paste value

  1. E

    How do I Paste Value and Update when Changed

    Cells in "SKU" column are the pasted value of cells in "SKU Formula" (concatenate) column. How do I get the "SKU" column (pasted value) to automatically update when a change is made to data in cells shown in SKU formula? <tbody> Collection Prefix Shape Size Supplier Color Code SKU Formula...
  2. S

    How to set cell A1 to pull from Cell B1 but then remain static even if B1 changes?

    My company creates an ID for each product based on certain attributes of the product (size, colour, etc). The problem is I need to make it such that if those attributes change the ID must not update. Is there any way to say run this formula once but do not update? Currently I just cut the ID...
  3. K

    Macro that identifies non blank values on column and create new column on another tab with no empty values

    Hello, I'm new to VBA and I would like some help. I have a huge table and I'm interested in values on columns A, H and I. What I would like to do is to identify for each row if the cells on columns H and I are empty or not. If either cells on column H or cells on column I on a specific row...
  4. L

    Convert Workbook To Values

    Hi there. I've been working on some code, that among other things, is to convert all content to values (i.e. formulas and references). This is designed to run against multiple files in a single folder, with some of the files rather complex. This is giving me some trouble, particularly with...
  5. J

    Difficulty converting formulas inserted by VBA to Values

    Hello, I am using the code below to populate my worksheet with required information. Unfortunately, I have a few fields that I've populated with formulas and I need these to be values. Is there an easy way to do this with my code below? I've tried adding ".Values" in a few places but it...
  6. Chappie

    run vba at close worksheet to paste values to a range

    Hi I have a 3 worksheets, each sheet starts from row 5. All 3 sheets are identical fields only data is different. Each sheet has 5 cells above the data rows: Y2, Y3, AF2, AG2, AH2. I rarely, but may have to update these 5 cells' values after anywhere between weeks to months. Otherwise, I...
  7. G

    Auto copy and paste to value

    Hello I have a time stamp formula, =IF(A5>0,NOW(),""), to set the time of an entry into A5. How can I auto copy and paste value as a continuation of my formula? Thank You
  8. A

    Add A Row Above Each Unique Value

    Hi All I have a data set like this:- <tbody> Item Category Item Sales Shoes Sports Shoes 100 Casual Shoes 200 Others Sandals 300 Slippers 400 </tbody> I want a row after each unique value in column A along with unique cell value pasted in the new row. Like the below mentioned:-...
  9. A

    Search cell to paste value

    Hi guys, good morning! This is my first thread here at I've been searching the web for help on VBA for the last weeks and learned a lot already! However, when it comes to using VBA, I can say that I'm still "crawling"! What I would like to ask you guys is what kind of function I...
  10. E

    Return only numbers from a cell that contains both "numbers" and "text".

    I know you technically can't have numbers AND text in a cell but let's say I have the following cells in the first column: <tbody> 004 BRD HSE 004 PLT BRD SD 040 RPL CUS 040 </tbody> And I want to pull the 3 leftmost characters into the next column only if they are numbers (as...
  11. N

    Excel copy, paste and insert copied cells help

    Hi, I need help with copy and paste functions. When I copy an entire row and paste it elsewhere, it should paste only values of the copied row automatically, without me having to choose everytime paste special and then values. Even the 'insert copied cells' should paste only values to the...
  12. E

    Define Variable then paste value followed by text to a cell

    I am in one workbook and offset and select a cell. I take the value from that go to another workbook and want to paste that value plus some constant text after that. I can not seem to get it to work. I have used something similar to what is below, but it worked just fine...
  13. R

    .Document.forms(0).Item("name").Value = Copied Value?

    What can I put after the "=" in the above code to make that value = a cell that has been copied from excel? Preceding that code is: Range("B3").Select Application.CutCopyMode = False Selection.Copy Now I would like vba to paste that value into a webpage. I can state the specific...
  14. L

    IF x THEN Paste Value?

    I'm currently trying to create an investment portfolio tracker, however I'm having some trouble tracking my data on a day to day basis. Right now I have a section for my portfolio which imports external data for share prices, which then calculates change in value, and my overall portfolio...
  15. D

    Paste Valuing Add-In Formulas

    Hi Guys, We use Cognos Controller as a reporting tool, and retrieve into Excel for analysis work and Management Reporting. The Cognos Controller is an "Add In" within excel, and all formulas start with =cc.f. I am trying to create a macro, which enables us to paste value the Cognos Controller...
  16. U

    Simple Copy and Update Cell Value Every Minute

    I am trying to grab the value of a cell every time it updates and copy that value and store in a new cell. So I have a cell (A2) and it updates every 60 seconds, I need that value for t=1 (first time) to be copy and pasted into a new cell (B2). Then when t=2 (second time, 60 seconds later) I...
  17. T

    Paste Values only

    Hello, I have a little challenge for somebody: I have a workbook with 2 sheets of data, which an entire department of people use. It's a common and accepted practice to copy/ paste values around the sheets. The problem is that the formatting gets copied too, which makes a mess after a while...
  18. B

    ISBLANK problem

    Hi all, I'm having a problem with an isblank formula which I'm hoping someone can help me with. I have the following formula in cell A1 ="" I have the following formula in cell A3 =ISBLANK(A2) Now, if I copy cell A1 and paste values into cell A2, the A2 cell is completely blank yet the...
  19. L

    Excel formatting problem

    Hi all, I am using Excel 2003 and am having a problem formatting. Specifically, when I copy from one spreadsheet and paste special/values to another spreadsheet, sometimes the formats from the original spreadsheet are also pasted. Why is this and how can I fix it? I have looked at the...

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