1. J

    Adding Paranthesis Around Multiplied Numbers in a Textbox

    Hi, I need help with creating a code where in equations that I am making, parenthesis would go around the multiplication, just like in the picture below. Here is the photo:
  2. K

    Too few arguments / formula is missing an open/closing parenthesis

    <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> I copied the formula from a similar one in another thread here, but keeping getting either "too few arguments" or "closing parenthesis". Help? IFERROR(IF(I3="AVG",VLOOKUP(A3,'Master Table'!$A$3:$Z$3537,22,FALSE),IF(I3="P1/CY...
  3. pbornemeier

    Why is Columns:=aryDeDupe not the same as Columns:=(aryDeDupe)

    Working to answer this thread: I needed a way to remove duplicates from a variable number of columns VBA recorded for remove duplicates in H:J of columns A:J is...
  4. A

    Stripping out data

    I have and column that reads this "8.50 (13.0)". I would like to strip out the data into 2 columns and remove the parenthesis from the second one.
  5. T

    Concatenated hyperlink

    Hi I am trying to figure out a concatenated hyperlink. =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("[CSUL.xlsx]",A12,"!A7"),"Goto") This is what I have got so far it links to the workbook CSUL.xlsx but not the Sheet and Cell. The sheet name is in Cell A12. I think this is a problem with Parenthesis. If not...
  6. M

    How to extract a particular set of string from a given set of sting?

    I am trying to figure out how to remove all data [including opening parenthesis "("] which is appearing after the last occurrence of opening parenthesis "(" in a given string. Refer below example: <tbody> <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> RAW DATA OUTPUT ABC (P) (L) (30365) ABC (P)...
  7. M

    How to Trim Once Open Parenthesis Appears

    I have a bunch of cells that I need to trim off everything once and open parenthesis is found, including the open parenthesis Is there a formula that will do this? I have a few examples below The below 3 examples are in A1-A3 Aficio MP C3502( MP C307( IM...
  8. K

    Multiple IF(error Vlookup troubleshooting

    Hello All - the below formula does not work when F3 is T2042, G0299 or G0300. It does however work for the remaining codes that reside in column F. Is it the parenthesis placement? Or is it the placement of the =False statement...
  9. J

    Data to clipboard dropping ( )

    I have a large worksheet and I like to copy and paste all to the clipboard.My question is I have numbers in parenthesis like (12),but when it comes over to the clipboard it appears as -12 these numbers in the original worksheet come from formulas....which contain "(" and ")".....looks like...
  10. V

    Sum of number on the left in a cell

    In my C column I have some data which looks like this : 0(1), 1(0), 0(0), 2(1), 3(0), 0(0), etc. I'm trying to sum up the numbers on the LEFT of the parenthesis. This example would nomally return 5. I tried using this fomula: =sumproduct(--(LEFT(C1:C30),1))) but i get a #VALUE ! error. Right...
  11. M

    If Formula Error

    Hi All, I am entering the below formula but it says missing parenthesis =IF(AND(C10>0%,C10<80%),0,IF(AND(C10>=80%,C10<=100%),C7*C10,IF(AND(C10>=100%,C10<=120%),(C5*0.5%+(C7-C5)*1.5%,IF(C10>120%,(C5*0.75%+C5*120%*1.5%+(C7-C5*120%)*2% Can any one help C5 is Domain Target C7 is Achievement...
  12. J

    Varying LEFT Function

    In column A I have varying input data that I need to adjust. I'm trying to eliminate the parentheses and the 1 or 2 digit numbers within. Column A I've got data like 15 C.Smith(5) 9 F.Forsberg(12) etc. the number in the parentheses increases as the season progresses. In column B I'm...
  13. E

    Extracting Certain Text From A Cell

    Hello, I am currently trying to extract the Data No. within parenthesis from a cell. The only problem is the formula I have written out only works for a cell with only one set of parenthesis instead of multiple. Formula below and example below. G19 is line where below statement is...
  14. E

    Sum of All Numbers Inside the Parenthesis

    Hello Guys! I'm currently working on a worksheet and i need help on the formula. Im trying to get the guest count from the long list given to me in an excel sheet where name of guest and head count is written together in 1 cell and in a single column. 1) I would like to get the sum of all the...
  15. D

    Formula to Remove first 4 characters of cell and if parenthesis are present remove them + data inside as well

    Receiving data as: <tbody> XXXXabc(XXXX) XXXXabcd XXXXabcde(XXXXXX) </tbody> I need a formula that removes the first 4 characters and removes parenthesis(and data within) IF they appear at the end. I started with... =MID(A2,5,FIND("(",A2,1)-5) which behaves fine for cells with...
  16. N

    Indirect to refer to sheet names with ()

    Hallo, The workbook contains sheets with name containing parenthesis. Ex. (1), (2),...I want to refer to them using the next function but it doesn't work. It works when the parenthesis are removed. The function is: =INDIRECT(CONCATENATE(B2;"!F";B1)). Cell B2 conains sheet names Cell B1...
  17. S

    Conditional Formatting with Cubes

    Not sure if it's my syntax or order of operations but I cannot get my conditional formats to work.... Choosing: Format only cells that contain... Cell Value>greater than> my formula: =$Y$43-$X$41/2+$X$43 I suck at conditional formatting... always have problems... (probably because I don't...
  18. D

    Remove Parenthesis and their Contents

    I am just starting to dabble in Access and I need to remove any parenthesis and their contents from my field "CustomerName". In Excel I would do a Find and Replace of "(*)", but that does not seem to work here. Thanks as always!
  19. B

    concatenation and CHAR 10 copies to word with parenthesis

    I would like to know how to get rid rid of th parenthesis when it is copied to word...
  20. Sean15

    Excel says formula is missing parenthesis

    Hello: I want formula to return "" for #N/A =if(IFERROR(LOOKUP(2,1/(COUNTIF($D$2:D10,$B$3:$B$21)=0),$B$3:$B$21),"") But Excel says formula is missing parenthesis. Could you help please? Regards, Sean

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