parameter value

  1. J

    "Enter Parameter Value" for a field I've deleted! Help, please

    I'm pretty much brand new at Access 2007. I have a student who has been helping me with data entry. We've done something to the form that we can't figure out and can't fix. From what she remembers, she created a new field in the wrong table and then deleted it. She then created the same...
  2. N

    Passing URL data to Excel

    So I think I saw something about this on this site but I cannot seem to find it anymore. Either way, I don't think it was answered. What I am trying to do is pass a value from SharePoint into Excel by adding the value in the URL when opening the Excel file (which opens in Excel and NOT the...
  3. A

    How do I pass a parameter from the command line?

    Guys, How do I pass a parameter into Excel from the command line: Something like start excel test.xls(Workbook_Open(99)) or start excel test.xls(99) where 99 is the parameter which is passed to the open sub? Private Sub Workbook_Open(comm as String) MsgBox comm End Sub...
  4. Sjun

    VBA print to parameterised printer

    Hi there, I just registered on this forum, hoping someone can help me at the following issue; I would like to have the ability to set a printername/number in cell A1, and use this cell as the name for the printer to where my printjobs get sent. This way, I can set the printername, and use a...
  5. J

    Opening multiple forms based on related tables

    All, I receive an input box asking for parameter values every time i have more than one form open which rely on a query with criteria links to their respective forms. The forms are not the same, each one reports some different subset of information, but each generally rely on the same tables...

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