1. C

    Locking a range cell which is in past date, present and future date cell should be active.

    Hi All, Kindly help on the below I have excel sheet which update the daily productivity of the different user for different process in a same sheet. What happens is the user update the daily productivity, sometimes they add extra volume or change the productivity details which is in the past...
  2. A

    Using 2 workbooks

    I have a work book for my clients and tracking information but it is slow due to some formulas. I have a "past due" sheet that I would like to move to a new workbook but maintain the link to the old original work book. I have tried all the different iterations of cut and past but keep getting a...
  3. lzweifel

    If Formula to calculate dates and amounts

    Hello all, happy hump day! I have columns for 30days past invoice date, 60days past invoice date, 90days etc. The formula is set to record a date according to todays date vs invoice date and puts that date in the appropriate column (30-45-90-120). There is a running total for invoices until...
  4. A

    IF Statements

    I'm missing something but can't see for the lack of coffee. B6 - 21-Feb-18 (Due Date) L1 - =today() E9 - 20-Jan-18 (Start Date) F9 - Currently Empty (Completed Date) G9 - =IF(A9="","",IF(F9="",$B$6-$L$1,"Done")) (Days remaining till past due/days past due) H9 - =IF(E9="","",IF(ISBLANK(F9),"In...
  5. S

    Duplicate sheet to new workbook

    Hi I have an EXCEL workbook that i need to duplicate without my pivot tables so i can email it. I'm looking for some VBA copy to copy the worksheet to a new workbook and past just the one tab without the pivotables and then email the workbook with todays date as part of the name. Thanks
  6. V

    Rounding time down at 5 mins and up at 6 mins past quarter hour

    Hi All, I am looking for some help with a formula that will round down if 5 mins past the quarter of hour or round up to the next quarter of the hour if 6 mins past Examples <tbody> 10:01 Result would be 10:00 10:04 Result would be 10:00 10:06 Result would be 10:15 10:15 Result would be...
  7. F

    Just start today learn VBA

    Hi I want to past a data to another file using macro without any duplication this below is past without considering any duplication Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _ :=False, Transpose:=False ActiveWindow.Close savechanges:=True...
  8. K

    Conditional Formatting (Dates)

    Hi I'm looking for some assistance with some cells that contain dates and filling them based on a set criteria. I can't seem to get it to work. what I'm trying to do is: Date = Today or Past 7 days = Fill Green Date = > 7 days fill red Date = Blank - No fill Anyone provide some guidance...
  9. G

    Same identical values not treated as equal

    Good morning Excel experts! I have two sets of data that I am comparing and they do not show as being equal despite they read the exact same. Example: B1: 19500 K1: 19500 When i test these values as being equal I get (=B1=K1) result [FALSE] K1 data is created from a website down load and...
  10. A

    Setting a date field trigger by another cell

    I have a field G9 that I set by picking from a predetermined validation list. When I set that status in G9 I'd like the date in E9 to be set to todays date. This is my interaction date. How do I go about using VB to accomplish this? I have used VB in the past but not very much. New job new...
  11. A

    Convert Sheet1 into Sheet2 format using PQ

    Hi MarcelBeug and All, I have a data on Sheet1 which I want to be look like sheet2. I have unpivoted all columns except the first one and Im stuck and can't go further ahead. Mr. MarcelBeug helped me in the past and I tried his steps here but didn't succeed. I think I am doing something wrong...
  12. M

    Find value in range, Change value, Copy columns of that row. Paste them in first empt row.

    After using this forum for a long time. Searching other posts and solving my "issue's" I maneged to build an Great excel sheet that helps me with making a import sheet for our planning software. People have there own "request" tool. I now want to add another feature in the tool but I cant seem...
  13. L

    Do I use the Excel or the Access to do it?

    I analyze the past results of a lottery game and I ve seen this program on lottery websites and other paid lottery statistics websites. But if I wanna do it at home, a lottery search numbers, that I can save all the past results into a database and I can check how many matches my numbers did on...
  14. A

    one time entry sheet with copy and past values for certain cells only

    I am trying to create a sheet that many will use, and i want every one to enter the data one time and make the entered date protected and not editable and also i want the sheet to retrain the editor name to the user name column and copy and past value in the same cell because if another one...
  15. J

    Highlight cells that are almost 1 year overdue

    Hey All, I have a row of dates scattered throughout the year, but I'd like them to be marked red if they are between 10 to 11 months past the date in the cell. That way I can warn them that their account will be closing at the one year mark. Is that possible? Thanks for your help!!
  16. Vincent Thank You

    Getting Business Days to work within my formula

    Good morning, I am a new user here although I have been using your results via Google for quite some time. I've got a formula that I'm using to highlight past due dates, 2 days past due. I'd like to be able to highlight 2 days past due, business days only. I seen several formulas including...
  17. L

    Lookup Nth Match Multiple Criteria

    Hey, I can't work this one out and I've looked everywhere but can't wrap my brain around it properly. I'm trying to return a value with 2 criteria and moving past the duplicates, from a standard INDEX MATCH SMALL IF ROW the ROW at the end returns the array of the SMALL but it's not moving past...
  18. M

    Pushing parameters into a pivot table

    If I have a list of weeks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 I want to be able to type a 3 in the workbook and the labels and summation in the pivot will change to past due,4,5,6,7,8,10 And if I type a 5 in the workbook, the labels and summation in the pivot will change to past due 6,7,8,10 Is this possible?
  19. A

    Macro to add rows based on cell value- multiple tabs

    I am creating customer collections letters and need to be able to add rows of data into the letter based on how many past due invoices the customer has. Each customer has its own tab, and the number of past due invoices is in cell B3 on each tab. I need a macro that will go to each tab and add X...
  20. J

    Identify closest date in the past on multiple criteria

    Hi everyone I am trying to count some averages but I need to create a dummy for some customer visits that should not count in the average. I want to mark the entries where the closest date in the past where we have visited a customer on a day 6 or 7 in the past with a "No" in column E. For...

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