1. R

    PowerPoint - Pasting text changes the language to "English (United States)"

    Hi all, I'm preparing a presentation and have written a lot in Word (with a couple of bits from ChatGPT). Whenever I paste the info into PowerPoint it changes the language of the text box from "English (United Kingdom)" to "English (United States)". This happens when I paste from anywhere...
  2. brendalpzm

    Copy worksheet into a new workbook

    Let's say I have 2 workbooks and i have to create 1 wb1 = workbook with the macro wb2 = worbook with the info so I have an activeX button in wb1, when I click it it should copy the KeySheet from wb2, create a new workbook (wb3) and paste the sheet onto this new workbook Idk if i explained...
  3. L

    VBA to find match of cell value on two different Spreadsheet and then copy adjacent cell (value and format)

    Hello, I have two spreadsheets named New.xlsx and Old.xlsx. I'm looking for a VBA code that compare each column T values (unique ID) in New.xlsx with values in column T (unique ID) in Old.xlsx. When there is a match, it then copy the value and cell format (e.g. cell color) of the cell in column...
  4. Y

    How do stop VBA pasting content under default signature in Outlook

    Hi all, I'm completely new to VBA but have managed to piece together a few things I found online, and mostly understand what it's doing. In order to copy specific cells from Excel and paste them into an Outlook email whilst retaining their appearance, I have the following code: Private Sub...
  5. brendalpzm

    Copy data from a range and paste it in the next available row in another sheet

    I have a range ("A31:AB31") in the "Input incidents" sheet, so I need to paste it (only values, no formulas) at the next available row in a data base ("Incidents_Accu"), the columns are also A:AB in the data base, the information should be accumulated in the data base by clicking on an ActiveX...
  6. P

    Type Mismatch when defining workbooks

    Hello! I am probably doing something wrong but I keep getting an error and I dont know how to fix it. The long and the short of it is I have to copy data between three different excel workbooks Dim wb1 As Workbook Dim wb2 As Workbook Dim wb3 As Workbook ' Set wb1 = ActiveWorkbook Set wb2 =...
  7. D

    Trying to make a form that will auto update values on different sheet

    I'm trying to out do myself, I have a basic form built out with drop downs and blanks. So far i have formulas in place that will find an "Available" ip by using xlookup, and i also have an xlook up to find the row, column and sheet name, i have a cell formulated to show a complete location (ex...
  8. Agnarr

    Type a code in a cell and have it replaced with a given name.

    Hello everybody and you all do an amazing work. I need your help please and i apologize in advance for any mistakes (English is not my native language). I have an excel where I need to type a 4 digit code in a cell and when after pressing enter, I need it to be replaced by a name corresponding...
  9. M

    I would like to make a macro that loops down a pivot table slicer list and create separate sheets based on data from each slicer selection.

    So I have a sheet that has a pivot table in the "Pivot Table Reference" tab, that has a slicer called reviewee name. Based on what is selected on that slicer that pivot table is referenced in a sheet on the "Output Sheet" tab. What I need is some kind of a VBA cycle code that can automatically...
  10. J

    VBA Copy/Paste

    I'm looking to copy/paste within the same macro, using 2 different methods, ActiveSheet.Paste and Selection.PasteSpecial. Scenario: Row 1 has a series of cells that I'd like to duplicate to rows 2, 3, 4, etc. However some cells (call it A1) has a formula in it that I'd like to only copy the...
  11. J

    Copy Multiple Ranges Paste to Designated Ranges

    Copy ranges Accounting!: AY13:BH13 AL15:BH15 Paste(Special) ranges InvPrint!: AT6:AY6 D20:AJ20 This is as far as I got regarding the code... Dim Rng1 As String Dim Rng2 As String Dim Rng11 As Sting Dim Rng22 As String Rng1 = Range("Accounting!AL15:BH15") Rng2 = Range("Accounting!AY13:BH13")...
  12. B

    Copy and paste x times with a y Size

    Hello im trying to copy and paste a variable number of columns a variable number of times. I can get it to resize a variable amount of times but not if i want to do a variable amount of rows as well. this is my code: Sub getRng() Dim Cval As Variant Dim Rng1 As Range Cval =...
  13. U

    Copy Paste Formula adding extra rows

    Hi there I have a sheet "invoice template" which contains 6 rows per 'invoice'. Each invoice pulls the reference and the container number from the second sheet ("jobs") This works in the first 6 rows reference is =jobs!A2,and container is =jobs!B2 However when I copy those 6 rows in...
  14. E

    Paste HTML table into one cell (overflow in cells below it)

    Hi excel gurus, I have an interesting use case, I am attempting to paste HTML table code into a single cell, however it appears to only paste a certain amount of information (assuming there's likely a max character limit for a single cell) With the above in mind, is it somehow possible to paste...
  15. C

    Paste Values in VBA

    Hi All, The following code moves data to an archive sheet, based on the value selected from a list in column P. It also looks to see if filters have been applied and ensures the data is moved to the next available row, regardless of filtered data. It works perfectly, however, I'd like the...
  16. M

    Copy and paste to blank cells only

    Hi, Have a peculiar problem in excel that I am trying to solve. I have data in an excel sheet under columns A through E (including column headers). I want to paste this data in another excel sheet. However, while pasting, I want to past the data only if associated cell in other sheet is...
  17. gravanoc

    Accessing an open Word doc from Excel causes "Locked for Editing" dialog to appear

    I'm experiencing an issue with exporting the contents of a Word document to PDF. After pasting a table from Outlook into Excel, certain parts of the table are retained, then the new table is pasted into Word. The Word document is saved using a specific filename, the date, and a number to...
  18. R

    Copy error - range is cutting and pasting to wrong sheet

    My code below: Sub arrange() 'all declarations for wkshts and wbs stated at top unless stated here Dim g1 As Range Dim g2 As Range Dim g3 As Range Dim g4 As Range Dim g5 As Range Dim g6 As Range Dim g7 As Range Dim g8 As Range Dim g9 As Range Dim g10 As Range Dim g11 As Range Dim g12 As Range...
  19. Woozypictures

    VBA Code to copy specific rows from one sheet to another, based on cell value

    Hi All, I've been using this fantastic forum for previous VBA issues I've had, seeing other peoples posts and using the brilliant answers people have provided, however It seems Im going to need the extra help on this one! I have a workbook that I use as a report for Aged Debtors, with a query...
  20. R

    Creating a variable list of columns and ranges to copy to another sheet based off values in cells

    I've got an inputs tab and 3 other worksheets in one wkbk. On my inputs tab, i've got cells I2:I14 that have column letters in it (A, AB, N, E, etc.) - these can be changed so they are variable. They correspond to the other worksheets within the wkbk. So 13 cells of columns to ID while...

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