outlook 365

  1. A

    VBA code to access Outlook folder sometimes don't work

    I wrote some codes in excel to extract information from a shared Outlook mailbox. But the codes sometime work sometimes don't although I didn't change anything. The error happen in line "Set InvFolder...". It can't find the subfolder. But it works sometimes. So weird Can someone help me? Thanks...
  2. S

    Outlook Teams Invite Link

    Hi, I have to create multiple teams invites and send out the invitations. Along with that I have to copy the Teams link from every invite into the excel file. Can someone help me in automating so that the Teams link in outlook gets copied to excel file?
  3. J

    Outlook VBA to send emails to multiple contact groups with multiple attachments with different subject line for each receipient

    A person has left our department and I am having to take over their responsibilities in addition to mine. So, I need a way to cut down and automate a portion of their workload. They send out and receive multiple files to multiple contact groups on a monthly basis. There are three monthly files...
  4. A

    Need VBA code to extract from Outlook 365 to Excel 365

    I've searched through countless posts on here/elsewhere and can't get anything to work for me, so my apologies if this has been posted a million times. I know nothing about VBA and if you're reading this, then most likely you've forgotten more than I've learned, so please bear with me. I just...
  5. P

    Add "From" value in outlook VBA Excel

    Hi, I'm adding a macro to send an email from Excel, however, I'm getting an error while I try to add .From = "email account", I have 2 different accounts set up in outlook. I'm able to run the macro whit out the field "send from". Private Sub Email_Click() Range("A2:G65").Copy 'Selection.Copy...
  6. C

    VBA in Outlook (Office 365): pull PDF from link in email into a new email

    Hello - I receive an email every day with a link that takes to me to folder. That folder houses a PDF I need to share with colleagues. I've asked that the email contain the PDF rather than the link but have been told it will take some time. Is there a way I can run a macro in Outlook to click...
  7. D

    Outlook VBA - download attachment(s) to a windows folder when email(s) from specific email address lands in the inbox?

    Hi Folks, Circumstance: In my work Outlook account, I have 3 inboxes: 1 - My work email address 2 & 3 - group inboxes i.e., DougM@theworkemail.com *Inbox LogisticsImages (logisticsimages@theworkemail.com) *Inbox LogisticsSupport (logisticssupport@theworkemail.com) *Inbox Every day, a report...
  8. D

    Outlook VBA - new Run-time Error occurring when using Move Folder code - Call was rejected by callee

    Hi Folks, I use an excel worksheet to direct the movement of folders in outlook. Outlook VBA calls the excel workbook and finds the move from, move to columns etc. I have been working from home no issues, but then I've connected back onto the company network this morning at the office and...
  9. S

    Macro won't open excel files in specified directory. HELP!

    Hello everyone, I need some help with the macro below. I have everything working properly except the last part which is supposed to combine the saved excel attachments. Instead of combining theses attachments, Excel just opens a blank workbook. It seems like the macro isn't seeing any of the...
  10. J

    The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found. Excel and Outlook VBA

    Hello Everyone, I have created a macro that gathers all the timings from a specific subfolder on a specific date from a shared mailbox and personal sent folder. When checking the timings from the personal sent folder there is no issues, but when checking from the subfolders from the shared...
  11. C

    LinkedIn profile lookup by email using VBA

    I'm trying to find LinkedIn profiles based on emails that we already have. LinkedIn recently changed their site to restrict people's ability to find people's profiles by using their phone number in a hyperlink. When we discussed this change with a LinkedIn rep, they recommended that we use one...
  12. D

    Outlook VBA - renaming outlook folders using find/replace code that references excel workbook/sheet: it converted all folder text to lowercase

    Hi Folks, Basic issue: I have a requirement to rename many outlook folders/sub-folders and I thought I'd found the perfect outlook VBA code; however, I have two issues with it 1) it's changing the case of my outlook folders to lowercase 2) It's doing part matches. Detail The code below...
  13. T

    VBA Outlook - Defining folder

    Good afternoon everyone, Ever since I upgraded to Office 365, I keep having the same run time error in my outlook macro: "Run-time error '-2147221233 (8004010f)': The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found." Now it is appearing when I am trying to assign a folder path to a...

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