page break

  1. A

    Page break issues when exporting to pdf from userform (VBA)

    Current Issue: So far, however, I have (with assistance) created a user form in Excel that collects data and inputs it into a spreadsheet, which can then be exported to a PDF report using a set format/layout on another sheet of the workbook. The layout consists of a "Header" section and an...
  2. B

    Insert Page Breaks with Offset from Cell Value & Insert Page Breaks to Table with Varying Number of Rows

    I've been trying to get page breaks automatically inserted based on text within a specific cell. Most page breaks will use the text string "Project :" within the headers to insert a page break 4 rows above at the top of the page header. The cell which contains this "Project :" is either the text...
  3. B

    VBA Page Break Based off Cell Value in Column

    Hello, I currently have this code which works no problem but I am wondering if I can somehow get the code to look for the Header (in row 1) that contains "Transaction Date" and then look in the column for *Total* and then create a Page Break below. Sub PageBreak()...
  4. hassanleo1987

    Check Criteria to insert Horizontal Page Break Excel.

    Hi, I am trying to reposition the last horizontal page break in a multipage table based on 2 criteria. First criteria is to check the column A for a specific value (Lets say 999) and remember the row number of the cell where this criteria fits. (Lets say rcell). Second criteria is to check...
  5. A

    Formula to return row number of page breaks

    I am looking to implement some headers on the basis of where page breaks are positioned on a sheet. Is there a formula or VBA to return row values of where page breaks are located? thanks
  6. A

    VBA Print Page Breaks

    I have a sheet that shows account summaries for clients that are 5-10 rows long. When I print out the summary, I cannot use the "fit to x pages tall" method because I cant guarantee that it will not split in the middle of an account summary. I want to find the last full account summary that...
  7. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Setup where to insert Page break - Excel 2010

    Hi guys, Stuck on a code and can't seem to get it to work, hoping someone has come across this in the past or knows how to do this. I have a Set Print Area script that loops thru sheet in a newly added workbook and sets print area and some formatting and I added a line that inserts a page...
  8. K

    Page Break Issue When Inserting Row

    I have two documents that are very similar. I am working from "Page Break Preview" view so that I can see where the page breaks are. In one document, when I insert a row above Row 1, the page break shifts down so that the new Row 1 (which was inserted) would not be printed. It is greyed out...
  9. N

    Excel - Pivot table - Print multiple files

    My Excel file has: Pivot table that sums sales territories with customer details. Pivot table has page breaks at every change in territory. When printing pivot table, each territory may contain 1-5 pages, depending on how many rows of customer details. eg, Territory 1 = (5) pgs, Territory 2 =...
  10. H

    Page Break or Print Issue - Probably Super Easy ... Need Your Help

    This issue is driving me insane, but hopefully an super easy fix ... I'm using Excel for Mac 2008. Each page has only one column (and 26 rows). My goal is to change this to a more normal setting where each page has multiple columns, but I can't figure out how. Does anyone know how to do this in...
  11. B

    Make page breaks land only on rows with bottom border

    Ihave a long report consisting of multi-line chunks of data separated byborders, and I have to print a new updated report every few weeks. Forreadability reasons, when it prints, the chunks of data cannot be split betweentwo pages, so if Excel puts a page break in the middle of a chunk, it has...
  12. J

    Set Page Break Cell Value Equals X with VBA

    Hello everyone, I am attempting to use the code below to insert a page break above every row where column C = "BOE Summary", But, the current code results in a Run Time Error 13: Type Mismatch. I would also like to set the print area from cell C2: "J" & End_Row (column J and the last row...
  13. J

    Cannot click macro button while in page break preview?

    Hello, I am trying to use a macro button that allows the user to set the page breaks. The goal would be to have the button work as listed below... If ActiveSheet is in PageBreakPreview mode, then switch back to normal mode If ActiveSheet is in Normal mode, then switch to PageBreakPreview As...
  14. J

    Inserting PageBreak via a cell or group of cell constraints.

    Hello Excel world. So I have a very big list of (for this example lets call them) locations. See example: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 01 02 A 01 05 A 01 05 B 01 06 A 01 06 B PAGE BREAK 02 01A 02 01B 02 05A 02 05B 02 06A 02 06B PAGE BREAK 03 01 A 03 01 B...
  15. T

    vba to insert a page break at every occurence of the word "New Record" in column 1

    I need to loop through column one and insert a page break before every occurrence of the string "New Record" as the cell.value.
  16. R

    Inserting Page Breaks with Macro

    Hi and thank you for looking, I'm trying to create a macro to insert page breaks above each Header row (Row 1,7,11 in this ex) and if the data between each header contains more than 3 rows, insert a page break every 3 rows. So, below the macro would place a page break between row 4&5, 6&7...
  17. A

    Margins not saved for other users

    I have a workbook that I made for the office, which multiple people use. On my computer, the page breaks are set so each worksheet only prints on one page. However, when another user tries to print it comes out on 2-3 pages. I noticed that my margins were set as custom and their margins are...
  18. Roderick_E

    Automatic Pagebreaks

    On Excel 2007-2013, if I simply format a new sheet as landscape, narrow margins; there are automatic pagebreaks. They appear to be every 34 rows or positionally the first break appears at 513.75. You'd think you could just increase in increments of 513.75 to the next break but I'm doing...
  19. tycasey17

    Custom Headers at Page Breaks

    <tbody> Name ID # Job 1 State Status </tbody> Is there a way to have the above be at the top of all the pages without having to manually go into the page break or is there not a way to do it and I just need to get over it and manually adjust it.
  20. M

    page breaks with scale to fit or VBA to copy worksheets

    Hello, I have been searching the web forever to find a solution to my problem but have failed :( I'm not very knowledgeable of VBA so I can't write anything on my own. My issue is that I have multiple reports in 1 worksheet. Each report is separated with a page break but some of these reports...

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