1. W

    Leading zero in header with vba

    Hi friends. First I would like to congratulate Mr Excel for his 20 years old, by providing rich tips. Here I come with this question: I need to add Leading zero in the page number header in a sheet with almost 300 page. ex. 00001, 00010, 00100, as you can see I need write some zero in front...
  2. mole999


    I have a simple lister to put information onto a page Dim I For I = 3 To Sheets.Count Cells(I, 24) = Sheets(I).Name Next I I've tried eliminating a number of sheet names, that are usually hidden Master and Data Page and Times anyone point me into how I can exclude those...
  3. M

    Transpose variable data from a single column into multiple columns based on indent level

    Hello helpful excel folk! I have been given a data export to cross reference that looks like it was created as some kind of pivot and the only data structures are the cell indents in the first column. I have already used a small VBA script to populate the indent level of the cell data and now...
  4. M

    [VBA] Handling events on added controls

    Hi there, I am struggling with events in forms. In brief I am passing information between listboxes on each multipage. Number of pages on multipage control depends on number of specific worksheets. So if user has 4 different tabs with different data, form will be initialized with 4 pages. On...
  5. N

    Exporting multiple ranges in alternating orientations to multiple page pdf

    Hi Everyone, My apologies in advance if this has already been answered; my searching has proven fruitless! I am attempting to export different ranges of the same sheet as separate pages of a single pdf document. What I am after is: Page 1 of the pdf: With ActiveSheet.PageSetup...
  6. George J

    Should it be Sumproduct with Offset?

    I have a report over 2 sheets in a workbook. A summary page and a data page. This would be easier if I was allowed to write code for it, but as they will be sending it to clients, it must be formulas. I am trying to put a subtotal on the summary page. I am trying to lookup "Agreed" in column E...
  7. Z

    email completed multipage userform

    Hello, I have a 2 page multipage userform. I would like one user to fill out the fields on the first page, email the workbook containing the completed userform to a second user that will complete page 2 of the userform (I would like all the fields filled out by person 1 to remain populated so...
  8. I

    VBA code to fill the web form and Submit

    (Admin: Kindly delete my previous post if any on this question if you find any) I am working on some web auto fill using excel data, and I am able to fill the first page correctly as required but the issue comes when it click on Submit button. Here submit loads another page wherein I need to...
  9. I

    VBA for Web Elements

    Hi there, I am working on a web automation for my personal work, wherein 1. VBA picks up the web links from the excel A2 cell 2. Open in a IE browser, and fill the values as in Excel cells 3. Click on Submit (Till here everything works fine) 4. New web page opens Now here in the next web...
  10. jim may

    Modification of Code

    Allen Wyatt (on his site) has created the below Code and it works GREAT. Sub PageBreak() Dim CellRange As Range Dim TestCell As Range Set CellRange = Selection For Each TestCell In CellRange ActiveSheet.Rows(TestCell.Row).PageBreak = xlPageBreakNone If...
  11. E

    Splitting a table and formatting problem

    <tbody> A B C D E 38 No OP MO Txt Co 39 112254 10 04 FSR Yeah ABB 40 114554 20 04 FLB Whatever ABB 41 144754 10 04 BBA Etc Claptrap 42 112266 40 04 KKT Blah Claptrap 43 123457 15 04 JJF Blah Claptrap 44 111365 10 04 MMN Blah Gardner...
  12. B

    Formatted Print of Multiple Worksheets

    Hi Everyone, I have been struggling to resolve an issue for some time. I have data from 3 separate worksheets that I need to streamline a printing process for. I would like to be able to print in some simple way, data from all 3 worksheets and have the end result of 1 page of horizontal data...
  13. T

    how to Print titles rows from page 2

    searched a lot for this but could not get answers how to repeat specific rows starting from page 2 not in the first page:( thanks in advance
  14. D

    Hide Unhide based on cell values.

    Hello, 1st time poster Excel level NOOB So I have a workbook and on page 1 of the workbook A22 through A40=A22 through A40 of page 2. A22 through A40 on both page 1 and 2 are formatted as general. The idea here is that I need the data on page 1 to reflect the data on page 2 however on page 2 I...
  15. F

    VBA for printing select range with page formatting

    Good morning, I'm looking for a VBA code that will print a select range of cells on the active sheet and will format the printed sheet to fit everything on 1 page in portrait orientation. Any direction will be much appreciated. Thanks DV
  16. M

    power Query

    Hello. I am a football Stats man, and I have been trying to run a PowerQuery using my very limited knowledge with even more limited success! For example on this page : I am looking for this information here: It is struggling to find any...
  17. M

    power Query

    Hello. I am a football Stats man, and I have been trying to run a PowerQuery using my very limited knowledge with even more limited success! For example on this page : I am looking for this information here: It is struggling to...
  18. N

    Create PDFs from Mutiple/Variable Sheets

    Hello, I have workbook with several sheets. Five of the sheets have names that are always the same:- Cover Certificate Code notes Apportionment _1 The remaining sheets are variable in number and name,apart from the last two characters, which all end with an underscore and anumber, starting...
  19. B

    Help with header

    I have a spreadsheet that I have inserted page breaks and I have headers and footers, can I have each header on each page be different? as is from a certain cell on each page? the issue I am having is I added a macro but and I want the cell the top left cell from each page to go into the header...

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