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    Parameter in ODBC PowerQuery

    Hi Everyone, I've tried to use a parameter from Excel cell to modify an ODBC Query from AS400 Database like this: let BUPKTO = Kunde, Quelle = Odbc.Query("dsn=AS400", "SELECT BBU00.BUFNR, BBU00.BUBHKZ, BBU00.BUPKTO, #(lf)FROM WWC400.WEXFILE.BBU00 BBU00#(lf)WHERE (BBU00.BUFNR='01') AND...
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    Excel parameterized SQL query with IN clause

    Hi! I'm running Office365 package Excel 2016 with MS Query to DB2 SQL database with the query being parameterized towards a specific Excel cell value (although I need to populate this cell from a larger range first). While SQL clauses work fine when cell has a single value, I need to run SQL IN...
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    Problem using a calculated date field in parameter query

    Hi I have a SQL table with a Datetime format field in it (create_date). I have linked to this table in Access and created a query which includes a field that is the date only part of this field. I want the date only as the output which is then exported to EXCEL. It uses this formula to convert...
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    Getting default value as a parameter in access?

    I know we can make a criteria by getting a parameter but I need to give a default value on user's prefrence. Possible in a parameter query?
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    Use an expression field in a criteria for a query

    Hi, I am building a Query that requires the following: ID Separation Date (this is a criteria field- to minimize the results) Department (Criteria field to find an individual department) Reason This query will feed into a report. I am also using a form to feed the Department Criteria because...
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    Parameter Query Multiple Input enteries

    Hello Friends Is it possible to enter a list in a MS Access parameter query? I prepared a small application for some users at work. In this application they click on a button and a parameter query runs background and lets them enter a part number. After that this application gives specific...

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