1. R

    Output error with VBA

    Based on the data and output at https://ibb.co/qNmx8Lz What is the error that caused error at 3rd column of the output ? Below is the code that I have been using Sub MissingHobbies() Dim c As Integer, h As Integer, ans As Integer ans = 9 For c = 2 To 11 ' candidates For h = 3 To 6 '...
  2. H

    Counting Unique Values

    How would I go about calculating the unique values in Column A based on the criteria that Column B is not blank (any text at all)? In other words, in this example, the formula should output 2. <tbody> Column A Column B 1 No 2 Yes 2 3 </tbody> Any help would be appreciated. Thank...
  3. C

    Need help in solving the below scenario

    I am trying to write a formula for the below conditions B1 value varies based on that I need to get output in C1 using below condition If B1>70 C1 should be 40 If B1>0 & <70 C1 should be 20 If B1<0 C1 should be 0 If B1=Exempted C1 should be Null If B1=Not Reached C1 should be Null
  4. R

    COUNTIF with exclusions

    Hello. I'd like to count a range of cells that contain any text using the formula: =COUNTIF(H11:H64, "*") Problem is that it’s counting all of my cells since they each contain an IF statement. How do I exclude cells that contain an IF statement that output blank? For example, here’s what one...
  5. C

    Select a output folder inside a sell with VBA

    Helo everyone, I am using this code to unzip files: Sub Unzip_Files() ' Author: Dreams24 ' Written for VBA Tricks and tips blog ' https://www.vbatricksntips.com 'Declare Variable Dim oApp As Object Dim Fname As Variant Dim Output_Folder As Variant Dim strDate As String Dim...
  6. Sharid

    GET All urls that have a specified keyword

    Hi Is there a way of getting certain pages urls from a website using vba. My following code gets all the urls from a web site page. I enter the domain in L1 and whatever that domain is, it will go to that page and extract all urls. The problem is 1) It only extracts from that page 2) Not...
  7. D

    show list of unique values and how many times each unique value occurrs

    This will be very easy for, probably, most of you. So I apologize in advance. My spreadsheet has a dozen or so columns, and can have several thousand lines. I am interested in only one of the data columns. From that column, I want to have my output show me a list of the unique values, and...
  8. R

    Calculating time based on delivered output

    Hello, I need to calculate time based on a measured output in a table. Basically I'm try to generate a standard amount of time per output. The rules are: 0 to 1 is 20 minutes flat (even if 0.1 is delivered or 0.9 it's still 20 minutes) and every unit after that is 10 minutes per unit (if 2.3...
  9. R

    Count difference between events

    Hi guys, I am looking for a query that allows me to count how many events occurred between each "x" event. The desired output is illustrated in the picture hereby attached. For instance, the second event is "x" and I would like to have as output 2. In the case of the third one is still "x", but...
  10. M

    Excel online - how to trigger its powerquery/output table to refresh ?

    I have an Excel file having a Table (data) and a powerquery that result in another table called Output. This file has been uploaded to Onedrive Business. I need to refresh this output table/powerquery ... what is the tools or way I can use to refresh it ? Thanks
  11. J

    Design question: aggregate data from multiple users with output reporting

    Hi, Working on a project to aggregate monthly reporting revenues for a company using Excel. Outline: User inputs data and revenue for 1 team (4 additional teams need to be able to do this) An aggregate output needs to show all user inputs across all teams Before month-end, user can...
  12. M

    Access Query expression builder error, please help.

    Hello and thank you in advance for helping if you can, I have an expression for building a calculated column in an Access query that has worked fine in the past, but I am trying to do it know, and because there is a query linked to this query with the same field, it is giving me "The specified...
  13. E

    Multi-Compare Columns to fetch an output

    Hello Gurus, Need your help with the following: Table 1: Has the following values <tbody> Date Employee Value Numbering 2019-05-15 12345 10 Fill this row 2019-01-04 11111 1 Fill this row </tbody> Table 2: has the following values with a start date and end date as a range and...
  14. M

    Output 1 row

    Hello - Here's 1 for everyone . . . I have a sheet with item numbers and their associated barcodes. If I do a simple 'Ctrl-F', I can find the correct one but using the scanner to try to scan the correct barcode from a laptop screen full of barcodes is proving difficult. So here's what I'm...
  15. B

    Converting output from FILTERXML in other format

    With Webservice I get from Google maps XML response and can calculate car travel time between 2 locations Using this formula to get travel time =FILTERXML(C14;"//duration[1]/text") The output is formatted like xx hour(s) xx mins I would like the format of the travel time converted in [h]:mm format
  16. P

    adding numbers based on two columns

    Hi, Formula needed as per below inputs Sheet 1 <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A1 B1 From To 435190 435200 416401 416409 437932 437960 435328 435365 438001 438046 435254 435278 </tbody> Sheet 2 - in A1 should come output as per below <colgroup><col width="64"...
  17. A

    How to ignore blank cells?

    Hi, I am trying to ignore the blank cell whenever the marco finds it. I need is the output workbook to be copied a blank cell if the Input workbook has one. Instead of this, I am getting the output of values from the input that is in the subsequent cell and everything moves upwards...
  18. R

    Save specific sheet under variable name & location as csv

    Hi, I've got a workbook with multiple sheets, which is used to facilitate operational processes. I'm almost done with the "tool" except for one more thing. I am looking for a vba code to save the sheet called "Input CW1" as CSV with the following side notes: - I wish to save the file under the...
  19. M

    Sumif formula request

    Excel 2007 If A1 is >10000 but <20000, then 3% of D1. If A1 is >20000 but <30000, then 5% of D1 If A1 is >30000, then 6% D1. For example: if A1 is 17000 and D1 is 1000, then 3% of D1: Output is 30. If A1 is 29000 and D1 is 1000, then 5% of D1: Output is 50. If A1 is 35000 and D1 is 1000...
  20. E

    VBA (probably) to separate data based on occupied cells

    Hello, I am trying to create an Excel file that will scrub the output of a program I use (excel file output) into the format of the input I need for a different program. My issue arises when the output file will put the minutes of an employee into various columns of the same row based on...

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