paste values and formats

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    rCopy...paste values

    I am trying to copy row 2 from a number of files in to a list I have used this code, which pastes "formula". can it be changed to "paste, then paste values"? Thanks in advance [Code] With Workbooks.Open(sFolder & sFile) Set rCopy = .Sheets("TF ROC").Rows("2:2")...
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    Simple Copy / Paste Formats & Values

    I have scoured the internet, and can't find anything that I can decipher that is even close to what I need, although all of it seems to work for others. This is what I have: Sub App_Mig_Status() Workbooks("Recieving.xlsm").Worksheets("Recieving_Data").Range("A2:AS2001").Value =...
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    Retain Pivot Table Formatting

    I've seen many posts about retaining the pivot table formatting when pasting values to unlink it from the source. The paste special values does not work. I've tried using the clipboard to paste and it worked one time. In the same workbook attempting to copy and paste the values and formatting...
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    VBA to Convert Selected Pages to Values Only in separate workbook

    Good morning! I have this amazing bit of VBA that allows me to select pages and print in a proper order & aligns the page numbers. I want to keep this, but add an option to convert those pages to values & formats only instance of excel. Either by creating a copy of the pages into a new...
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    Copy / Paste Values & Formatting of Worksheet with Pivot Table

    Hi there. I generate reports for a client each day. They have gone through many iterations, the most recent of which utilizes a PivotTable. The PivotTable exists on its own worksheet (Tab). When my report is complete, I need to copy/paste values and formatting of the entire tab to a new...
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    Simple Paste Values and Formats Macro

    In Excel 03 a simple command for pasting values and formats was included. In Exel 07 is its missing. Only a paste values button is available on the tool bar or custom list. So I tried to create a simple macro to paste formats and values using paste special after selecting my range. I...

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