1. D

    Copy Paste two rows to two separate areas on another sheet

    I have Excel 2013. I need a macro that will do the following. I have two rows that need to be copied to another sheet, say "XXXYYY" at the bottom of different columns, in the first unoccupied row, depending on the name in cells C7 and C8 Row one occupies A7:J7 Row two occupies A8:J8 If the row...
  2. A

    Search worksheets for items in a column and report anything missing

    Hi all, I am looking for a macro that will look down a list and report anything that's not on the list. My list is on Sheet1 in column A Starting with the value of cell A1 I want to search 3 sheets, "AttendanceA", "AttendanceB" and "Returns". There might be multiple instances of the search...
  3. G

    Paste from Excel to specific row and column in Powerpoint table

    The idea is to select a specific row and column in a table within PowerPoint and paste values from excel or from the clipboard. I cannot get the macro to paste what I have already copied from the clipboard into the selected cells in the table. I cannot get the macro to link to excel when I'm in...
  4. D

    Copy and Paste Multiple Times

    I just want to know why I am the Visual Basic Applications (VBA) script isn't working as it should be. I am trying to copy and paste multiple tables, depending on the value I put into cell E1. I've used this code here: Sub CopyMulti() Range("A3:D19").Copy Range("E15").Resize(14 *...
  5. M

    How to Stop Excel From Adding Spaces on Newlines when Copying Text Out of Program

    Hi, I'm attempting to copy an Excel cell, and paste it into another program (in this case, Adobe Analytics). However, it's inserting a space after every newline. Ex: Instead of this -It does this -And this -Etc (but instead of "-" it just does a space) When I paste it as text to MS Word, and...
  6. L

    Help with Excel Formula

    I have the below formula that am trying to paste but for some reason is not taking =, what am i doing incorrect =AND([@Date]>=Calculation!$D$2,[@Date]<Calculation!$D$2+7) See sample link the sheet is called Raw Data but is calling from calculation...
  7. A

    SMS with App

    Hello All I want to open an application with any code in attached and want to send these number one by one through that application! That application is bushbullet, which linked with my mobile msg box! for more understanding! When I hit button in sheet that call...
  8. J

    VBA Code to Work down a list, calc a result, add result to bottom of new list

    Hi All, Any help here would be appreciated greatly. CODE SEQUENCE 1 Copy Item A from List A 2 Paste flat to B2 3 Recalculate the result to update C2 4 Copy range B2:C2 5 Paste flat to bottom of List B 6 Goto next cell on List A Repeat steps 1-6 Stop at bottom of List A...
  9. G

    Paste as Values

    Set Template = Sheets("Template") Template.Select Template.Copy After:=Template Sheets("Template (2)").Name = "ABL" Hello all, The code above is working to copy one sheet and move to a new sheet. However, I want to paste into the new sheet as values. I'm not sure how to do that...
  10. V

    Three spreadsheets to become one

    I keep records of electricity, gas and water consumption, which at the moment are on individual spreadsheets. I want to create a functioning spreadsheet of three original sheets to contain those I first mentioned. Copy and paste seems not to work, as each new item posted to the recipient sheet...
  11. A

    VBA grammar for sum of two fields in SQL table

    I have an SQL statement that sums up two fields and is working find in SQL Select w.Forecasted_hours + w.actual_hours as 'TotalForecast' however in VBA I'm not exactly sure what would be the right way to do it. If I paste the SQL it seem like not recognizing a plus sign. Can anybody please...
  12. M

    How to copy formula text ONLY from a cell then paste it into a cell in another workbook?

    Hi I'd like to copy the text of a formula in a cell, then paste that text into a cell in a different workbook, without the formula changing. I can't use 'copy' then paste special xl paste formulas, because the reference changes when the formula is pasted into the other workbook. What would...
  13. M

    Finding the end of the body of an Outlook Email

    I want to paste two ranges into an Outlook email. I can create the email, filter for the range, copy and paste the range. The problem is with where the second range pastes. In the first three emails, everything works correctly. Then, the code does not correctly find the end of the message to...
  14. I

    Advice for code copy / paste userform to cell range

    On my worksheet called Sheet1 i have a range I26:I35 with values in. My intensions are to press a transfer button on a userform & select a Month. This will copy the cell range values shown above to 1 of 13 possible paste locations on the same sheet depending on the MONTH selected from the...
  15. S

    Remember the last thing copied

    Hello ppl! I googled my problem before posting but couldn't find anything helpful so i decided to ask here. Is there an option to remember the last thing i copied and paste it after doing several actions in between ? For example > I have to copy some text and paste in one cell, than i change...
  16. H

    Offset after loop

    Hi All I would like to copy all non-blank cells in range R5:X7000 into the adjacent cell in Range K5:Q7000 as paste values. Essentially any non-blank cells will paste as a value in same row but 7 columns to the left. I have what I think is a good piece of code but need some help how to edit it...
  17. V


    There is any code or vba or formula which can do the following 1. We are copying a data/formula 2. Now we want to paste it as values in a active cell, My problem is that every time data size is changed so formula/code/vba will work when we use that command/vba/code for paste values on that cell
  18. C

    Conditional formatting

    In conditional formatting I would like to highlight the whole row when yes is entered into cell M2 then each row after that. Sorry cannot paste table into here Thank you for any assistance <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody>...
  19. E

    Data Validation Circles Blank Cells Even With 'Ignore Blanks' checked

    I have a large spreadsheet that I have pasted values into from another worksheet (I literally used 'paste values' from the context menu). The sheet I'm pasting into is set up with drop down menus that the data i'm pasting needs to match. I am attempting to us data validation circles to find the...
  20. E

    Data Validation Circles Blank Cells

    I have a large spreadsheet that I have pasted values into from another worksheet (I literally used 'paste values' from the context menu). The sheet I'm pasting into is set up with drop down menus that the data i'm pasting needs to match. I am attempting to us data validation circles to find...

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