1. R


    MC allows for conveniently selecting multiple discontinuous cells as a single parameter within the syntax of formulas MC stands for "multiple cells". Many functions allow for selecting one cell or a continuous range of cells, and attempting to select multiple discontinuous cells through commas...
  2. B

    Parameter with multiple values SQL

    Does anyone know if it's possible to have a parameter with multiple values in a SQL query? I am working on excel with a recordset and the parameter is in the cell B4, but I would like to give the user the option to add more than one value as a filter, using then a comma to separate the values...
  3. L

    How can I define several parameters to be read by an file .exe?

    I would like to add several parameters in Excel to be read by an .exe file (python script). I have these two main functions in VBA that I am using for this. Does anyone know how I can change them to allow the incorporation of multiple parameters? I'm only able to insert one parameter in the...
  4. M

    Pass Parameter from Excel Cell to SQL Query

    Hi I have a query in SQL, an excerpt of which might look something like DECLARE @myDate DATETIME SET @myDate = '2020-10-31' SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE myDate <= @myDate + 1 I want to populate a cell in Excel (e.g. A1) named range "myCell" that will feed through to the SQL variable instead...
  5. C

    Paste Contents from Clipboard to MS Query Parameter

    I have a spreadsheet with multiple queries linked to it. When the user wishes to refresh the queries, they press a "refresh all" button I have provided to them which just saves them the time of having to utilize the built-in menu options simply because they never remember where to find it. The...
  6. M

    Forecasting and what if parameters in Power Bi Desktop

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to do some predictive forecasting with parameters but I'm coming across an issue when using parameters into the future. What i'm trying to do is forecast the amount of people on a waiting list in the future but this can be altered by using parameters which will remove...
  7. M

    Is it possible to add a parameter in the UserForm_Initialize() function ?

    Hello everyone, So, yeah, the question is in the title. Can I for instance write something like Private Sub UserForm_Initialize(rowCount As Integer) and call it in my macro with myControl.UserForm_Initialize(rowCount) and expect it to work ? Thanks you for reading, Marie
  8. D

    Parameter in ODBC PowerQuery

    Hi Everyone, I've tried to use a parameter from Excel cell to modify an ODBC Query from AS400 Database like this: let BUPKTO = Kunde, Quelle = Odbc.Query("dsn=AS400", "SELECT BBU00.BUFNR, BBU00.BUBHKZ, BBU00.BUPKTO, #(lf)FROM WWC400.WEXFILE.BBU00 BBU00#(lf)WHERE (BBU00.BUFNR='01') AND...
  9. U

    Get & Transform with a parameter from Access query

    Hi there, I was wondering how can I use a parameter in a query using the "Get & Transform" . For simplification purposes, I have a saved query called 'dbQuery': select * from Balances where Balances.CoprID=[Idpara] IdPara is the parameter. "Get & transform" doesn't recognize this query because...
  10. V

    Now that I understand the last parameter in VLOOKUP(), i now have thousands of problems

    Team: The last parameter in VLOOKUP() essentially tells EXCEL whether the range being used for lookup is in ASCII order or not. If not, it has to plow through all the entries in the range, as opposed to doing a binary "search all" (of COBOL fame). So not understanding this for a long time, most...
  11. R

    Declaring an array

    Hi All I have a workbook with a number of sheets and a second workbook containing data that is to be entered into the first workbook base on a selection parameter. This parameter I have called BC and is contained in block with differing numbers of parameters in Range ("A2") to Range ("A" & 2...
  12. A

    Prevent Named Range Reference From Changing

    I have two named ranges I use as sources for their respective combobox lists. Since the ranges are dynamic, I use a formula as reference ... =OFFSET(ROSTER!$A$2,0,0,COUNTA(ROSTER!$E:$E)-2,1) WHat is happening though, from within my VBA application, the worksheet will many times get altered...
  13. J

    build source file path through multiple parameters?

    Hi all, I'm trying to learn how i might be able to use parameters to build my source file paths for a variety of queries using Power Query... I think i'm most of the way there, but getting tripped up on the last one, which is a query type parameter that i want to generate a list of values...
  14. seba64

    What form call the function?

    Think that it is possible for a function to know the name of the form that called it.? think that function can be in at unknown project of a unknown programmer. with an object like parameter i can found the parent, but in this function i haven't any object like parameter. I hope you...
  15. C

    Parameter Query Want to Enter Current Data for TeraData pull

    This is the current Power Query code: With the data coming from another Power Query table (tblDateCurrent) with only one entry. let Source = Teradata.Database("cdwp", [HierarchicalNavigation=true, Query="SELECT #(lf) DIV_DESC,#(lf) DEPT_DESC,#(lf) SUB_DEPT_DESC,#(lf)...
  16. R

    Complicated issue in Excel

    Hello guys. I have an issue. I have to sort the data, but optimised in order to be less than 100.000 but the sum nearest possible. Virtually I need a way in order to have some data, I want that data selected by the excel (preference for the parameter of the data, but the main preference has to...
  17. A

    How to use Solveradd for step parameter?

    I want to VBA Solver search parameter array like as 5, 8, 11, 14, 17...60 step 3, I use SolverAdd code as follow but not work?Why [W4] as parameter start 5 Range("step") = 3 SolverAdd CellRef:=[W4], Relation:=2, FormulaText:=2+Range("step")*Int([W4]/Range("step"))
  18. dab1477

    neophyte needs query help - omit paramerter value request window

    Thanks in advance. I am an intermediate user of Access and have the following issue: How do I omit the parameter windows show for SUMofPLANNEDSCREENS SUMofActualScreens SUMofACTUALMnhrs as part of Query A, that pull the data from Query B? I have a query that pulls data from a Query B. Query...
  19. J

    Script to change query parameters

    In my dBase, I have three queries that have a parameter that is coded Like"*TUC*" The dBase is designed to be used by various locations with different location coded. Is there a way to change the query parameter in these three queries via a script?
  20. F

    Opening a protected book from cmd, passing pwd as a parameter.

    Hello! I need to open a protected book reading a BAT file, in a silent way, without messages or alerts. Perhaps including the pwd as a parameter in the command line but I couldn't find how to do it. Thanks in advance.

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