1. I

    VBA Search Loop If Empty Copy Paste Next Help!!

    I am in VBA H**L right now. Here is what I need the Search Loop to do. In Column A cell "A2" is a changing value depending on the person selected. This is basically a RecordId column. Starring In Column H cell "H2:JZ2" are changing values. These values could be nothing (empty), or contain...
  2. Z

    Copy and pasting using sendkeys with VBA

    I'm trying to create a Macro to use sendkeys command to copy the value of a cell and paste on another application. It goes like this: Sub Inicio() SendKeys "{F2}" Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")) SendKeys "^a" Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")) SendKeys "^c"...
  3. C

    Copying Values between workbooks

    Iam using the following code to copy values between workbooks, the question is, is there any way that instead of copying the information of each workbook down through rows it is copied by columns detecting the last empty one column? Sub () Dim xRg As Range Dim xSelItem As Variant...
  4. S

    COUNT and Copy to Last Row, Paste to another sheet to Last Row (FIRST EMPTY ROW, adding, not replacing value)

    Hey friends. Im New in VBA. Could you help me at this? So, we have 2 columns: AB with data, in Sheet1 I want to COPY until Last Row in AB Column from Sheet1 and paste it to Sheet2, column CD in FIRST EMPTY ROW (i mean while adding more data, cause CD is supposed to have previous data) Can...
  5. C

    VBA to copy line from one sheet into specific cells on another sheet?

    Hi all, New to the site so thanks for having me, I'm also new to VBA so be gentle lol Basically I'm trying to speed up a process for something at work which involves trying to creat a macro button that would allow me to highlight a row, press a button and the data from specific cells in that...
  6. T

    Copying unique values (between columns A and B) from column A to Last Row+1 of column B

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to compare two columns on 2 different files. Let's call them Column 1A (File 1, always has the same file name and directory) and Column 2A (File 2, shares directory with File 1). I want to extract the unique values from Column 1A that are not present in Column 2A and...
  7. I

    Editing VBA code to get information by keyword and not offset function due to varying cell places

    Hello. I have two workbooks. Pickorder and DWP. Both have the same route codes listed (Ex. CR1) However, only one (DWP) lists the DSP that will be taking the route. So this code identifies the matching route codes and on the DWP sheet grabs the value in the left cell which is the dsp and pastes...
  8. S

    VBA - Copy Specific Formulas

    Hi, I'd like some help please with this situation below. The VBA code works to copy months back a column to free space for future months. It has linked cells references to other workbooks that should be converted to absolute references before copying to ensure it still references the same...
  9. L

    VBA Match (with multiple matches), Copy and Change Value

    Hi everyone Here's a table (with nonsensical data) that represents a spreadsheet. "Data 1" = A1 as you'd expect. What I'm looking for, is how to copy the row (A and B only) where the value of C in that row = "N", change "N" to "Y" (preventing it from being copied again the next time the code...
  10. C

    Paste Contents from Clipboard to MS Query Parameter

    I have a spreadsheet with multiple queries linked to it. When the user wishes to refresh the queries, they press a "refresh all" button I have provided to them which just saves them the time of having to utilize the built-in menu options simply because they never remember where to find it. The...
  11. T

    VBA to cut and paste a row into another sheet if one of the cells meets criteria.

    I run a warehouse and we are getting ready to ramp up the volume of orders we receive from our customer. I want the sheet to cut the entire row and paste it into the next sheet anytime the dropdown box in column "I" is changed to yes.
  12. S

    searching for data in columns with the same argument

    Hello. I am trying to copy/paste data from 2 columns (containing several rows with required data) and transfer the columns to another worksheet in the workbook over a time span of either 23-24-or 25 hrs The problem is that I need to use an argument what is not consistent and I have a macro in...
  13. M

    Excel Table Copy Paste Sheet

    Hello Excel Wizards, I have several formulas that reference another sheet in my workbook. I routinely receive an email from my customer with their worksheet in an attachment. So to update my sheet, I simply copy and paste the entire sheet. I did it this way because the rows can vary between 200...
  14. M

    Keep source formatting when pasting ranges to a shape

    Hi all I have a workbook with 2 different worksheets. In the first worksheet you type in different information. When clicking on the other worksheet the data from the first worksheet is then copied and pasted into shapes in the second worksheet. I have a challenge of keeping the source...
  15. M

    Help with find, select and paste

    Evening all, I am pretty new to VBA and I could really do with some help with a spread sheet. I need to copy data from multiple rows (I only need up to offset 0,10 from these rows) when a cell in the range A1:A30000 in the sheet entitled DATA equals the value of TextBox7, to another sheet...
  16. M

    PasteSpecial & xlPasteValuesAndNumbersFormats

    Hi All, I can't seem get my code to work where on the Input tab I want cell D4 to copy and paste just values and numbers into the B column on the KM Tab. There is a formula in D4 which is (=MAX(Detailis!B4:B51)+1) which results in 'D005' and will increase when new items get added to the list...
  17. M

    Find, Copy and Paste across all worksheets

    Hi, I'm really need help with this. Been trying to achieve this for the last 2 days. On my first worksheet, I have Values in column A and column B there are also values but they are hyperlinks. I'm trying to find the cells with the values from A across the rest of my worksheets and and replace...
  18. M

    Copying cell range (if not blank) to new row in table

    Hello, first post here - I'm not overly familiar with VBA but would really appreciate some help with this task - Background - I've created a fixed range of cells (on a "Submit" sheet) where a user can quickly input some data as required. The sheet is seven columns (with headings) with enough...
  19. P

    VBA- Making Log/History

    Hi Guys! I have a sheet that is going to be used every day and i want to press a button and cut today's data and copy in a history sheet. Im kinda new to VBA but was able to cut and paste the data of the day successfully but when i press the button to log another day, the data overwrite the...
  20. N

    VBA Copy, Find and Paste Values to Different Sheet

    Hi All, I have a file which is essentially a record of projects (+150) e.g. project title, leader, start date etc., and there is a second sheet containing some formulas to calculate project value. I'd like to be able to copy the calculations from sheet 2, and paste them as values on a specific...

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