1. sparky2205

    Issue scrolling on a spreadsheet

    Hi folks, I have a spreadsheet which I've been using successfully for months. I updated it this morning with some text. To achieve this I had to unprotect the spreadsheet and unfreeze panes. I made my changes, put freeze panes back on, protected it again and then saved it. Now when I try to...
  2. Dan Wilson

    Freeze Panes help

    Good day. I am running Excel 2013 on Windows 10 Home. I have a workbook with 7 worksheets with several Macros. There is also a Macro in the "This Workbook" that runs every time the workbook is opened to set all the workbooks to a generic condition. Recently I discovered the need to use the...
  3. Dan Wilson

    Freeze Panes help

    Good day. I am running Excel 2013 on Windows 10 Home. I have a workbook with several worksheets. A couple of the worksheets have Columns with data that extend out to Column EA (125 entries). I am already using the Freeze Panes function to keep the Column Headers in View. Is there a function...
  4. W

    How to freeze panes on mouse scroll

    Hi, I am trying to hide some rows and then freeze panes on mouse scroll. 1. User scrolls down 2. Hide rows 1-5 3. Freeze new rows 1-5 Is this possible? Sub FreezeRow() ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = False Rows("1:5").Select ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True End Sub
  5. P

    Freezing/splitting panes in multiple places in one sheet?

    I am new to this forum (and fairly novice to Excel), so I hope I am doing this properly! I am wondering if there is a way to split or freeze panes in more than one place in the same sheet? Thank you!
  6. N

    Freeze panes acting strangely

    When I freeze panes it doubles up some descriptions and missing others, scrambling the headings. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  7. K

    Freezing Columns

    I was working with excel. In doing so I made 13 headings A to M. I was trying to freeze the cells A to M. See picture below. Now I selected. Columns A to M were selected. Than I went Freeze Panes and Freeze First Column. Than when I move the...
  8. gornalgremlin

    Overhang picture over freeze panes

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could set an image to overhang a frozen pane? have a column that I need to highlight with an arrow image, ideally I would like the arrow to span over a frozen panes so that it doesn't move as the screen is scrolled, the top half is fine, but the...
  9. R

    Freeze Panes - Only Freezing One

    Does anyone know of an issue with Excel freezing panes? I've always been able to free multiple panes, either at the top or the left - now it only freezes one at either the top or left and it's driving me potty! I'm using the Office 365 version of Excel, but it seems to be the same on Office...
  10. J

    Excel Co-authoring issues

    Hi, I've set up a spreadsheet to be co-authored but some users are saying there are issues when other users freeze panes in the shared doc. Is there a way around this? (Aside from saying don't freeze panes).
  11. J

    Floating rows / freezing panes

    Hello there everyone, I have a sheet that is going to be an order form, it contains product codes, barcodes, product descriptions, prices, RRPs etc, with a lot of different products with a lot of different headings for each category etc. I would like the headers of each category to float on the...
  12. O

    Prevent changes in freeze panes or window in Excel 2016

    In excel 2007 I could prevent users from unfreezing panes by protecting the workbook and checking the window protection, is there a workaround to achieve this again in these versions of excel where the window protection is greyed out?
  13. D

    Keep Block of Cells from Scrolling

    For my golf league, I have a scorecard worksheet where I enter scores weekly. I have a "template" I use to copy down for each match and this "template" is in rows 4 thru 11. I'm using Freeze Panes (between rows 11 and 12) to keep this "template" always at the top of my screen but I have a list...
  14. R

    Can't freeze panes in excel 2013 win 10

    Hello, I have problem with freezing/unfreezing panes in a specific workbook in excel 2013, windows 10. The workbook and worksheets are protected and contain VBA code. I can freeze and unfreeze panes in excel 2010 windows 7, after unprotecting the workbook. In 2013 button to freeze panes in...
  15. jan001

    "Freeze Panes" is grayed out.

    A co-worker is working with an old spreadsheet - SaveAs indicates it was created, or at least last saved, in Excel 97-2003. Freeze Panes is grayed out and nothing I've tried so far has un-grayed it. I did a SaveAs in 2010 (which is what we all have on our computers at work) to the format for...
  16. G

    Freeze both Row 1 & Row 2?

    Hi Mr. Excel, I use: Excel 2007, Windows XP, Internet Explorer. I would like to freeze both row 1 and row 2 and nothing below. When I select the top two rows(via the numbers to the left) and select "Freeze Panes" it freezes rows 1-11 instead of rows 1-2. Is there any way to fix this...
  17. V

    Panes for Sheets - possible??

    Team, I'd like to view several sheets at the same time. Is it possible to (via an add-on or maybe in version 2010) to view several sheet in separate 'panes'. Consider MS Access, how tables can be opened either with tabs across the top or with overlapping panes. In a model I'm building I'd...
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