1. gheyman

    Access: Keep Navigation pane closed

    Is there a way to keep the navigation pane closed or keep users from accessing it without proper permissions?
  2. T

    Is there a way to find a lost chart object?

    I created a chart but can't find it. Is there a way to find charts? It just has a generic name like "Chart1", "Chart2" etc. I thought maybe the selection pane would help. On it i've tried selecting or double-clicking the objects that are listed, but nothing really happens when selecting an...
  3. A

    Draw tool greyed out

    Hello, I noticed that when I'm using "Freeze Pane", my Draw tool becomes greyed out. Is there a workaround? Thanks! Anita
  4. W

    how to freeze both the left side and the top panes in Microsoft Excel 2010

    I'm using Microsoft Excel 2010. It allows me to freeze the panes but it only permits either the left pane or the top pane. How do I freeze both the left-sided pane as well as the top pane? Thank you for any inputs
  5. J

    Freezing split pane rows for 'Pseudo Dashboard'

    Hey folks. Little difficult to explain, but a picture should help. Basically, I want to freeze/split a portion of a worksheet to act as an on-screen table of contents. The idea would be that the stuff on the left is always locked and visible and clicking it pulls up the needed chart on the...
  6. N

    Scrolling objects/inserts while in freeze pane

    As always, Thank you to whom ever is able to help me in advance. I was hoping there was or is a way to have a an object scroll while the page is in freeze pane. So if i have a color coded list and my sheet is long, how can i get the list to scroll with the page with out having to use 12 Rows in...
  7. M

    Queries and Connections Pane via VBA?

    I would like to be able to control the display and hiding of the Query and Connections pane in Excel 2016 (Power Query). I have tried to find the object using the macro recorder but the open/close event doesn't get recorded. Can anyone tell me if this is controllable, and if so, how? Thanks Matt
  8. G

    Create and display pane on side of Excel sheet

    Dear All, Is there a way in Excel 2003 to create and display a pane on the side of the active sheet? This would almost be like when you access Help in Excel and an additional pane opens on the side where you can search, etc. Having very little experience with User Forms, I don't know if they...

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