1. H

    Restarting page numbers part way through report

    Hi folks, We have a report which consists of 10 sheets. Several of the sheets may vary in the number of pages that print. For example sheet 4 in the series may print 1 or up to 5 pages (varies with each report). For example: Sheet 1 - 1 page Sheet 2 - 1 page Sheet 3 - 1 or 2 pages Sheet 4 - 1...
  2. T

    Cannot open a pdf to a page via vba

    I have code to open a pdf at a page. But it doesn't work on my home PC. The opening line is : file:///G:/Electronics%20Magazines/Practical-Electronics/Practical-Electronics-1968/Practical-Electronics-1968-01.pdf#page=18 But it doesn't open at page 18. It only opens at page 1. I only have...
  3. V

    Multipage-Controls Appear Out of Place/merged

    Hi everyone, I am facing an issue with Multipage. Controls are appearing merged/out of position when form is loaded When I click on another page and come back again to previous page it becomes normal Request to please suggest. viktiw
  4. M

    populate cells with text from another page

    Good morning, I will try and explain what I am trying to do and am grateful for any help offered I have two sheets on the same spreadsheet, the first (Front page) a clean sheet showing training compliance percentage that draws from information in rows and columns on the second sheet that is...
  5. P

    Lookup function for sales tracking workbook

    Hi friends! Looking for some help here with formulas (trying to do this without VBA); I've done something similar years ago and can't remember how I did it! :( I am working on a sales tracking workbook. I have Zapier dumping raw data into the workbook from my transaction database and am...
  6. P

    Report issue suppressing page Header and Footer on report footer

    My report's final item is a chart image which is in the report footer. I don't want the page header and footer displayed here. I thought it would be easy - I set the report properties Page Header and Page Footer to "Not with Rpt Ftr". But although that works for printing (i.e. exporting to PDF)...
  7. C

    Reference another page as variable in formula VBA

    Hi All, I'm trying to enter the formula =average($B$" & ProductRow & ":$KL$" & ProductRow & ") into cell "Cells(PivotRow, 3) onto my page "Pivot Data". My Line of code is the following Cells(PivotRow, 3).Formula = "=average($B$" & ProductRow & ":$KL$" & ProductRow & ")" This works except for...
  8. B

    Lookup Help

    i need help creating a formula to do a lookup, on my landing page i have an identifier for a company, however on my data page there may be more than one record for that company that all have the same identifier with different start dates. i need a formula to bring in the last date associated...
  9. Photomommie

    Excel VBA Crashes during userform initialization - AFTER saving as/re-opening

    I have tried extensive searching on this matter and for the life of me, I can't figure out what is causing this crash. It happens after the file is SAVED-AS a new name and opened, when I run the userform macro, it crashes. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Private Sub...
  10. I

    Area automatically being cleared every time a file is opened

    Hello, I am running into a problem where a certain area of my excel file is being cleared every time it is opened, and I can't figure out why - there is no VBA written in it that would specifically do this, so I'm wondering if someone somehow set up an option in an Excel menu to do this. To...
  11. C

    Indirect Function to reference another page

    I'm having issues with the last part of my formula. I have two sheets, a results page (where the formula is written) and the Database page where all results will be stored. When I write this formula out on the database page, it works exactly how I want it to, just need it to work on my results...
  12. 1

    Too many pages

    I've got an eleven page doc that all of a sudden has 6,941 pages. I only noticed it because the footer reads "Page X of 6941". How does this happen and how do I change it??
  13. C

    Name as the First Row of the page

    Hi , I have multiple pages in a sheet I am trying to give first row of the cell as a file name reference with the below code but its not working can any one help me the correct code Example first row of my page 1 is " ABS" my file name will be "ABS" my 2nd page first row is "ZYZ" my file name...
  14. D

    Can you freeze from a certain cell when that cell gets to the top of the page

    I have a spreadsheet that has a rather large logo at the top. The logo is of where I work and I want the screen to rows 5:10 to free at the top of the screen so they will always be visible but anything above row 5, I want to scroll up as you go down the page. How do I do this?
  15. R

    Inserting rows

    Hi All I want to insert a row or rows and keep the page break the same. So if the page break is under row 40 and I insert lines, the page break remains under row 40. Is it possible? Thank you!
  16. mikecox39

    Override default page breaks

    My worksheet has 214 rows. The first page break, a dotted line, appears in row 51. But because I want my printout to contain 71 rows, I tried dragging that dotted line down to row 71. The result was the dotted line remaining and a new, solid, line dropped at row 71, created Page 2, with 28...
  17. I

    Non-sequential Page Number total in Excel Footer?

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to have Page # of # on the footer for each tab when printing? currently we have Page &[Page] of &[Pages] in the custom footer, but unless we print or export each tab individually to PDF it ends up with Page 1 of {total number of pages in workbook} Would...
  18. F

    row to repeat at top

    Is it possible to modify the cells located in the "rows to repeat at top" when printing each page Thanks. Jim
  19. C

    Macro for Creating PDF based on Cell Value

    Hi Team, Can anyone help me with a macro which will create diffrent PDF for each page in a sheet and name it based on cell value and save in folder on desktop. Example : i have one sheet with 30 pages in it all page have similar format. i need a macro which will create diffrent pdf and name it...
  20. A

    To Separate the men from the women

    I know how the title sounds LOL. I play in a mixed dart league. I have a page that has stats of the highest scorers but they are mixed. I would need a suggestion where in 1 column I have all the players in which I sort from highest scorers from the week and in my results page I can have 1...

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