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    PowerQuery - Pass Parameter from Cell Value replacing Variable from T-SQL Script

    Hi All, I am new to Power Query and I'm seeking some assistance. I have a script that I have created within SQL. Within the script, I have DECLARE'd and SET a variable for a 'Report Date'. This variable is used throughout the query and various date fields use this date. Previously, when I...
  2. S

    Enter Parameter Box Help

    On a Form, I have a button to open a different form based on the current URN displayed. The code is below: Private Sub Button1_Click() DoCmd.OpenForm "frm_01", , , "[Company URN] = " & Me![Company URN] End Sub This code works but everytime a user clicks on it, an 'Enter Paramater Box' appears...
  3. D

    Excel AS400 ODBC Parameter - Comma Separated List

    I am connected to an AS400 database using Microsoft Query iSeries ODBC. I want to use a parameter and allow the user to put in a list. i.e. where x.Store NOT IN (003,006,008) I tried entering a parameter (?) here, and referencing a cell, but I keep getting a length error. How do I allow the...
  4. K

    excel query pass cell value as parameter using begins with criteria

    Hi, I really hope someone can help me out. I am trying to use a cell value as a parameter1 in a query that extracts data from a database. I need to use the begins with as the filter criteria. I have no problems with using the "=" as the criteria, but not sure how to use the "begins with"...

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