paste range values

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    Display a range of cells

    I am using offset to find the header of a column that has several cell below it. I simply want to select the header or top field (which I now how to do), and the copy and paste all cell values to another range of cells. The cells that I want to copy of directly below the header or top field that...
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    Storing a range of values and reusing

    Hi, I have a range of dates (that changes in size) so i have been using Dim myrange As Range Set myrange = Worksheets("Ending Unit Output").Range("D1",Selection.End(xlToRight)) How do I store the values of this range so that in another if statement I can simply paste/insert these values. I...
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    Pasting macro for skipping blank cells

    Hi everyone. I'm having a bit of trouble with a macro I'm using to select certain info. I don't know much about VBA but I copied a couple old macros I previously had and I've modified them to try and suit the application. It didn't work for me though. (failed miserably actually) I'm doing up a...
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    Pasting filtered data from one worksheet to another

    My form makes sure all data is not filtered upon opening and closing. I use a listbox6 to populate textbox1. Then textbox1 is used to filter worksheet(Part). However, I am unsuccessful in pasting the filtered data from worksheet(Part) to worksheet(FilterPaste). I could really use some help...
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    Convert Array Formula to Values

    The following piece of code works. However, before performing the loop, I would like to select the range where I am placing the array formula and paste is as values instead of leaving the formula in the range. Sub Macro1() Range("A1").Select Do Range(ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0)...
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    Paste-Special workbook

    Hi All, I'm having a little bit of trouble with my code. I basically need to copy-paste special a large workbook (50 worksheets) into a new range-valued workbook. I've defined Sheet as S, but in some instances when I use the variable "S" I received a runtime error 1004. Please see the...
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    Need to create worksheet based on data in another worksheet

    I need to create an ownership report that reports data from another worksheet. The first thing that needs to happen is that the macro needs to ask which worksheet to read from, then it needs to ask which worksheet to place the data into. Once that is established, the macro would read the...
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    Macro to Paste Values from static range to last empty row in worksheet

    Macro assistance Request: I have summary range B1:F1 in a worksheet (Summary) containing values which update from another worksheet (Sheet1) in the same workbook. I need a user-triggered macro which will copy and paste the VALUES of each cell in the summary range into the first empty...

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