1. K

    Parsing data into columns

    I was hoping someone would be able to assist me with a question regarding parsing data. I have some information that I want to parse to columns. However, the data is inconsistent. Normally, if the data was uniform and consistent, I could have easily used text to columns. Here's a sample of...
  2. S

    Application.ScreenUpdating AND Application.EnableEvents in Python ?

    I am processing over Excel files in Python, and opening it as a part of it. I suspect my code doesn't execute fully because it doesn't recognize warning messages In my VBA code I use the following: Application.EnableEvents = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False But I am not sure how I...
  3. A


    Hello! I have a column that has a lot of rows with different text, but the logic of it is always the same. I need to parse this data to columns. Every element should be splitted after "," . And this {} shouldn't be included. So the destination column name are like Key1, Number 1, Meaning 1...
  4. S

    Parse JSON into Excel

    Hi I have been using the Jsonconverter vba parser available via to extract the data from json files such as This has been very easy to set up and it works. However, the...
  5. E

    Parsing Data / Advanced Text to Columns for Non Uniform Data

    I was hoping someone would be able to assist me with a question I have regarding a text-to-columns type scenario. I have copied names, number, address and titles from a website but when i past it into excel it all goes into column A. Normally, if the data was uniform and consistent, you could...
  6. A

    Parse email address from long strong

    Hello I have a long string of email addresses - in the hundreds that are all in one line. They are bracketed by <> and separated by ;. How do I parse them into their own cell? Example: Fred Johnson<>;Jaime Post<>'......... I want to turn into...
  7. P

    Using this barcode to split data into columns (pharmacy related)

    Hello everyone! I'm a pharmacy student working on how to extract numbers from medication QR codes into individualized columns in Excel. For example, this code <tbody> 010030093552606517201130101040951182110091947809740 needs to put into 3 columns: GTIN, Lot, and Expiry date. GTIN is donated...
  8. E

    Parsing Key Value pairs from inconsistent and incomplete data

    Hey all, I have a CSV file with the following data in rows: <tbody> {'gender': 'male', 'age': '35', 'hometown': 'Chicago', 'car': 'Civic', 'occupation': 'actor', 'salary': '80000'} {'gender': 'male', 'age': '32', 'hometown': 'New York', 'occupation': 'banker', 'salary': '130000'}...
  9. M

    Looping through a string value based on occurrences of a value and parsing out values into new rows

    Hello all, So I'm trying to do something a little bit complex but am not sure how to tackle it as I'm very new to VBA coding syntax (but intermediately experienced in other programming languages) Basically, I am trying to parse through this text: <Start> <Step> <Description>...
  10. bfreescott

    Need a quick way to parse the contents of a cell

    I have a cell with thousands of values and I need to parse the values into separate cells after every third value. Text to columns only wants to separate every value, but I need to keep the values in groups of three.
  11. R

    parse data from text file

    Trying to extract data from the following repeating prompts based on voice-port <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> voice-port no snmp trap cptone timeouts description station-id name station-id number caller-id corlist incoming </tbody> Have tried multiple approaches and all...
  12. R

    parse data from text file

    Need to parse parts of a raw text file and convert it to an Excel file. Seems simple, and have tried multiple approaches, but none have been successful. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I would provide actual files, but do not have permissions to post attachments. sample data: ...
  13. A

    UDF for Last One in List in Cell

    I have a lot of cells in this format: <tbody> Inquire | Compare | Compare Files </tbody> but the number of items in the cell vary. I only want the last one "Compare Files" While this list uses |, I would also like to tell the function what divider to use.
  14. A

    VBA COde To Parse Text to Column trouble

    Have code that parses the text in a cell to columns (see below) It works well when the text is in one continual string. example: "July","September","October","November" But when the data has a crlf separating each item, it does not work right. In such case, I only get the first result...
  15. J

    Parse text with a keyword "else"

    Hi, I am trying to parse a string beginning at the word "else" and ending at a number. if(LowIncomeSubsidyLevel = 1) then 27.00 else (if(LowIncomeSubsidyLevel=0.75) then 33.40 else (if( LowIncomeSubsidyLevel=0.50) then 39.80 else (if(LowIncomeSubsidyLevel=0.25) then 46.30 else 52.70))) The...
  16. I

    parse cell data

    Hi, I have over 3000 rows of data similar to "MAYALB93.0106.04.39" in column E1. I want to parse it so that ... A1 = MAYALB93 B1 = 0106 C1 = 04 D1 = 39 so far i was able to come up with this formula below , but i really feel lost in A1 i did this: =LEFT(E1,FIND(".",E1)-1) in B1 i did this...
  17. S

    VBA Parse out the 3 digit numbers

    Good evening I have a pretty large data set. with certifications. I need to parse the numbers out (the 3 digit ones) <table class="tableizer-table"> <thead><tr class="tableizer-firstrow"><th>Certification</th></tr></thead><tbody> <tr><td>Intermediate Administrator (092)</td></tr>...
  18. S

    Convert JSON data to time series data in excel

    For the last 10 years or so I have wanted to convert JSON data to time series data in Excel. I never found an easy solution. This has irritated me. Coinmarketcap has an API for crypto currencies and JSON data {...
  19. G

    Parse cell using patterns

    I have a series of patterns that I am searching for in a cell. For each pattern I find in the cell, I want to parse the matching string and write it to a new row in a new worksheet, along with a key value in a separate cell. I am writing a function in a module. I am able to use the like...
  20. TryingToLearn

    Parse and match opposite numbers in a cell

    I'm trying to "consolidate" the values in a cell through vba. Over the course of a month, any number of entries can be made to this cell as a + or a -. End of month I'm just looking for the "leftover" values that don't have a matching opposite, so the following entry...

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