sub-folder by name "Request" on my outlook mailbox where I have run a rule based on certain specific words in the subject line. Now, all the mails in this particular mailbox have certain text in the mail body...
  5. Shreesurya

    Outlook - Check Email Id Domain

    Hello All, Could you please help me with below issue. I have to check each recipient's email ID in the To, CC & BCC and validate if domain falls under @gmail then it should add Confidential in front of subject line to encrypt it, however if its any other domain. it shouldn't add Confidential...
  6. F

    Can't Find Bug in Excel to Outlook VBA Code

    Hello! I have a code that is essentially copy/pasting excel data to the body of an Outlook email. It works correctly 90% of the time, but I have had some users experience issues with ONLY the headers copying over to Outlook (no input data) and then the Excel spreadsheet data is cleared out. What...
  7. B

    Creating a new "All Day Event" In Outlook Using Excel 2010

    Hi Guys, I hope you are all well. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to use VBA/Excel to Create a new all day event In A Specific Calendar in outlook. The name of the calendar would be "UK Customer Services Calendar" and The Date Range would be Defined in Cells A1 And A2. Any Help Or...
  8. S

    "Method 'Publish' of object 'PublishObject failed"

    I don't suppose any of you clever people would be able to help me out. I copied some code and adapted it to my needs. It worked fine for a few moments then all of a sudden I've started getting Runtime error 1004 and stating "Method 'Publish' of object 'PublishObject failed" Thanks in advance...
  9. O

    Send emails Outlook using or statement

    Hello, I have this piece of code that is not delivering the result I intend, but I can't figure out what is wrong. Using OR Statement, in the first line of the piece of code below, I thought that it would send one email even if both YYY and ZZZ were present. Instead it sends two emails if both...
  10. Z

    Change font color of selective email addresses in outlook compose window

    I want to change the color of certain email addresses in outlook's compose window. The attached screen shot demonstrates what I want to achieve. In the screenshot note that the Tom email address has red colored font. That is what I am trying to achieve. Is this possible and if so what kind of...
  11. O

    Excel Multiple Worksheets as Attachments

    Hello, I have the following code that I use to send emails with specific sheets as attachments. It works fine but I need now to send sometimes multiple attachments. I can see that there are some topics about this, but I'm struggling to fit some answers on my code. Is there a way to make this...
  12. O

    Send Every Sheet in Workbook as Attachment to different Recipient

    Hello, I'm trying to build a code that sends each sheet in another workbook as an attachment via outlook. Each sheet to a different set of emails. Although I don't get any error message, the emails aren't sent. With my few vba knowledge I tried to work pieces of code I found. So I guess that...
  13. M

    Outlook Voting Buttons/Flags --> Outlook Script --> Edit Excel Document

    Background: I'm part of a 3 person team that is sent requests to run different reports and whatnot throughout the day. We are also being asked to log our activity in Excel and include various information regarding the task. This log is on Sharepoint and so far I'm able to automatically check...
  14. P

    Copy outlook mail body to Excel - to workout Quiz results

    Hi, We regularly conduct Quiz among our team of 50 members. A email from outlook will be sent out to the group and once we get the reply with answers, we would manually copy the email body to Excel and then run a vba macro that checks for marked answers and captures the result on another sheet...
  15. A

    Using ReplyAll and a .oft email template as the body of the email. Possible?

    Hi guys, Wondering if you could help. I have this piece of code: Sub ReplyAllEmail() Dim EmailWordings As Excel.Worksheet Dim mail 'object/mail item iterator Dim ReplyAll 'object which will represent the reply email Set EmailWordings = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("EmailWordings") For Each mail In...
  16. K

    Error: Object doesn't support this property or method

    Hi Excellers, I am trying to fetch my email data into excel. Some how I find the code from net but facing the error like object doesn't support. I investigate and got to know might be its just because of access of multiple accounts. Could you please help me with this: Below is the code...
  17. D

    Vba code to extract data from cell

    Hello everyone i have assigned a task in the office , i already know the vba code to send mail via outlook and i knew everything is predefined inside the vba code (TO,CC,BCC ,SUBJECT and and BODY).but the issue now is i need to create a userform with combox and extract the value selected in...
  18. P

    Excel to Outlook

    Hello I have the following vba code which creates an appointment in Outlook: I would like the code to enter the appointment in a specific calendar. Calendar is called "Calendar from iCloud" Very much appreciated Sub Appointments() Const olAppointmentItem As Long = 1 Dim OLApp As...
  19. N

    How to fit contents of worksheet into a partially opened email

    I am trying to get a selected range from a worksheet (a number of tables) into the body of an email. No issues actually getting the contents of the worksheet into the email. My problem is that the contents of the email need to be fully visible (width-wise at least) when the email is being viewed...
  20. C

    Outlook Shared mailbox - new mail triggers macro

    Hi, My requirement is, when i receive a new mail in outlook, it should trigger a macro which saves the new mail info (Sender address, date received, subject etc..) in an excel sheet. I have a macro code which does just that, but it only works for personal mailbox. I want to mimic the same steps...

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